The 10 Best Wearable Sleeping Bags

Gone are the days of working yourself up to escape the warmth of a tent and racing through the chilly night to the closest bathroom. Why leave all of the warmth and comfort behind when you can easily wear it? Wearable sleeping bags are all the rage in the camping world, and for good reason too. Keeping you toasty warm from head to toe and offering you the mobility you need to function, wearable sleeping bags are an incredibly smart investment for any wanderlust at any age. For those of us whose greatest adventures include a backyard barbeque and definitely do not include a campsite, wearable sleeping gear are incredibly beneficial for a chilly night on the patio or for your kids to take with them on a sleepover.

Curious about all of the sleeping bag hype? Take a look at this list of ten wearable sleeping bags that combine the top notch qualities you look for in a standard sleeping bag, but in a wearable format that is both convenient and minimalist. Eliminate the need to drag extra blankets and an assortment of jackets on your next camping expedition and check these out!

Winterial Body Sleeping BagWinterial Body Sleeping Bag

Featuring a unique design of quick release zippers that promise to get you in and out of the sleeping bag in a flash without compromising heat, the Winterial body sleeping bag folds up quickly and easily for simple transportation. This functional product is made from a soft polyester shell and has a water resistant finish. Reinforced stuffed arms and legs keep your ligaments cold without sacrificing mobility. Quick release zippers allow your fingers to be freed while keeping the palms warm, and rubber-padded feet ensure your safety while walking around the campsite.

  • Temperature Rating: Twenty to fifty degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features: High quality, machine washable, comfortable, durable, quick release zippers for added heat protection


Selk’Bag Original 4G Sleeping BagSelk’Bag Original 4G Sleeping Bag

Selk’Bag is the It brand when it comes to wearable sleeping bags. It takes a quick Google search to see the dozens of sleeping bag options they have to offer, but nothing beats the classics and this Original 4G sleeper is truly timeless. Velcro straps around the waist allow you to adjust the fit and avoid any slippage, and Velcro straps around the ankles employ you to safely walk around without tripping. Tapered knees allow for unparalleled bending abilities while the soles of each booty are reinforced for any terrain type. A DWR water resistant finish and an insulated hood complete the perfect wearable sleeping bag for campers and trekkers.

  • Temperature Rating: Thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features: Water resistant, secured fit, comfortable, soft, 3-season wear


KingCamp Standing 3-Season Sleeping BagKingCamp Standing 3-Season Sleeping Bag

A champion of mobility, the KingCamp standing 3-season sleeping bag is a traveller’s dream. Keeping you warm and comfortable without sacrificing free movement, you can easily zip off the bottoms and hands at any given time for extra mobility in making smores or checking your phone. Lined pockets are easily accessible for all your midnight snacking needs.

  • Temperature Rating: Thirty-seven to Forty-six degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features: comfortable, durable, warm, has pockets


Poler “The Reversible Napsack” Sleeping BagPoler “The Reversible Napsack” Sleeping Bag

A medium lightweight napsack quickly transforms into your bed in the blink of an eye with Poler’s reversible napsack sleeping bag. The iconic brand has created this product with three stages in mind: Sleep (zipping up the arm holes and cinching the bottom drawstring to cocoon yourself into warmth bliss), Lounge (unzipping the armholes to serf Instagram on your phone, read a book, or putting on headphones through the convenient pass through hole), and Walk (pulling the bottom hem up inside the bag and cinching the drawstring around your waist to freely walk around). With a customizable reversible design and the softest polyester, Poler knows how to do convenient camp gear.

  • Temperature Rating: Fifty degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features: All-season wear, reversible, soft, machine washable, great sizing options


EVRGRN Crash SackEVRGRN Crash Sack

This hooded masterpiece fits more like a traditional sleeping bag but provides armholes and a removable bottom for quick mobility while keeping your extremities warm. Interior pockets can be easily accessed with your free moving arms, and when you’re ready to call it a night, you can zip yourself up into a warm cocoon and crash into oblivion. Made from synthetic insulation and a polyester lining, warmth is a surefire guarantee.

