The 12 Best Brush Cutters

Brush cutters are ideal for cutting through overgrown brush and dense vegetation, including tree trunks that are up to four inches thick. These are the types of plants that your lawn mower or trimmer won’t be able to handle.

Brush cutters are also ideal for cutting vegetation in hard to reach places. They are lightweight, and the best ones are ergonomically friendly, making them comfortable for use for extended periods.

Brush cutters offer a lot of versatility and provide more power over trimmers, thanks to their ability to utilize different blade attachments for different materials. They are reliable and durable as long as they are properly maintained.

There are quite a lot of brush cutters on the market, and finding the best one is not an easy task. So check out our 12 best options below.

The Best Brush Cutter

Remington RM2700Remington RM2700

This brush cutter is designed to clear tall weeds and medium undergrowth. It is a two-stroke, 27 cc unit, which makes it lightweight, so it is comfortable to use but still powerful. This product is also more than capable of handling your toughest weeds, thanks to its 8,000 RPM operating speed with an eight-inch blade. Plus, this machine accepts attachments, allowing you to convert it into a cultivator, lawn edger, or a blower.

Included with your purchase of the Remington RM2700 Ranchero Brush Cutter are two-cycle oil and a bump head. There are also guards included to provide operational safety, so you don’t have to worry about rocks ricocheting into you or your property. With a smart-start engine, starting the Remington RM2700 is less difficult than other gas-powered brush cutters.

This cutter is a gas tool, but it only weighs 9.9 pounds, making it lighter than several electric units. Aside from its ergonomic design, it also features a double harness, which distributes the weight of the unit across your body and provides additional comfort. It also comes with padded handlebars to give you better maneuverability.


Husqvarna 223RHusqvarna 223R

This brush cutter is made for you if you have consistent property maintenance needs. It is built with a powerful two-stroke, 25 cc engine, and it is outfitted with a 17-inch cutting swath that can stand up to tough weeds and underbrush in your flower beds and under your trees. It weighs 9.9 pounds, and has an interchangeable string and blade head, making it a multipurpose trimmer and brush cutter tool.

Included with your purchase of the Husqvarna 223R are the necessary adapters for attaching different brush blades. There are also two different cover guards. You can use the first cover guard when you’re using the unit as a trimmer, while the second cover guard is when you’re using the machine as a brush cutter.

This model is rich in features. For one thing, it can provide an approximate runtime of 2.5 hours on a full tank of gas. It also has a two-handle design, and it is outfitted with anti-vibration technology. Additionally, it also features a quick-start system. Lastly, it is built with a fully adjustable harness that evenly distributes weight across your entire frame and not just your arms.

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Husqvarna 128LDHusqvarna 128LD

Mainly used for routine garden and yard maintenance, the Husqvarna 128LD is a gas-powered brush cutter that features a two-cycle, 28 cc engine. It is designed for moderate outdoor residential use, and it is a multipurpose tool with a cutting width of 17 inches and a weight of 10.9 pounds.

Included with your purchase of the Husqvarna 128LD brush cutter are a T25 automatic trimmer head and a product manual. It is compatible with several accessories and attachments, so you can use this device for multiple purposes. For example, the edger can keep your flower beds and path edges neat, while the cultivator is great for tilling small areas, such as tree bases and flower beds. You can also use this device for cutting by equipping it with a pole saw. This attachment will allow you to cut hard-to-reach branches and limbs.

Overall, this brush cutter is powerful, reliable, and efficient. It is easy to operate, and it is designed with numerous intuitive controls, including a smart start. Finally, it comes with a comfortable grip that allows you to use this device for hours without feeling any discomfort.

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Husqvarna 967055801Husqvarna 967055801

Designed for heavy-duty residential tasks, the Husqvarna 967055801 is equipped with a 25 cc, 4-cycle, 1.1HP engine. It operates at a maximum speed of 9000 RPM with 6,600 torque power. It is also made with an 18-inch cutting path, so you can use it to clear dense vegetation in less time. It weighs in at 9.9 pounds without the fuel or attachments, and it is a gas-powered unit that uses unleaded gas, so there is no need for fuel mixing.

