27 Best Camping Hammocks

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy nature, have some me time, and bond with friends and family. But before you start planning a camping trip for the weekend, make sure you have the right equipment first. Start by shopping for a high-quality camping hammock.

Here are the top 27 best camping hammocks, neatly arranged according to price, starting from the cheapest down to the most expensive available in the market. For many of these hammocks, a separate sleeping bag or camping pillow is necessary for maximum comfort and a rainfly for additional protection. Make sure to jot that down.

Sportneer Double Camping HammockSportneer Double Camping Hammock

The Sportneer Double Camping Hammock is the perfect hammock for newbie campers who are working on an extremely tight budget. For less than 20 bucks, you get a hammock that you can quickly set up right out of the box.

Built of sturdy material, the hammock is capable of comfortably holding two persons, with a maximum capacity of 500 lb. The hammock folds neatly into a small package, allowing you to easily stuff it inside a backpack. Don’t expect too many features, though, considering the price tag.


Grand Trunk Ultralight HammockGrand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

The Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock is a portable camping hammock built to support a single person with a maximum weight of 200 lb. It’s made of durable polyester and only weighs 12 oz which means you will barely feel you’re carrying it in your bag.

However, this hammock isn’t exactly the most comfortable option out there, especially for tall people. It’s best used for overnight camping trips only. For extended camping trips, we recommend checking out the other heavy-duty hammocks further down the list.


Covacure Camping HammockCovacure Camping Hammock

For overnight camping trips, a mosquito net is a must. Unless you like being friendly with all the mosquitoes in the woods. The Covacure Camping Hammock comes with a mosquito net right out of the box. No need to spend extra bucks on a separate mosquito net.

Made of sturdy and breathable material, this camping hammock from Covacure weighs 16.9 oz, a bit heavier than the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock. But it’s still a lightweight and extremely portable hammock. It has a maximum capacity of 440 lb and folds easily for storage.


Winner Outfitters Double Camping HammockWinner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

Available in four different colors, the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock is a large hammock capable of accommodating two persons and has a maximum capacity of 500 lb. It has a comfortable sleeping space, perfect for extended camping trips.

Both the included ropes and carabiners are well-built, guaranteeing you peaceful nights with zero instances of the hammock crashing to the ground due to a technical failure. Lightweight and easy to set up, this camping hammock is great for backpacking newbies who don’t want to spend too much on their first hammock.


Bear Butt Double HammockBear Butt Double Hammock

Don’t like the color options of the Winter Outfitters Double Camping Hammock? Check out the Bear Butt Double Hammock which comes in more than 10 different colors. The hammock is super-comfortable for sleeping, with soft sheets and a large enough space for two persons.

The officially listed maximum capacity is 500 lb, though the hammock is strong enough for a bit more than that. But don’t push it. What really sets this hammock apart from many other budget hammocks is the excellent customer service provided by the manufacturer. Just send them a message if you have issues with the product and they will be more than happy to help you out.


Kammok Wallaby Camping HammockKammok Wallaby Camping Hammock

The Kammok Wallaby Camping Hammock is an ultralight hammock, weighing just 10 oz. But despite the lightweight profile, the hammock is exceptionally strong and can easily accommodate over 400 lb.

The hammock is water-resistant and quick-drying and has six sturdy loops, three on each side. The loops can be used to hang water bottles and other small camping equipment. Built to last for years, the hammock is fade-resistant, which ensures the colors will stay bright even after hundreds of camping trips.


Grand Trunk Nano 7 HammockGrand Trunk Nano 7 Hammock

The Grand Trunk Nano 7 Hammock is a small hammock meant for single-person use. It’s soft and comfortable, though people taller than 6 ft might find the space too restricted for sleeping. There’s a reason the product is named “nano.”

The package only includes the hammock itself, so you need to cough up a few more bucks for the ropes and the tree straps. Lighter than a can of soda with a maximum capacity of 300 lb, the Grand Trunk Nano 7 Hammock is one of the best lightweight camping hammocks available.



Hammock Bliss Extra Large Double Hammock


For extended camping trips, you need a spacious hammock where you can sleep in comfort. No compromises. Because the last thing you need is to wake up with achy body parts due to a cramped space, which is sometimes experienced in small hammocks.

The Hammock Bliss Extra Large Double Hammock fits the bill. It’s a large and roomy hammock in which you can twist and turn in every direction and still feel supremely comfortable. It’s big enough to easily accommodate one adult and one kid during family camping trips, though you might want to buy a separate made-for-kids hammock for your children.


Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest HammockEagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock

Not everyone likes sharing hammocks with other people. For those who treat a hammock like a sacred personal space, there’s the ENO SingleNest Hammock. It’s a sturdy hammock built specifically to house only one person.

It’s made of soft and breathable fabric, with a maximum capacity of 400 lb. Best of all, it’s available in more than 20 different colors, giving you the chance to pick a color that best suits your personal style. Note that hammock straps are excluded in the package, so don’t forget to buy one.


