The 12 Best Push Mowers

A picture-perfect front lawn can do marvels for both your curb appeal and the sense of pride provided by your home. It doesn’t come easily, though. Landscaping requires a fair deal of good taste and several ounces of hard work – from weeding, planting, or watering to the routine maintenance task of mowing the lawn. After all, this is not just an aesthetic endeavor. A well-trimmed yard is necessary to protect roots during the spring and fall, to keep mosquito numbers down during the summer, and to allow other roots enough room to thrive.

This would be a much easier task if lawn mowers were not heavy and notoriously dangerous. On the other hand, a light and easy to use mower can turn this task into a breeze, or at the very least, into a very short inconvenience. Shopping around may be time-consuming, but when it comes to outdoor appliances, it will save you dozens of hours in months to come. The following 12 best lawn mowers are all practical, powerful, and easy to operate. Many also include extra safety features, convenient containers, or the ability to adjust blade speed and length quickly.

The Best Push Mower

Honda Variable Speed Gas Lawn MowerHonda Variable Speed Gas Lawn Mower

Honda is best known for its creations in the automotive industry, which may make it seem like an odd choice for a household appliance. However, this time we are talking about an appliance with four wheels and a proper combustion engine, and therefore it is not so much of a stretch.

Honda’s latest creation for the landscaping market is a “walk behind” model with self-propelling wheels, which are just as reliable as any Honda motorbike. This lawn mower is equipped with a 21-inch deck and a sharp set of two blades. The speed in which they rotate can be easily adjusted thanks to its smartly designed control panel. In addition, the twin blades and large storage bag create more room for much finer clippings, cutting down on the time needed to replace the bag.

This all works with regular gas, the kind that you would use on your car. This is both efficient and cost-effective. It allows the mower to keep going for longer than any battery-powered model, with extra torque and none of the hassle of odd cables and dangerous connections. Finally, it uses a simple “pull” start-up mechanism. This may not be as sophisticated as a full electric panel, but resists a couple of extra blows.


GreenWorks 25022GreenWorks 25022

The GreenWorks 25022 is a cheap lawn mower that has several built-in versatile modes of action, which turn it into a very valuable investment. The main trunk is 20 inches wide and is equipped with a 12-amp motor engine as well as dual blades. This can quickly be adjusted to provide standard grass clippings, mulch, or just bags of grass that can be sent straight to your local composting facility.

In addition, this model has a few extra advantages for anyone who is looking for a light and portable lawn mower. First, although battery-powered, it includes a detachable extension cord that can be easily folded and secured. Its total length can also be adjusted easily on the go, keeping knot- and mess-free. Furthermore, the handles can be folded, which makes it easier to pack away discreetly.

The entire machine barely weighs 55 pounds, so it can be lifted and hauled easily. Despite the relative potency of its swinging blades, the machine itself doesn’t vibrate as much as one would expect and is therefore easy to maneuver or push around. The rear and front wheels also slant and align themselves to keep you on your desired route.


Ryobi 40-Volt Electric MowerRyobi 40-Volt Electric Mower

Electric lawn mowers usually have less raw power than gas-powered ones, and so are usually reserved for personal or residential use – and even then, for homes with very neat and light grass varieties. The Ryobi Lawn Mower is clearly seeking to become the ultimate exception to this stereotype, and so far, they seem to have done a pretty good job of it. With a 20-inch main panel and a 40-volt engine, this mower doesn’t look like a delicate toy.

The most noticeable feature of this mower is definitely its sturdy set of wheels. Their electric yellow hue matches both the branding and its main body perfectly, and add an extra layer of visibility that could potentially save your toes. They also run straight and solid, with extra grips that will help you maneuver it on rough terrain.

Two other main features of this mower include a safe and easy release knob, which turns the otherwise messy bag change into a seamless action, as well as a side pocket on the main bag itself, meant to act as extra storage.