Included with your purchase of the Husqvarna 967055801 are a brush cutter, blade, and a protective shield that can protect you from ricocheting rocks and debris. This device is also compatible with a bumper head, which you can use for weed and grass trimming.

This brush cutter is ergonomically designed for your comfort. It features a double harness, which distributes weight across your frame. The handlebars are angled to provide better handling as well as increased support and comfort, especially when used for extended periods. Its lightweight design also provides you with added comfort and ease of maneuverability.

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Troy-Bilt TB42Troy-Bilt TB42

This brush cutter is ideal for heavy landscaping work. It is equipped with an eight-inch, four-tooth, steel brush blade to provide a cutting diameter of 16 inches. It is suitable for trimming saplings and for massive weed control. It also features a full crank, 27 cc, two-cycle engine, and a steel shaft, which prevents vegetation from winding around the shaft.

The Troy-Bilt TB42 brush cutter is a highly versatile unit that can be used with ten different heads. It can also be equipped with a jump start system that allows you to start the device without pulling the cord multiple times. This brush cutter is also built for heavy-duty tasks, so it is heavier than the other models we have reviewed above, weighing in at 14 pounds.

This brush cutter is designed with a J-handle, making it comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed users. With less vibration than other engines, you will find this brush cutter more convenient to use for burlier tasks that require longer operating time. If you don’t opt for the jump start system, you’ll still enjoy the spring assist cord to help you get the machine started.

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Makita EM2650UHMakita EM2650UH

Manufactured according to commercial standards, the Makita EM2650UH is a powerhouse that will provide you with professional performance. It features a four-stroke, 25.4 cc engine with a steel drive-shaft. Plus, it is lightweight, weighing in at 12.1 pounds.

Included with your purchase of the Makita EM2650UH is a brush cutter blade that is perfect for cutting smaller trees and dense tree brushes. It also comes with a nine-inch star blade and a harness for the cutter.

The unit features a handle that is easy to adjust, providing you with the best balance. The startup is quicker and easier, thanks to its mechanical automatic engine decompression feature. With a compact and lightweight design, this model is easy to control. The steel shaft also reduces vibrations, making it more comfortable to use. With a molded throttle assembly and a wide grip throttle-trigger, you will experience reduced fatigue when using the Makita EM2650UH brush cutter.

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Blue Max 52623Blue Max 52623

This brush cutter is an extreme duty two-in-one brush cutter and trimmer. It features a two-stroke unit with a 42.7 cc engine, and it is designed to handle all your dense vegetation with ease. As such, it is ideal for several landscape types. You can also use it for residential and professional purposes.

Weighing in at 17 pounds, the Blue Max 52623 is heavier than most products reviewed here, but it is also more powerful than the previous brush cutters on our list.

Included with your purchase of the Blue Max 52623 are a 10-inch, three-pronged brush cutter blade, and a bump and feed stringer trimmer head. Plus, it has a straight shaft with extended reach for higher vegetations, including trees.

The handle is made from lightweight aluminum and features anti-vibration technology for complete control while reducing fatigue. The two-start recoil starting system gives you the ability to start the unit with fewer cord-pulls, thereby increasing your ease of use.

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TimberPro 52CCTimberPro 52CC

With a weight of 13 pounds, the TimberPro 52CC is a bit heavy, but it is a powerful tool. It is a multipurpose unit with a powerful 52 cc, two-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. Moreover, it is a versatile two-in-one device.

This brush cutter is designed for both heavy and light trimming tasks, as well as for professional and residential use. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for a multipurpose brush cutter and string trimmer to cut thick brush, roots, and bramble. You can also use it to trim weeds and grass and to keep your garden or yard in tip-top shape.

Included with your purchase of the TimberPRo 52CC unit are a dual-line 2.4 mm strimmer and three high-quality steel cutter blades, which include a three-tooth blade, an eight-tooth blade, and a 40-tooth blade.

Being the powerhouse that it is, this brush cutter does come with a kick, which you must be ready to handle. The manufacturer equips it with a heavy-duty harness to help distribute its weight. The design features two handles so you can have a fully controlled grip. Lastly, it is CE certified as well as TUV & SafetyNet Engine displacement certified.

