Rain Prep: 8 Best Duck Boots for Men

After coming home from one of his hunting trip, Leon Leonwood Bean, noticed that his feet would get wet and cold in his usual pair of boots. He then came up with the idea of combining the rubber soles of rain boots and leather uppers for comfort, thus creating what he called the Maine hunting shoe. It was in 1912 when he created the L.L.Bean company to market and sell the shoes and the company became the pioneer in duck boots industry.

Duck boots are known to be sturdy, waterproof, shoe-like boots. The lower section is made of rubber while the upper sections are usually made of leather or waterproof textile.

Duck boots are extremely versatile, as it can be worn in different kinds of weather and season. Tons of different brands have emerged, offering their own versions and variety of styles.

 L.L.Bean Men's Da 6'' Leather BootsL.L.Bean Men’s Da 6” Leather Boots

The Men’s Bean Boots by L.L.Bean is a classic boot that has been kicking since the year 1912. These boots are intended to keep you dry and comfortable no matter where life takes you. They are made to be totally waterproof by design and can help you trek through the muddy waters of the hiking trail or keep your feet toasty and dry while camping. These boots feature a top portion that is made out of top-grain leather and available in a light, classic brown color. The bottom part is made with sleek, black top-grain leather that has been stitched to add detail and style. The soles of the Bean Bootsare also totally waterproof, helping to keep any uncomfortable moisture out of the shoe from the top down. The soles are soft and supportive, and coupled with the flexible yet durable outsoles, you can be sure that your feet are comfortable with every step you take. The foot form is uniquely shaped with plenty of room in the toe to help you get comfortable without feeling as if your feet and toes are being pinched up. A steel shank inside of them also help to provide total support. These boots lace up in a classic way along the brown upper portion of the boot, which connects to the black lower portion with three rows of intricate stitching put there for both reinforcement and style.


LONDON FOG Mens Ashford Waterproof and Insulated Duck BootLONDON FOG Mens Ashford Waterproof and Insulated Duck Boot

Snow is no match for you when you slip into these boots. Ready to help you brave the cold, the London Fog Duck Boots are insulated to keep your feet warm and cozy, even when the weather is cold and biting. The insulation comes in 200 grams of Thinsulate to ensure that not only are your feet nice and toady, they are not weighted down with thick insulation. These boots feature a waterproof shell that also goes the extra mile in keeping your feet warm, helping to keep the wet and cold out of the boot. They come with a leather exterior that is available in a warm chocolate brown color, which can easily be paired with any of the existing snow attire you already own. The bottom of the boot is made out of durable rubber that is just as ready to combat the effects of the weather as the top of the shoe. There is a pull-tab behind the ankle that makes it easy for you to get into and out of the shoe, as well as laces that securely fasten the boot to the foot for comfortable, extended wear. Traction on the London Fog Duck Boot ensures that you will not slip and slide on the ice or snow. The shaft measures 7 inches from the arch.


Sperry Top-Sider Men's Avenue Duck Boot Chukka BootSperry Top-Sider Men’s Avenue Duck Boot Chukka Boot

With the Sperry Top-Sider Boot, you can get ready to brave the cold, no matter if you are backpacking or simply heading outside to run some errands in the show or ice. They’re waterproof by nature, ensuring that no cold snow, ice or rain will get inside of the boot and cause your feet to get wet. The top opening of the boot is large enough not to restrict your range of motion but small enough to where it will not allow for any sort of snow to get inside of the Sperry’s. This boot is made out of leather and features classic lace-up style fronts with an easy-lace hook at the very top of the rows. Its shaft measures around seven inches from the arch to provide you with full coverage. The toe is a rubberized-Wellington toe that is also able to keep the wetness out. This toe has been slightly rounded in order to provide you with plenty of room to move around inside of the boot. The traction of the Sperry Top-Sider Boot has been especially designed to help you navigate a landscape of snow and ice without worrying about toppling over while doing so. A padded ankle area completes this boot, giving you comfort and warmth like never before.


Sorel Men's Cheyanne Lace Rain BootSorel Men’s Cheyanne Lace Rain Boot

Stay warm and dry whether you are braving a snowstorm or simply going outside in the driving rain. The Sorel Lace Rain Boot is made to help keep you warm and cozy no matter where you go. It is made out of genuine, high quality leather that composes the top half of the boot. At this part of the boot, there are laces that secure the boot onto the foot with ease. On the back of the ankle, there is a pull-tab which makes getting in and out of the boot a breeze. Stitching around the bottom portion of the leather part of the boot connects it to the rubberized bottom, which is also waterproof and able to keep the cold out. Inside of the boot, there is Thinsulate insulation lining to ensure that your feet trap in the heat and keep warm without worrying about heavy insulation causing fatigue to the foot. The shaft measures around 7.5 inches from the arch to be sure that you still have plenty of range of motion without allowing any space for snow or rain to get inside of the boot. This boot also comes with a padded collar that works with the height of the boot to keep out any rain or snow. The heel of the Sorel Duck Boot measures around .75 inches.