Eagles Nest Outfitters Sub7 HammockEagles Nest Outfitters Sub7 Hammock

ENO is one of the most trusted names in the business. It’s only natural that it gets more than one representative on our list of the best camping hammocks. The Sub7 Hammock is the lightest hammock in the ENO roster, weighing just 6.5 oz, hence the “Sub7” moniker.

But despite the extremely lightweight build, the Sub7 Hammock has a maximum capacity of 300 lb, a testament to the top-of-the-line materials used. Measuring 8 ft 9, lengthwise, this ultralight hammock can easily accommodate a person taller than 6 ft. Burly persons might find it too cramped, though.


Hennessy Hammock Scout SeriesHennessy Hammock Scout Series

Want to introduce your kids to camping at an early age? Check out the Hennessy Hammock Scout Series, a camping hammock designed for children and young teens not taller than 5 ft 8. It has a maximum capacity of 150 lb.

Made of high-quality durable fabric, the Scout Series also includes an asymmetrical rainfly, which makes the wallet-friendly price even sweeter. It comes in a portable profile when packed and is easy to set up. It’s definitely the perfect starter hammock for young adventurers.


Kammok Roo Double Camping HammockKammok Roo Double Camping Hammock

Measuring 10 ft long and 5 ft 7 wide, the Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock is a large hammock capable of comfortably fitting two adults. With a maximum capacity of 500 lb, it’s big enough to accommodate a 6 ft tall person with a lot of room to spare.

But despite its large profile, the Roo only weighs just 23 oz, making it lightweight and portable. The hammock is made of LunarWave fabric, a fabric created by Kammok that’s stronger, lighter, and softer than most parachute fabrics.


Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest HammockEagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

The ENO DoubleNest Hammock is obviously the big brother of the ENO SingleNest Hammock. Durable and versatile, the hammock is the perfect equipment for those who prefer camping with their loved ones.

Like the SingleNest, the DoubleNest is made of 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta, with a maximum capacity of 400 lb. It packs nicely into a portable package and weighs just 19 oz. The attached carabiners are made of sturdy material. No need to worry about suddenly falling to the ground in the middle of the night.


Oak Creek Outdoor Supply Lost Valley HammockOak Creek Outdoor Supply Lost Valley Hammock

Many of the hammocks available in the market don’t come with the complete package. For example, brands like Eagles Nest Outfitters, one of the most popular, don’t usually include tree straps in the package, which can be very disappointing for those looking to get the best bang for their buck.

For a complete bundle, check out the Lost Valley Hammock from Oak Creek Outdoor Supply. The package comes with all the essentials, including a rainfly, a mosquito net, two tree straps, two stakes, and two guy-lines. Made of extra-strong parachute nylon, the hammock is a single type with a maximum capacity of 350 lb.


Grand Trunk Double HammockGrand Trunk Double Hammock

Measuring 10.5 ft long, the Grand Trunk Double Hammock is a large hammock that can easily hold two persons for lounging. For sleeping, the hammock is recommended for single-person use for maximum comfort, though two relatively small adults can fit snugly.

Made of 100 percent parachute nylon with a maximum capacity of 400 lb, this double hammock from Grand Trunk includes a two-tone design and comes with sturdy nautical grade carabiners. It weighs just 28 oz despite the large profile, making it light and portable enough for particularly long hikes.


Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single+ HammockHummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single+ Hammock

The Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single+ Hammock is another excellent option for those who prefer to travel light during camping trips. At just 7.6 oz, it’s one of the lightest and most portable hammocks on the market.

Made in the US, this ultralight hammock has a maximum capacity of 350 lb, with enough room to snugly fit a person taller than 6 ft. It’s made of durable parachute fabric and is available in four colors: forest green, grass green, skydiver blue, and sunset orange.


Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter ProGrand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro

Bugs and insects are your worst enemies when out camping in the woods. They can easily ruin an otherwise peaceful night. This is where the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro comes in. The Skeeter Beeter Pro includes a bug net to keep you protected from those little critters.

The bug net easily attaches to the hammock and includes a double-sided zipper. The net fabric is well-built and sealed, which means even the most stubborn insect won’t be able to enter it. The hammock is made of 100 percent parachute nylon, with a maximum capacity of 400 lb.


Eagles Nest Outfitters JungleNest HammockEagles Nest Outfitters JungleNest Hammock

Have we mentioned that ENO is one of the best in the hammock business? The JungleNest Hammock is one of the more expensive options offered by ENO, mainly because of the additional accessory included.

The JungleNest includes a bug net to keep those annoying mosquitos from entering your space and feasting on your skin while you sleep. Getting out of the hammock is hassle-free, thanks to the easily accessible side zipper. Maximum capacity is 400 lb, good enough for two lounging adults. The JungleNest is a good alternative to buying a DoubleNest and a separate bug net.


GoRoam Outdoors Camping HammockGoRoam Outdoors Camping Hammock

The GoRoam Outdoors Camping Hammock is another sweet camping bundle with an affordable price tag. The package includes a lightweight and comfortable hammock, a well-sealed mosquito net, and a rainfly with solid waterproofing capabilities. Tree straps are also included. Take that, ENO. (ENO is known for excluding tree straps in their packages.)