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CHIKURA Multi-Gas Brush CutterCHIKURA Multi-Gas Brush Cutter

This four-in-one landscaping device is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to do it all. It is ideal for light-to-heavy residential use, and it works as a trimmer, strimmer, and cutter. You can use this gas-operated unit for the routine maintenance of small to large areas in your garden.

With your purchase of the Chikura Multi-Gas unit, you will receive a three-tooth cutter blade, a 40-tooth cutter blade, an 80-tooth cutter blade, and a trimmer head. Also included with your purchase are a harness and a small toolkit with five tools and a storage pouch. Plus, this brush cutter features a long reach shaft for more versatility.

Being lightweight, the CHIKURA Multi-Gas Brush Cutter is easy to control and use even for prolonged periods. It is equipped with dual handles, and it comes with a harness that evenly distributes weight across your entire body. It also has a shield that protects you from flying grass shavings and rock while providing you with a good sightline of your cutting area.

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Echo SRM-410UEcho SRM-410U

Designed for heavy-duty cutting tasks, the Echo SRM-410U is a stable and comfortable machine that features a professional-grade, two-stroke, 42.7 cc engine. It has a heavy-duty gearcase with sealed bearings for rugged performance.

This brush cutter is designed with the professional landscaper in mind. Still, a homeowner experienced with brush cutters will be able to use the product as well as any professional landscaper.

With your purchase of the Echo SRM-410U brush cutter, you get a 10-inch metal, 80-tooth blade, and a metal shield. It is compatible with many optional accessories that can be purchased, including different sizes of brush blades, grass and weed blades, harness, blade protectors, and a complete brush cutter system.

As a professional-grade brush cutter, this is not a lightweight unit. It does not come with a harness, but a harness is available for sale. It is equipped with a harness ring so that the harness can be easily attached. It also has a U-handle for more ergonomic control and better comfort. The cutter is operated by a throttle control and start/stop switch, which is integrated into the handle for ease of use.

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Husqvarna 336frHusqvarna 336fr

This brush cutter is equipped with an X torque 34.6 cc engine and a 1.9 HP motor. It is quite versatile as it doubles as a saw blade and string trimmer. This product is also an environmentally friendly model, thanks to its X torque efficiency. Plus, it uses 20% less fuel than its competitors and is capable of 60% fewer emissions. It is suitable for both residential and professional use.

Included with your purchase of the Husqvarna 336fr are a cutting attachment guard, a trimmer head, a saw blade, a grass blade, and a balance 35 harness. It can be equipped with different size blades for other purposes, providing you with a lot of versatility.

Equipped with a balance 35 harness, the Husqvarna 336fr can be comfortably operated as the weight is distributed evenly across both your shoulders, chest, and back. The U-shaped bike handlebars are ergonomic and adjustable so that you can get the best level of comfort and control. The unit is also easy to start because when you turn it off, the start/stop switch will automatically return to its position.


Ryobi RBC1020Ryobi RBC1020

This brush cutter is an ideal choice for home use, primarily due to its affordable price point. It is a reliable two-in-one unit that can be used as a brush cutter and a trimmer. It is an electric brush cutter with a 1000 W motor, which is powerful enough to get routine maintenance done around your yard. The cutting path of the trimmer is 38 cm, and the cutting path of the brush cutter is 20 cm.

With your purchase of the Ryobi RBC1020, you will receive one brush cutter, one dual-line bump head, one shoulder strap, and an instruction manual. The unit is compatible with an additional number of Ryobi “expand it” attachments to make it an even more versatile tool. Some accessories that can make this a complete garden maintenance system are the pole pruner, blower, and articulating hedge trimmer.

For your comfort, the Ryobi RBC1020 is equipped with a fully adjustable front handle. The motor is back-mounted to offer you more control and a perfect balance while in use. The shoulder strap allows you to wear the unit and support the weight with your shoulders and back while removing pressure from your hands. Lastly, it has a soft-grip handle that prevents fatigue when used for prolonged periods.