EGO LM1200SP 21-Inch MowerEGO LM1200SP 21-Inch Mower

A large yard can provide twice the amount of fun, but it can just as easily mean three many times as much work. Most public parks and sports fields prefer to use gas-powered lawn mowers for a reason: usually, battery-powered equipment will die before you have finished with everything. On the other hand, gas mowers are larger, heavier, and require storing little cans of fuel, which is rarely a smart choice for homes with children.

If you have found yourself in the middle of this conundrum, try the EGO LM1200SP. Despite being battery powered, it still packs a good 56-volt engine that can easily cover 500 square feet of grass or more. This was not accomplished just by oversizing the battery, however; many aspects of its design were tweaked to maximize energy efficiency. For example, the wheels are surprisingly light for their sturdiness and the amount of grip they offer. They also rely on a sloping nose and soft side-to-side swivels that allow fast operation, allowing you to turn around without wasting any power.

Finally, this model comes equipped with an adjustable pole, which only requires you to move a single lever whenever you need to change the total height. This provides extra comfort to both short and tall people and facilitates quick storage.

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Sun Joe MJ401ESun Joe MJ401E

Small and tidy can be just as fruitful and rewarding as big and sprawling, but it will save you the need for big industrial equipment. So if you just need something light and battery-powered for less than an acre worth of grass, then the Sun Joe JM401E can provide you with a reasonably priced and dependable alternative.

This mower was designed to work well on small areas of flat land, such as the ones in high-density residential neighborhoods. With this in mind, the designers have done their best to ensure this model is as quiet as possible. This is a nearly silent grass cutter, especially when handling thin grass, so it won’t get the neighbors up even if you choose to use it early on a Sunday morning. In addition, its blades are very fast and can be adjusted to three different positions, which provides very neat results even if you are handling mulched trails or stone paths.

Finally, the overall look of this mower deserves special mention. The rounded edges look very modern, and the overall green and yellow color scheme are different enough to stand out but still keep to a “gardeny” theme.

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Snapper P2185020 Gas MowerSnapper P2185020 Gas Mower

Big, powerful, and bright red,  the Snapper is not a toy meant for amateur gardeners. This is a fully featured “walk-behind” gas mower meant to handle large extensions of land quickly. It can handle heavy loads of grass and cut through thick or quick-growing varieties alike. This makes it ideal for anyone living in a warmer region, where summer and spring can become an endless battle against overgrown lawns.

This is achieved through two main features. First, the steel blades are resilient and meant for heavy-duty, as well as slightly larger than those found on standard home mowers are. Second, the engine can provide rotating speeds of up to 4 miles per hour. While this enables it to cover large areas more quickly, there are additional provisions included that are specifically meant to ensure you won’t have to interrupt your task halfway through. The grass bag is remarkably large and sturdy, and won’t be damaged by the occasional twig flying by. In addition, the engine has a Fresh Start system that slowly releases fuel preservative while turned on, which will ensure a steady stream of stabilized fuel.

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Toro Recycler 22-Inch Gas Lawn MowerToro Recycler 22-Inch Gas Lawn Mower

There are many advantages to living on a hill, which range from purer air to beautiful views from your breakfast parlor. It’s a pity, however, that gardening and landscaping on steep or rough terrain is very hard, especially if you can’t find a way to adjust your design to the topography. A rolling slope of grass may look picture-worthy, after all, but it can be hard to maintain if you do not have the right equipment. This is also a scenario in which bigger won’t be necessarily better – dragging a heavy mower uphill can quickly become cumbersome, and fast-rotating blades do not mix well with falls.

The Toro Recycler mower was designed specifically to be easy to maneuver on hills or inclined terrain. This a self propelled lawn mower, and with a main body that’s 22 inches wide, it’s a bit bigger than most home models. However, the engine has a bit more torque than its peers, and the wheels have added springs that allow them to adapt to uneven terrain easily. They are also equipped with a thick layer of texturized rubber meant to increase grip. The blades can be set at three different tempos, depending on whether you want to cut, mulch, or side-discharge your grass clippings.


Husqvarna 961450021Husqvarna 961450021

Husqvarna has never shied away from mixing and matching parts from different suppliers in order to provide the best possible products, whether for industrial or home use. In fact, this is why even their products on the Home Tools division are favorites of professional contractors and landscaping architects. The Husqvarna 961450021 is a great example of this, as well as a superb lawn mower for anyone who can afford to make a larger investment.

