The 12 Best Gaming Couches

Gaming late at night is more comfortable and enjoyable with a gaming couch. Many of the best gaming couches today not only have the look that makes them an excellent addition to any part of the house but also have features like LED lighting and built-in cupholders.

You should also look for a gaming couch that is suitable for the room where you intend to place it. If you live in an apartment, then you might want to get a gaming couch that is small and easy to move around. A gaming couch that also serves as a bed may also be a good idea.

Then there are features such as adjustable backrests and leg rests that can keep you comfortable during extended gaming sessions. Other features like cup holders and USB ports may also affect your buying decision.

Here is our list of the 12 best gaming couches available today.

Merax Pil Sofa Lounger BedMerax Pil Sofa Lounger Bed

Merax is a California-based company founded in 1995. It manufactures and distributes kitchen, sports, and home and office products.

This lounger bed has the basic things you would want from a gaming couch. Strong and sturdy, it should last for a long time. Its backrest is adjustable, so you can kiss those backaches goodbye. It is also versatile enough to be used anywhere in the home, from living rooms to bedrooms.

This lounger bed measures 65 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 4 inches thick. The seat dimensions are 20 inches long and 20 inches wide. The armrest is 12 inches high, while the backrest height is 27.5 inches.

This lazy chair has a steel frame and padded with a soft sponge and covered with linen fabric. It is comfortable to sit on for extended periods. It can be folded down so that you can rest your leg. The seat cushion, meanwhile, can be detached giving you plenty of options on how to use it.

The chair weighs just 16 pounds, so it is portable and easy to move around the house. You should also have no problems storing it with its size and weight.


Best Choice Products Sofa Gaming ChairBest Choice Products Sofa Gaming Chair

Best Choice Products (BCP) is a brand known for high-quality yet affordable items. Its product offerings are quite extensive, from office chairs to cardio machines to pet food supplies.

This gaming chair from BCP measures 84 inches long, 42.5 inches wide, and 3 inches tall. It is foldable and should comfortably sit two teenagers playing NBA 2K19. It can support users who weigh a combined 440 pounds.

It has a metal frame and lined with linen fabric upholstery. The build quality is impressive for such a low-end model. Weighing less than 25 pounds, this gaming chair can also be moved around in other parts of the house. You may even use it in your RV.

You likely want a versatile gaming couch, and this BCP model is just like that. It can also serve as a mattress, which is perfect in case a friend or family member needs to sleep at your place.


Giantext Floor Sofa with Two PillowsGiantext Floor Sofa with Two Pillows

Just like Best Choice Products, Giantext is a brand that seems to be into everything: furniture, home, and office products, pet supplies, outdoor accessories, and sporting goods, among others.

This floor sofa is a good deal if you’re looking for a reasonably priced yet sturdy gaming couch. It is made of an internal steel frame and stuffed with foam. The surface is covered with PU leather, and it also comes with two leather pillows.

When used as a gaming couch, this floor sofa measures 26.7 inches long, 43 inches wide, and 20.8 inches high. The back can be adjusted from an angle of 75 to 180 degrees. You can also choose from five different positions with this floor sofa.

This is a lightweight and versatile chair that is perfect for small spaces. If you live in a condo or apartment, you’ll likely want this gaming chair because of its size. It only weighs 33 pounds, so moving it around should not be a problem.

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Octane Turbo XL700Octane Turbo XL700

Colorado-based Octane is one of the more reputable makers of home theater seats. The company also makes gaming couches, just like the Turbo XL700.

If budget is not an issue with you, consider getting this model. It may be pricey, but you’re getting your money’s worth. The Turbo XL700 is features-rich. It has arm storage where you can put your remote control, batteries, and other small items. It also has an LED lighting system, cupholders, and USB ports for charging your phone or tablet. While those features may be more appropriate or useful while watching movies at home, it cannot be denied that these make the Turbo XL700 a great addition to your room.

This chair is upholstered with extra-thick leather, so to say that you’d be comfortable sitting on this gaming chair would be an understatement.

