The 18 Best Sofas and Couches for Contemporary Living Rooms

Sofas are a very essential piece of furniture for just about any living room. Unless you’re intending to go with a very minimalistic interior design that relies on floor cushions to provide a place to sit, your sofa is going to be the centerpiece of the living room. You’ll find yourself planning the rest of the living room depending on the size, type, and position of your couch, so it’s crucial to consider everything and buy the right sofa before you get to choose everything else.

In this review, we are going to take a closer look at some of the best contemporary sofas and couches that will help you create a cozy space for you to enjoy movies, books, and conversations with your loved ones.

IKEA LandskronaIKEA Landskrona

Moving to a new place doesn’t always mean that you get to live in a spacious house with a huge living room. If you’re a city dweller, chances are you’ll be moving into a moderately sized apartment, and your living room couch will have to conform to this limitation. Fortunately, there’s no lack of amazing compact couches on the modern market, and we found the IKEA Landskrona to be one of the best ones. The Swedish furniture giant may be better-known in Europe, but American consumers also appreciate modular builds and affordable prices that are typical for IKEA products.

The IKEA Landskrona is a contemporary sofa that can effortlessly fit into dozens of different interior designs. It is non-invasive, yet elegant, and we were pleased to find out that it’s also incredibly comfortable to sit on. All in all, the Landskrona is a clear recommendation for smaller spaces or as a second sofa in a large living room or home theater.


BluDot Diplomat Sleeper SofaBluDot Diplomat Sleeper Sofa

When choosing compact sofas for our list, we instantly knew we just had to mention the BluDot Diplomat sofa. If you want a classy living room but also need your couch to function as a bed from time to time, you can’t go wrong with this sofa. Available in four color options, the Diplomat looks truly amazing in all of them. The Packwood Grey color option is undoubtedly the most practical one, but you can also go for any of the lighter colors if your living room interior calls for that.

The Diplomat provides enough space for up to four people to sit comfortably, which is a remarkable achievement given how compact this couch is. However, that’s not even the main selling point. The best thing about this sofa is its ability to become a comfortable queen-size bed in a matter of seconds. If you frequently have friends or relatives over, the Diplomat is going to be an amazing addition to your living room, keeping up the style while offering a comfy place to sleep.


CB2 Forte Channeled Saddle Leather SofaCB2 Forte Channeled Saddle Leather Sofa

If you have a huge living room and you’re not afraid to let this magnificent couch dominate it, the CB2 Forte model could just be the right one for you. With its gorgeous leather surface, it is definitely going to attract appreciative looks from your visitors. Each unit differs slightly from other CB2 Forte sofas due to the fact that these couches are handmade from fine natural leather. Since not all leather pieces have identical color properties and markings, you’ll own a truly unique piece of furniture.

Of course, you’ll need to take due care of this couch if you want it to keep this amazing look for years and decades to come. As leather gets older, it will naturally change color and become more “worn in,” but those are most often welcome changes. To prevent unwelcome changes, such as scratch marks and discolored spots, you’ll need to make sure that the couch isn’t attacked by pets or small children, as well as remove liquid spills from the surface of the couch as soon as possible. If you’re ready for such a commitment to your couch, we’re happy to recommend this model.


TRNK Angle SofaTRNK Angle Sofa

You may throw a quick glance at this sofa, roll your eyes, and think that you’re never going to do this to your back, but you’d be wrong to assume that it is uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, it somehow manages to be one of the most comfortable couches on our list despite having a deceptively slender, compact profile.

Ordering the couch from the manufacturer website gives you a lot of control over the fabric for your future sofa. So much control that you can actually arrange for the angle sofa to be custom made for you from any kind of fabric you supply. This is not something that everyone is going to appreciate, but we’re sure some of our readers would love the opportunity to get such a personalized couch.

Thanks to the slender frame, the Angle Sofa doesn’t take up much space and can easily fit even into a smaller living room with little space for experimenting.


Modernica Papa Bear LoveseatModernica Papa Bear Loveseat

We tried to include all kinds of sofas in our list so that everyone can find a model they’ll gladly see in their living room. So, we couldn’t ignore the Modernica Papa Bear Loveseat, a contemporary sofa that is inspired by an extremely popular sofa design from over 50 years ago. This is surely a couch that deserves the “retro” title, but it is also made from modern, high-quality materials that make sure you’ll be able to happily use the sofa for years to come.

