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Coffee is beautiful, labor-intensive, and complex. The biology and chemistry behind beans, roast levels, and flavor profiles are black holes; once you think you know a lot, you realize you know little. Experiencing a unique, refined cup of coffee is where a coffee lover’s journey usually begins. As third-wave coffee and environmental concerns rise, the market for reusable travel coffee mugs has grown exponentially. But don’t sacrifice your senses and love of coffee to appeal to your values, the Fellow’s Carter Move Mug is outside the box and ideal for coffee fanatics.

Flavor-Friendly Design

Fellow is a coffee product design company. They designed the Carter Move Mug with our senses in mind. Designers felt the focus on durability and heat retention were robbing the coffee of the spotlight. Fellow created the sleek Carter Move Mug with intentional features to highlight the nuances of coffee.

Carter Move Mug

The mug has a twist-off lid and a wide mouth, mimicking your home coffee mugs. Other travel mug lids restrict steam from rising off the coffee, hindering aroma, and ability to gauge the temperature of your beverage. Under the 270-degree twist-lock cap, the thin lip allows you to capture hidden flavor characteristics, and the interior ceramic coating won’t add any metallic flavors. The heat-lock double wall vacuum will keep beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.

The cup is stainless steel and BPA-free plastic with an internal ceramic coating. It comes in 8-ounce, 12-ounce, and 16-ounce options, and a variety of colors—grey, white, and black. The mug will fit most coffee drippers, commercial espresso machines, and Aeropress coffee makers. MSRP is $27.50, comparable to Yeti’s 12-ounce Bottle with Hot Shot Cap or Hydroflask’s 12-ounce Coffee with Flex Sip Lid.

Carter Move Mug

Caring for Your Carter Move Mug

Fellow recommends handwashing with a soft sponge in warm soapy water to prevent damage to the ceramic lining. But the Carter Move Mug is dishwasher safe – just be mindful to remove the silicone sealing ring and place your mug on the top rack. A soak in warm water and a tablespoon of baking soda should neutralize any smells lingering on the silicone gasket.

Do not microwave your Carter Move Mug.

Refrigerating cold brew in your Carter Mug won’t harm it. If you prefer your coffee hot but are in a hurry, briefly throw your Carter Move Mug in the freezer to cool your coffee down. Keep in mind that freezing temperatures can damage the silicone sealing gasket, compromising the leak-proof seal.

Is It the Travel Mug for You?

Yes, it is. The precursor to the Carter Move Mug was the Carter Everywhere Mug, and this modern travel coffee mug wasn’t without faults. The first edition is still available; however, it is not as car-friendly as the newest model. Fellow’s prides itself on bringing you good coffee wherever you are, so they took feedback regarding the Everywhere mug to ensure the Carter Move Mug fits in more vehicles.

Carter Move Mug

The cup measures 77 mm in diameter, opposed to the 86 mm of the Everywhere model (just shy of 3.5 inches). It fits in all car cup holders and is comfortable in your hand. If you are using the Carter Move Travel Mug while commuting to work, the twist-off may prove cumbersome – you’ll need both hands to open it, and condensation can form on the lid. But the addition of a removable splash guard will stop any spills while driving without hindering the steam and aroma. The Carter Move Mug is the perfect mug for slow Sunday mornings, and the new narrow diameter design and splash guard makes it a great daily commuting companion.


Fellow is a product design company dedicated to bringing great coffee into your home and facilitating growth within the coffee community. In addition to their products, Fellow’s online blog makes better coffee accessible and simple by educating enthusiasts about roasting, brewing, temperature, regionality, and global industry developments.

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