The Turbo XL700 measures 68.5 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 43.5 inches high. It is big and heavy at around 200 pounds, so you may not be able to move it around very easily. Still, why would you if this gaming couch is going to be the undisputed star of your living area?

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Seatcraft Monaco Leather Home Theater SeatingSeatcraft Monaco Leather Home Theater Seating

Starting as a manufacturer of automotive seating in 1978, Seatcraft is now one of the trusted makers of RV seating and furniture. It is also in the manufacture and distribution of home theater seating.

This home theater seating has dimensions of 42.5 inches high, 41 inches deep, and 133.5 inches long. It is designed to seat three people. Whether it is your best bud or girlfriend occupying the other two seats, they will surely have a comfortable and relaxing time on this gaming couch.

This gaming couch is made from premium-grade leather, and the backrest is well-bolstered. The headrests, meanwhile, are adjustable. You can switch positions with just a push of a button.

If you find three seats too much for your needs, then you can settle for the row of 2.

Again, this is not the most affordable gaming couch that you can get today, but you can rest assured in the quality of this model.

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Merax WF008064 Pu Leather Foldable Gaming SofaMerax WF008064 Pu Leather Foldable Gaming Sofa

Merax returns to the list with this offering: a modern leisure bed that also doubles as a gaming sofa large enough to accommodate two adults. It comes with two pillows and measures 87 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 43 inches high.

It is made with a steel frame, so this one should last for a long time. There is also sufficient padding with its high-density split foam.

This relaxing foldable lazy sofa is stylish and versatile. You can use it as a gaming couch, a bed, or a chaise bed for reading, sleeping, watching TV, or relaxing.

It is also a space-saving gaming couch that is ideal for bachelors and even small families. Because it folds easily, this model is easy to store. The breathable PU leather used in this gaming sofa makes it comfortable to sleep on even during warm days. Moreover, cleaning spills is easy. Just wipe it with a rag and don’t worry about anything soaking in.

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Seatcraft Omega Leather SeatingSeatcraft Omega Leather Seating

As mentioned earlier, Seatcraft is one of the more reputable makers of automotive and home seating. It is therefore not surprising that it has more than one entry on this list. This is a few hundred dollars less expensive than the Monaco leather couch and has some of the features you want from a comfortable seat, such as powered headrests and a fold-down table.

This couch measures 84 inches long, 65 inches wide, and 43 inches high. It is made of premium leather gel that provides a soft texture and a modern, stylish appearance.

While this is marketed toward people who want a theater-like experience at home, the couch is also ideal for gamers like you. You will find it comfortable to sit on even for extended hours with its power-adjustable headrest. You can easily find the right body position with this feature. There is also a chaise lounger recline mode, which eliminates the gap between the footrest and seat. In short, you will get complete support from your head to toe.

There is also a cup holder where you can place your drinks as you focus on whatever game you are playing. The lighted cup holders keep your drinks secure. You will also have storage for your phone, wallet, and other small items with the spacious storage compartments found in each armrest. There is also a plate that pops up above the table. Here, you get a couple of AC adapter ports and USB ports, which can come in handy for charging your phone or tablet.

In short, this is one of the best gaming couches that you can get today, notwithstanding the rather prohibitive price.


Divano Roma Furniture Recliner ChairDivano Roma Furniture Recliner Chair

Divano Roma Furniture is a maker of modern and contemporary home furnishings, including this furniture recliner chair. This model seats one individual, who should thoroughly enjoy their time on this recliner chair.

It measures 40 inches long, 38 inches wide, and 41 inches high. The extra width of the chair should make you quite comfortable while seated on this chair. It is wrapped in black bonded leather.

The rocking chair design also makes this chair ideal for gaming. Imagine rocking back and forth on this chair after an intense gaming session. The seat and armrests are also well-padded to alleviate pain.

However, this is not a recliner chair that you’ll want to move around the house a lot, as it weighs close to 100 pounds. It will also take up a lot of space in your place.