With over 45 fabrics and colors to choose from, you’ll be getting a couch that feels like it’s truly yours, and we can guarantee you’ll spend countless evenings cozied up with your loved one on this classy-looking couch for two. Of course, looks are not everything that matters for a couch, so the Loveseat is a wonderfully comfy sofa that will feel particularly welcoming when you’re coming home after a long day at work.


Herman Miller Eames SofaHerman Miller Eames Sofa

Those of you looking for a truly luxurious sofa to place in their ultra modern living room need to take a closer look at this sofa. It was designed by Charles and Ray Eames specifically for Herman Miller, and we can say it surely looks like a work of art whether you appreciate modern interior designs or not. The designer couple has created some truly iconic designs in the second half of the last century, and this is your chance to slice yourself a piece of their legacy in the world of design.

It goes without saying that this couch is made from the finest materials, so you don’t need to worry about its quality and durability at all. It will likely last you for decades even if you’re not particularly careful around your furniture (of course, we still don’t recommend having food fights or angry pets around this couch). Admittedly, the price of this couch is enough to make many people unhappy about it, but if you’re ready to invest that much into a designer product that has stood the test of time, you won’t be disappointed.


Burrow Nomad SofaBurrow Nomad Sofa

People who are looking for high-quality couches at reasonable prices probably stumble on Burrow sofas in the very beginning of their research. This is not a coincidence and not an example of excellent marketing because Burrow couches really are worth every cent you pay for them – and a lot more, actually.

Just like many IKEA offerings, Burrow sofas are modular, allowing you to easily customize them and eventually obtain a couch that fits all your needs and requirements. You can choose from a number of fabric colors, order a sofa with high or low arms, and decide whether you need add-ons such as an ottoman. All pillows are reversible, and there’s even a built-in USB port for you to charge your devices. What more could you possibly want from an affordable, durable, and good-looking couch?


Capsule Home Brooklyn Mid-Century SofaCapsule Home Brooklyn Mid-Century Sofa

If you’re in your mid to late twenties and looking for a couch, you’ll likely put the most value on a contemporary design and an attractive price tag. The product designers over at Capsule Home must’ve realized that, because the company is focused on making affordable furniture that looks great and has a lot to offer in terms of durability. As a result, you can get a very decent Capsule Home sofa without having to leave the three-digit price range.

The Brooklyn model is a compact couch that easily provides enough space for two people to sit comfortably. The sofa looks modern and minimalistic, which should appeal to people in all age groups, but is particularly appreciated by young adults looking to create spacious, functional interiors with nothing more than is necessary for comfortable living. Oh, and did we mention it also comes with two USB ports to charge your mobile devices while you’re relaxing on your new couch?


Target Cologne Tufted Track Arm SofaTarget Cologne Tufted Track Arm Sofa

Target may not be the first brand name you think of when it comes to furniture, but we were pleased to discover that some of the newer Target couches actually offer a great bang for your buck. The couch is very well-built, especially once you consider the price tag.

The fabric surface of the Cologne model is very pleasant to the touch and looks sturdy enough to withstand years of use. The design of this sofa is reminiscent of classic solutions from around the 1960s, but Target designers have done a great job at breathing new life into the timeless classic. The Cologne couch is a nice piece of furniture that can do justice to any contemporary living room interior, and that’s part of the reason why we’re ready to recommend it to you.


Article Sven Birch Ivory SofaArticle Sven Birch Ivory Sofa

You probably know that you can get just about any kind of furniture at Article, and that may lead you to the wrong assumption that Article products are nothing more than quickly designed, mass-produced copies of renowned brands. Fortunately, that’s not the case, and we were impressed by how authentic and well-designed the Sven Birch Ivory sofa looks and feels.

Its minimalistic design is going to be an instant match for a number of living room interiors, so you have plenty of room to experiment with the furniture you want surrounding your new sofa. The Sven Birch Ivory is the most popular sofa model among those offered by Article, and we think that’s a well-deserved title. Those on the lookout for a comfortable couch that won’t cost a fortune are definitely going to love this one.


West Elm Carlo Mid-Century 2-Piece ChaiseWest Elm Carlo Mid-Century 2-Piece Chaise

For a company that hasn’t even been around on the furniture market for 20 years yet, West Elm is doing pretty well. Their line of couches has some great products that fit into the mid-range price segment yet offer premium quality with no compromises.

Throughout the years, the West Elm Carlo couch model has been purchased by thousands of satisfied customers who fully appreciated the flexibility, durability, and affordability of this particular sofa. The sturdy frame is covered with quality fabric and soft reversible cushions, creating a very comfortable environment for binge-watching Netflix, reading, or just hanging out with friends and family.