The main part of the machine is comprised of a 190cc Honda engine, expertly adapted into their own 22-inch deck. The main handle can be adjusted into three different heights, and the blade speed can be set to four different cycles. Also, the drive system can also be adjusted, so you can set your speed of movement independently from your cutting muscle.

The entire surface of this lawn mower is covered by a coat of washable paint, which is something that many brands overlook – although they shouldn’t, considering this is a product meant for outdoor use.

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John Deere Z345RJohn Deere Z345R

John Deere rarely bothers designing equipment for home use, so most of their price tags fall firmly within the industrial range. That being said, if you are a professional landscaper or simply like to play with expensive toys, you will probably have a hard time matching the experience provided by the Z345R. This riding lawn mower is essentially a small throne on wheels that just happens to cut your lawn as you stylishly glide about on top.

The main deck is 42 inches wide, and both the engine and the main clippings bag offer room and muscle to mass. This comes about with a full 22 horsepower engine propelling the wheels, which can then reach speeds of up to 7 miles per hour. The backset of wheels is carefully textured to ensure good grip, allowing the mower to move like an all-terrain vehicle over gravel, dirt, or steep slopes. However, the smaller set of front wheels have been designed to turn around and pivot easily, which makes the machine very easy to maneuver.


Poulan Pro 961120134 Hi-WheelPoulan Pro 961120134 Hi-Wheel

The Poulan Pro is a gas-powered lawn mower that combines an outsourced engine with a fast-moving set of blades, which can handle long, straight distances quickly and with minimal fatigue. This mower was designed around a 140-cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine, which provides over five pounds of full gross torque, a quick start-up, and the ability to propel itself for miles on end.

The dual set of wheels does not swivel or pivot easily but is able to stay on the straight and narrow even on rocky or uneven terrain. After all, despite the affordable price, the Poulan Pro is actually worthy of golf courses and public parks, and can therefore handle very demanding expectations. Also, the manufacturer has ensured that the overall machine is easy to transport and assemble, as well as relatively simple to operate. Pull a couple of levers if you want to switch from bagged clippings to a very wide aspersion, which is great if you are trying to save on fertilizer.


Toro TimeMaster 30-Inch Fast MowerToro TimeMaster 30-Inch Fast Mower

If you liked the Toro Recycler, but are blessed with a flat and wider yard, then look to its close cousin for a more viable alternative. The Toro TimeMaster was designed to save time for those who have to tackle large areas of up to one acre, especially if these are overrun with thick or very long grass.

This means that some maneuverability, as well as the ability to propel itself uphill, has been sacrificed in order to make room for a stronger engine and a set of supremely fast rotating blades. The self-propel system is highly responsive and will adapt to your own walking speed. Each time you pas, you will be able to cut even wider paths, which can create the illusion of professional landscaping with very little effort.

There is only one downside: if you want to use the bag to collect all your clippings, you will need to keep your distance from the mower, which can quickly become tiresome as the bag has a huge capacity, but it occupies a lot of space at the back.


Black & Decker MM2000Black & Decker MM2000

One of the biggest names in the electrical and hardware industry has now brought us one of the most powerful battery-powered lawn mowers available. With 13 gallons of collecting space, seven working positions, a 13-Ah-motor, and an even set of rugged all-terrain wheels, the Black & Decker MM2000 does a pretty good job of pretending to be a gas-powered mower, while still keeping things ignition-free and cordless. Naturally, this also means that your gardening session may be cut short once the battery runs out – but thanks to its fast-charging connection, this may only amount to a relatively small break.

The first advantage posed by this unusual choice is the quick power-up procedure. This can be done in a matter of seconds by simply pressing the ON button. In addition, the electric engine is lighter and smaller than a standard gas-powered one, which makes it easier to store or hide away. At first glance, the lever appears to be quite long, but it offers good grip and lessens the amount of effort needed to push this mower around.