High Camp Firelight 750: High-Capacity, High-Class Flasks

Even though it holds an entire fifth of hooch, High Camp still calls its Firelight 750 setups “flasks,” which seems almost painfully humble. The attractive stainless steel flask and tumbler set can serve purposes, including excessive outdoor drinking sessions, not just purloining a few sips of the strong stuff past security.

High Camp’s Firelight is a kit for high times. Its double-wall construction, magnetic cup attachment (patent pending), and choice of cultivated finishes ensure a curated experience; our reviewer attests to it.

Said tester poured out more than a few drops of his favorite high-test for review purposes. He came back with five simple words: “I love this damn thing.” Read on to learn what else I was able to extract from his expertly inebriated brain.

Flask Fortitude

The Firelight flask is a workhorse. With its 750-mL capacity and two 11-ounce tumblers, it’s big enough to handle a raucous celebration. And with its double-wall construction, it can keep any spirit, wine, bubbly, or even hot bevvy at the ideal temperature on the way there.

Our reviewer reports the flask’s wide mouth and non-drip lip made it easy to fill and pour under any conditions. He also says the tumblers’ magnetic hold was firm; his method was to shake it like Tom Cruise in Cocktail to jar them loose. (Editor’s note: it’s unclear whether this method is totally necessary.)

Its 18/8 stainless steel (18% chromium, 8% nickel) resists corrosion — which can be especially helpful after you’ve imbibed a fifth when there’s no telling what might happen next.

high camp - firelight 750 flask

High Camp Firelight 750: Fancy Flasks?

Though it’s called “High Camp” and fully equipped for backcountry bingeing, the Firelight also looked great on our tester’s home bar. Unlike with most travel tumbler kits, the magnetic cups don’t have threaded rims, which ups their cool level for home use.

Choose from steel, copper, or gunmetal finishes to meet and match your existing aesthetic and accessories.


Find the highly capable High Camp Firelight 750 Flask on the company’s website for $125 MSRP. If that seems steep, think about the fact that it’s two bar sets in one — a home set and a camp set — and you’re not even seeing double yet.


high camp - firelight 750 flaskhigh camp - firelight 750 flaskhigh camp - firelight 750 flaskhigh camp - firelight 750 flask