When fully set up, this camping hammock from GoRoam Outdoors protects you from nasty elements, namely, rain, mosquitos, and the sun. The hammock is well-built, with enough strength to comfortably hold two lounging adults. This hammock bundle is recommended for those who don’t want to buy separate products for the complete camping setup.


Tentsile T-Mini Double HammockTentsile T-Mini Double Hammock

The Tentsile T-Mini Double Hammock is a lot different than all the other items on our list of the best camping hammocks. It’s a two-person hammock mainly used for lounging and for adding extra space to a tree tent setup, where you can place your bags and other camping gear.

For sleeping, the T-Mini obviously needs to be paired with a mosquito net and a tarp. Unless you absolutely love the idea of being bitten by hundreds of mosquitos and being drenched by rain while sleeping. Made of sturdy and durable materials, the T-Mini has a maximum capacity of 485 lb.


Hennessy Hammock Expedition SeriesHennessy Hammock Expedition Series

The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series is a tough hammock made for extended camping trips. The hammock includes a non-removable bug net and comes with a large rainfly. The hammock is made of 210D Oxford nylon, while the rainfly is made of 70D polyurethane-coated polyester ripstop. You can definitely count on both items to hold up.

Rated for a maximum capacity of 250 lb, the Expedition Series is available in two different versions. The classic version has a bottom entry with a Velcro closure. The more expensive zip version includes a side zipper entry, with the zipper sitting between the bottom fabric and the mesh bug net.


Nemo Cloudview HammockNemo Cloudview Hammock

The Nemo Cloudview Hammock is made specifically for lounging, preferably somewhere high where you have a nice view of the clouds during daytime and the starry sky during nighttime.

The design of the Cloudview is different than most camping hammocks in that it includes a pair of aluminum poles attached on both ends, which allows the hammock to completely lay flat. Just the perfect equipment for relaxation. The hammock also includes a cup holder. Tree straps are included in the package. But questionably, carabiners are not.


Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping HammockLawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

The Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is a unique camping equipment. It’s a hammock-tent hybrid that’s versatile enough for all kinds of camping situations. It can be tied to a pair of trees for a typical hammock setup and can be used on the ground like a tent, though a sleeping bag is still essential for the latter setup.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock includes both a bug net and a rainfly, giving you a full setup with just one purchase. The unique design of the hammock eliminates the “cocoon effect” usually seen in other hammocks, allowing you to feel like you’re simply sleeping at home. The maximum capacity of this hammock is 275 lb.


Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe SeriesHennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Series

The Explorer Deluxe Series is the big brother of the Expedition Series. It’s the more comfortable option for people over 6 ft tall and has a maximum capacity of 300 lb, which is 50 lb more than the Expedition Series.

Like the Expedition Series, the Explorer Deluxe Series is available in two versions: the classic version and the zip version. The former has a more convenient bottom entry, while the more expensive latter has the familiar side zipper entry. The hammock includes a bug net and comes with a rainfly made of 70D polyurethane-coated polyester ripstop.


Amok Equipment Draumr 3.0 HammockAmok Equipment Draumr 3.0 Hammock

The Draumr 3.0 Hammock by Amok Equipment is an unusual-looking camping hammock. It looks a bit like a spaceship cockpit from a science fiction movie, especially when the integrated bug net is up.

Made of 70D ripstop nylon, the Draumr 3.0 Hammock allows you to lay flat when sleeping and also functions as a chair, which is a pretty useful feature for when you’re chatting with co-campers around a campfire. For sleeping, the hammock requires a sleeping bag, which is not included in the package. It includes a bottle holder and a pocket for small items and has a maximum capacity of 330 lb.


Clark Outdoor Vertex Double HammockClark Outdoor Vertex Double Hammock

The Vertex Double Hammock from Clark Outdoor is a unique piece of camping equipment. It’s the only camping hammock capable of snugly fitting two people for sleeping. It isn’t like any other double hammock available in the market. Just one look at it and you know it’s totally different.

Featuring a sturdy build with breathable fabric, the Vertex Double Hammock includes two independent sleeping spaces, giving one person the freedom to move around and stretch without disturbing the other person. The hammock includes exits on both sides and a bug net to keep mosquitos away. It’s incredibly easy to set up, which is a big plus.


Clark Outdoor NX-270 Four-Season Camping HammockClark Outdoor NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock

The Clark Outdoor NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock is a hardcore hammock designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It includes an integrated bug net and an additional layer, called the WeatherShield, to protect you against heavy rain, wind, and snow.

The hammock includes six large pockets accessible from the inside. These pockets are used for storing insulation pads for more comfort and for storing belongings such as caps, flashlights, boots, and maybe a bag of Doritos. The interior also includes two extra pockets for smaller items. For those who love to go camping regardless of the weather conditions, the NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock is the best option on the market.