Industry West Loom Modular SofaIndustry West Loom Modular Sofa

You’ll never find an Industry West product that’s not up to the latest quality standards, regarding both design and durability. This modular sofa is an excellent solution for households where fashion is not just another word, but you should consider it for your living room even if you’re not that fashion conscious.

The modularity means that you have a huge degree of flexibility when it comes to expanding or otherwise changing your chosen couch. The whole idea behind the Loom Modular Sofa was to allow furniture to evolve together with the owner’s lifestyle and family situation, and we think that its practical implementation works really well. The modular “building blocks” come in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors, so that you can put together a cool, unique couch that’s going to be the perfect addition to your living room.


Joybird Liam Leather SofaJoybird Liam Leather Sofa

Fans of luxurious furniture and impressive interior designs will probably be very interested in the Joybird Liam sofa, which is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent-looking couches on our list. The leather surface of this sofa is definitely going to attract admiring stares, and you’ll feel amazing sitting on this classy piece of furniture.

The truly royal look and feel of this couch did not prevent Joybird from using eco-friendly materials, so you can be sure that the production of your new sofa did not do any damage to the environment. Available in two colors, this sofa doesn’t offer any further customization possibilities, but its amazing design seems to suggest that you wouldn’t really want that any other way.


Restoration Hardware Cloud Two-Seat SofaRestoration Hardware Cloud Two-Seat Sofa

If you’re not afraid to invest a significant sum of money into a couch, Restoration Hardware offers some of the best premium sofas you can currently find. The Cloud couch may not be modular, but it is very easily customizable through the manufacturer’s official website. You can choose from 139 different combinations of fabrics and colors, and the sofa is also available in several sizes.

The unique design of this couch is likely going to be a dealbreaker for some people, and that’s okay. If you’re the kind of person who appreciates unconventional solutions and doesn’t want to go too far down the minimalism road, you’re surely going to appreciate the Cloud and proudly let it be the centerpiece of your living room.


Zinus Sunny Modern SofaZinus Sunny Modern Sofa

We knew it was important to keep an eye out for affordable sofas that won’t disappoint you with lackluster looks or poor durability, so we were particularly happy to stumble on the Zinus Sunny couches. One of the most inexpensive entries on our list, these sofas are nevertheless built to last and look great, especially once you consider the price tag.

If you’re moving into your first apartment, the Zinus Sunny could well be your best bet in terms of getting the most value for your money. The couch is shipped in a single box, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to assemble it. What’s more, you won’t even need any tools for the assembly, and you can easily disassemble the sofa later on in case you need to transport or store it.


Herman Miller Goetz SofaHerman Miller Goetz Sofa

You know a brand is doing well if its products get to be featured twice in a review, and that’s exactly what’s going on with Herman Miller and their signature premium couches. While it is more affordable than the Eames model we’ve already mentioned, the Goetz sofa doesn’t feel any less well-made or worth the money you paid for it.

If you find that the Eames sofa feels a little too sleek and impersonal for your taste, the Goetz model could be right up your alley. The iconic design that combines the best elements of classy 1950s era solutions and modern minimalistic tendencies allows this sofa to naturally become a part of most living rooms. It’s also very comfortable, so you and your loved ones will be happy to relax on it after a tough week at work or school.


IKEA Vimle SofaIKEA Vimle Sofa

Similarly to Herman Miller, IKEA is a brand that deserves to be mentioned twice in this review. It goes without saying that IKEA couches are very different from their HM counterparts, but they still share the most essential quality that grants sofas a spot on our list: exceptional value for the money.

If you need a durable family couch that can take numerous encounters with your pets and still look good, the Vimle sofa won’t disappoint you. One could argue that this sofa’s design is somehow underwhelming, but it’s definitely not bad and will seamlessly blend into your living room without you having to reconsider your furniture choices for the sake of style and design consistency.


Hem Palo Two-Seater SofaHem Palo Two-Seater Sofa

Those who value minimalism and efficiency can’t go wrong with this compact Hem Palo sofa. Designed to comfortably seat two people, it can also become your favorite spot for a quick afternoon nap. The cushioned sides of this couch make for equally comfortable armrests and pillows, so you can simply keep a blanket around your new sofa and always have an instantly available napping opportunity.

All Hem Palo furniture is modular, so it can easily be extended if you move into a bigger home or need to accommodate more people. The couch ships pre-assembled as freight, so only minimal effort on your part is required to set it up. The shipping is free, and you’ll get your new couch within one working week after placing your order, which is perfect for quickly furnishing your new household.