Benchmade 9070 Claymore: A Tough, Military-Inspired Auto Knife

Benchmade calls the 9070 Claymore an “evolution” of its automatic knives. Benchmade’s engineers tackled the challenge of creating a full-size automatic knife and making it as lightweight as possible without compromising strength. The result? The strongest knife in Benchmade’s push-button stable.

Here’s what we know about the durable, combat-inspired automatic blade.

benchmade 9070 claymore

Claymore Knife Basics

Key to the Benchmade 9070 Claymore’s balance of strength and light weight is its CPM-D2 steel blade. CPM, or crucible particle metallurgy, gives the steel a fine carbide structure, making the blade harder to break, bend, or chip. In addition to outstanding hardness, CPM-D2 shows good edge retention — but the Claymore’s 3.6-inch blade has moderate serrations, so it can perform even when dulled from use.

The automatic knife’s push-button mechanism also adds breaking strength. During destruction tests, engineers determined an optimal way for the knife’s handle and liners to support the mechanism as it engages the blade.

Benchmade designs the Claymore’s handle for an easy grip that’s secure in any position. It gives the knife a considerable tactical advantage, especially combined with the textured Grivory (thermoplastic) grips.

The release button is also textured to prevent slipping. For added security, Benchmade adds a safety switch with a red indicator. A pocket clip holds the knife in the point-up position.

Battlefield Inspiration

Style-wise, the 9070 Claymore automatic knife is an instant American-made classic that seeks to fulfill the legacy of its namesake combat weapon. Benchmade manufactures each knife in its Oregon-based facility, and two color choices — black or ranger green — embody traditional military utility.

But the force of the knife’s opening action seems to be why it’s called the “Claymore” — and from what we’ve seen, it looks like it kicks pretty hard.

benchmade claymore family knives

Benchmade 9070 Claymore: Purchasing Info

The just-released 9070 Claymore is available at Given their curated designs and domestic manufacturing, Benchmade knives can fetch high prices, but the 9070 Claymore automatic knife comes in at a low-to-middle-of-the-pack MSRP of $230.


9070 claymore family

benchmade 9070 claymore family knives