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Mecor Recliner Chair with MassageMecor Recliner Chair with Massage

Mecor is a California-based company founded in 2015. It offers a wide range of furniture for home and office use, such as chairs, beds, and dining sets.

Do you want a gaming couch that can give you a massage after a long and exhausting gaming session? Then this recliner massage chair may be the one for you.

It measures 38 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 34 inches high. It is also a bit on the heavy side as it weighs 97 pounds, so moving it around may be difficult.

Still, you’ll want a gaming couch like this as it offers an eight-point massage, and you can choose from the five massage settings. This couch can help you relax after an intense game of Fortnite. It can also help relieve stress from work or school as you settle in for your next gaming session.

But the massage feature is not the only thing that makes this recliner chair worth buying. It also offers an armrest covered with high-quality bonded leather. The same goes for the entire chair. It is made of a solid wood frame. It can support individuals weighing up to 440 pounds.

The armrest features side pockets where you can place your phone, wallet, and other small items. It is also big enough to store books. There is a cup holder on each armrest, allowing you to easily grab your drinks. Plus, there are two front pockets where you can place the TV remote control.

You can also relax in this recliner chair after an exhausting day or gaming session. There’s an internal pull ring that allows you to pop up the footrest. You can also rotate the chair in a full circle with its 360-degree swivel.


Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Sofa BedBest Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Sofa Bed

If you are on a budget but still want to buy a gaming couch that can also serve as the main piece of your living room, then consider getting this faux leather sofa bed from BCP. This sofa bed can sit up to three people if you remove the armrests. The midsection folds down to serve as a cupholder and an armrest.

As you will see, this model is not only a gaming couch but also a sofa that can be the centerpiece of your contemporary living room. With its faux leather and chrome metal legs, it looks good wherever you may decide to place it. The sofa also turns into a bed with its removable side armrests.

As a sofa, this model measures 30 inches long, 66 inches wide, and 30.5 inches high. When it folds down into a bed, it measures 38 inches long and 13 inches high. This model can support users with a combined weight of 500 pounds. Moreover, it is easy to move around as it weighs around 60 pounds.


Homall Single Recliner ChairHomall Single Recliner Chair

Homall is another brand known for its quality yet affordable home and office furniture, including chairs and stools.

This single, manual recliner chair from Homall is a good pick if you don’t want to spend the money on more expensive gaming couches. It looks classy and feels comfortable but has a budget-friendly price.

Made of high-quality PU leather, the couch feels nice to sit on. It is also easy to clean. The padding is sufficient to keep you comfortable and relaxed for hours of gaming. This chair has a thickly padded seat and back. The same goes for the footrest. Meanwhile, the armrests have wider curves designed to provide extra comfort.

This chair can support individuals who weigh as much as 265 pounds. It measures 17.7 inches high, 28 inches wide, and 36 inches deep. Moving it around should not be a problem as it weighs only 60 pounds. Plus, the four plastic feet won’t damage your flooring.

In short, this single recliner chair is one of the best budget-friendly gaming chairs you can get today.


Seatcraft Equinox Home Theater SeatingSeatcraft Equinox Home Theater Seating

The last entry on our list is not the least expensive but is an investment you may want to make to get all your money’s worth of your purchase.

This home theater seat is designed for three people and is made of premium leather for an exquisite look. But it is not about looks only; this three-seater is also designed to give you comfort while playing. Check out its adjustable powered headrests. With the push of a button, you can adjust the headrest to various positions and, in the process, help reduce shoulder and neck strain.

You can also adjust the lumbar support of this couch. The adjustable power lumbar support is designed to minimize strain and improve comfort and relaxation. The chair is made of cool gel foam that conforms to the natural contours of your body while keeping you cool regardless of the weather.

You will surely enjoy your games with this chair. It has integrated SoundShaker transducers that should make your gaming experience even more realistic. Plus, it has many other features you will find in high-end chairs, such as in-arm storage and lighted cupholders and base. All of these features and the material quality make it truly one of the best gaming couches you can buy today.