Crank Hard with the Leatherman Ratchet Driver

For Leatherman, necessity is the mother of invention. In 1975, founder Tim Leatherman found himself using his pocket knife for incessant vehicle repairs while on a low-budget European road trip. Realizing that he could add pliers to his knife to create the ideal pocket tool, he started on a prototype as soon as he got home to Portland, Oregon.

Fast forward 45 years and the company he started still constantly analyzes functionality — its ratchet driver attachment proves it. Any ratchet delivers a no-brainer mechanical advantage over a regular driver. Leatherman’s attachment helps users easily adjust fasteners with its pocket tools. The ratchet driver is a low-profile addition to any multi-tool carrier’s EDC kit.

leatherman ratchet driver

Ratchet Driver Basics and Specifications

If you’re here, you probably know what a ratchet is, but in case you don’t: it’s a system that allows rotation in one direction but prevents it in the other. Commonly found on socket wrenches and screwdrivers, ratchets help the user loosen and tighten fasteners at the best angle without fully rotating the tool or repeatedly removing and reapplying it on the fastener head.

Leatherman’s ratchet driver attachment has three directional modes (clockwise, counterclockwise, and locked) to suit any thread type. It accepts both Leatherman’s proprietary flat bits or standard 1/4“ bits.

A magnetic shaft helps secure bits and fasteners. It is 3 1/4“ long — Leatherman also sells an extender of similar length.

Pocket Tool Compatibility and Use

The ratchet driver is compatible with any Leatherman tool that has a large bit driver.  The attachment accepts Leatherman’s flat bits, plus any standard 1/4“ bit or nut driver. Visit the website for a full list.

Expand your Leatherman driver’s capabilities with the available extender and/or 21-piece double-sided bit kit.

leatherman ratchet driver

Conclusions and Purchasing

Leatherman expands the usefulness of its built-in drivers with the ratchet driver attachment. The add-on promises to be useful to anyone who often uses their Leatherman to work on fasteners. $30 MSRP gets the job done.


leatherman ratchet driver