  • Temperature Rating: Forty-Five degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features: Armholes, lightweight, interior pockets, hooded, warm, durable


Nunatak Raku Wearable Sleeping BagNunatak Raku Wearable Sleeping Bag

For a completely customizable wearable sleeping bag experience, reach for the Nunatak Raku and get ready for customization heaven. The order form includes choosing a temperature rating depending on your needs, shoulder and zipper length, shell and liner fabric type, two options for down types, and the option for down overfill for those who get extra chilly at night. Featuring thickly insulated sleeves that can be pulled inside to create a draft barrier and a deep-set hood that can hug your entire head, this is an ultra lightweight wearable sleeping bag that leans towards a quality investment more than just a purchase.

  • Temperature Rating: Varies based on customized order
  • Features: Easy mobility, 3-season wear, ability to customize bag when ordering


Selk’Bag 5G Lite Sleeping BagSelk’Bag 5G Lite Sleeping Bag

As mentioned earlier, Selk’Bag is a forerunner in the wearable sleeping bag trend and is no stranger to creating products in order to keep their customers warm and comfortable. A polyester shell lining creates an incredibly lightweight sleeping bag that is perfect for both camper and couch. A water resistant lining means no more waking up feeling chilled and damp after a rainy night, and the detachable footing is perfect for those who need to stick their feet out to cool down their bodies. The Lite sleeping bag conveniently rolls up for quick and easy transportation between locations.

  • Temperature Rating: Forty-four degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features: Extremely lightweight, detachable footing, 3-season wear, durable, water resistant


Hammacher Schlemmer Kid’s Wearable Sleeping BagHammacher Schlemmer Kid’s Wearable Sleeping Bag

Let’s be honest, keeping children still and in one place while spending the night away in a new location is a nearly impossible task. Crafted with energetic kids in mind, Hammacher Schlemmer’s line of kid’s wearable sleeping bags will never disappoint. This product has the mobility of a full snowsuit but is incredibly insulated. The exterior shell is made of water resistant ripstop nylon, and the dense filling is packed with hypoallergenic polyester. The long sleeves can be closed up at the hand opening to keep your kid’s paws nice and toasty, and a cinched ankle keeps the booties safely secured to ensure no accidents while running around. Backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, there is no risk in trying this gear out and seeing for yourself why kids love it.

  • Temperature Rating: Thirty-six degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features: Great mobility, hooded, pockets, very insulated


SLPY The New Wearable Sleeping BagSLPY The New Wearable Sleeping Bag


Machine washable and serving up a platter of colors and styles to tickle your fancy, SLPY’s wearable sleeping bag is an essential piece to any camper. Made from a lightweight polyester lining shell and interior, the synthetic stuffed insulation promises to keep you toasty warm all night.  Featuring armholes, a detachable bottom and a hood with drawstrings, you’ll feel perfectly comfortable wearing this lightweight sleeping bag on the trail or around the house on a winter night.

  • Temperature Rating: Fifty degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features: Variety in sizes, machine washable, lightweight, warm, easy mobility


Exped Dreamwalker Wearable Sleeping BagExped Dreamwalker Wearable Sleeping Bag

Exped has kept your warmth and comfort as top priority when designing the Dreamwalker wearable sleeping bag. A water resistant layer keeps both the freezing cold and sticky, damp humidity away from your skin. The arm exit zippers include draft tubes to retain heat and keep the cold out, and the collar is thick and snug to shelter your neck from the weather. The Eped Dreamwalker is your go-to wearable sleeping bag for those seeking the mobility of a puffer jacket and the heat retention of a traditional sleeping bag.

  • Temperature Rating: Thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features: Superb mobility, two season wear, multiple sizing, protects against both humidity and cold