1883 by Wolverine Men's Felix Six-Inch Waterproof Rain Boot1883 by Wolverine Men’s Felix Six-Inch Waterproof Rain Boot

Don’t let the cold, wet environment around you keep you indoors this winter. Arm yourself with the power of the 1883 Rain Boot to keep you on the move even with snow and ice afoot. The 1883 by Wolverine is made out of genuine leather. This leather is black in color, giving it a robust look and feel and making it able to be matched with virtually any of the snow and outdoor attire you already own. These boots feature a five-eye lace-up system with two easy-lace hooks to be found at the top of the rows. The back of the rain boot comes with a pull-tab. The bottoms of these boots are made with durable rubber that is just as efficient at getting rid of the threat of water and chill. This lace-up boot has contrast stitching all over it to provide it with a bit of detail. The shaft of the boot measures around 6.5 inches in height from the arch to provide you with plenty of coverage while you are braving the cold. The durable outsole of this boot offers you plenty of traction to ensure that you are stable on your feet wherever you go.


FRYE Men's Warren Duck Rain BootFRYE Men’s Warren Duck Rain Boot

Tall and accommodating, the FRYE Men’s Warren Duck Rain Boot is one that you can trust to get you through the bite of winter this year. This boot is durable and long lasting, able to protect you feet and keep them nice and dry in any condition. It is made out of genuine leather that has been given a rich chocolate brown color to offer it a classic and handsome look. This leather is pierced natural sheep leather straight from Mexico to offer it a unique granular look. The bottom of the boot is black ad features contrast stitching to give it a bit of detail. That same contrast stitching can be found along the brow portion of the boot as well. On the front of the FRYE boot, there is classic, lace-up stitching that provides you with a traditional look and a superb fit. The pull-tab on the back of the ankle makes it easier than ever to step into and out of the boot. On the bottom, there is a rubber sole that provides plenty of defined traction to keep you stable on your feet in both ice and snow. The shaft of this boot measures around 8.5 inches from the arch, providing you with plenty of ankle support and keeping out the snow and rain. This also provides you with the perfect range of motion.


Ben Sherman Men's Duck Rain BootBen Sherman Men’s Duck Rain Boot

Perfect for those who need to brave the snow and ice this winter in style, these Ben Sherman’s are durable boots that can carry you through those winter months. This boot is made out of both leather and synthetic materials, which are both ideal for fending off the cold, wet nature of winter. These boots feature a classic, lace-up design in the front, which go all the way up to the top of the boot to ensure a snug fit around the ankle. These duck boots also come with a padded ankle that will provide you with plenty of support and none of the limited range of motion that some other boots might cause. It has leather around its top and mid sections with a synthetic material running along the bottom portion of the boots, both of which provide you with protection against the elements. There is ornate snitching around the entirety of the boot to provide you with durability and style. These boots have a durable rubber sole that is made to be flexible enough to give you comfort and support while being rigid enough to offer you a step that is full of traction. The shaft of the Ben Sherman rain boot measures around 5.5 inches from the arch to provide you with the best coverage of the foot and of the ankle.


Northside Lewiston Men's Waterproof Lace-up Duck BootNorthside Lewiston Men’s Waterproof Lace-up Duck Boot

Perfect for those who want to brave the winter this year with ease and look great doing it, the Northside Lewiston Men’s Waterproof Duck Boot is there. This pair of boots will keep all of the warmth inside and all of the cold outside where it belongs. Made from genuine leather, these boots feature a durable exterior that can outlast years of use. They boast a durable rubber shell bottom that is effective at keeping the cold and moisture out of the boot with their waterproof nature. Inside of the Northside Lewiston’s, there is 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation. This ensures that your feet will stay warm and cozy with the perfect amount of insulation and will not weigh down your feet and cause them to grow tired. The insulation can protect the feet with their -25 thermal rating in extreme conditions. The duck boots also comes with a removable EVA insole that comes with sherpa lining to add not only an additional layer of insulation but to provide you with total comfort and support at the same time. The shaft of the measures around 7 inches from the arch to provide your ankle with total coverage and support. There is a heel on the durable rubber outsole that only measures one inch in height. This outsole is designed to provide you with outstanding traction.