Deejo Knives – Elegance Meets Functionality

Above all, your pocket knife has to be functional. It needs to hold an edge, unfold quickly, and sit comfortably in your pocket. And if you are an outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for ultralight gear, your blade is no exception.

But that doesn’t mean your EDC pocket knife has to be chunky, soulless, or lacking style. Check out Deejo Knives. This French brand combines stripped-down functionality with elegant styling for pocket knives that weigh just over an ounce on average. If you’re one of those who meticulously tracks ounces in a spreadsheet, these things are so light you might not even need to add them.


Most of Deejo’s products follow the same template. An elegant, gently curved handle with a minimalist aesthetic keeps the weight down, while a 3.7-inch blade is plenty large enough to provide functionality. In general, the knives are about 4.3 inches when closed and around 7.8 inches while open. We find that size to be a sweet-spot for pocket knives. Any larger and you are going to feel it in your pocket. Any smaller and you might not be able to use the blade for the most common tasks.

deejo knives

Deejo offers a range of additional features on their knives: serrated or half-serrated blades, locking mechanisms, and one-hand-opener knobs. Forged from Z40C13 stainless steel (that’s steel type 420 in the American rating system), these knives will stand the test of time. This type of steel is perfect in applications that require corrosion resistance and high hardness. The blades sport a variety of finishes depending on your taste: from polished steel to black titanium.

The Finishing Touches

But Deejo pocket knives have more than just functionality and quality materials. Deejo utilizes the power of laser engraving to offer you a wondrous assortment of illustrations etched directly onto the surface of the blade. Some of our favorites patterns include Wave, Terra Incognita, Astro, Bicycle, and Wilkinson.

You can browse blade patterns by category (Deejo calls them ‘universes’). Universes include Biker, Fantasy, Timepieces, Marine, Nature, and Outdoor. All of the designs are tattoo inspired and call to mind the adventurous spirit of travelers, mariners, and outdoors-people the world over.

You can also choose from a variety of handle materials. We like the natural wood options, but you can also go with composite or metal handles if that’s your jam.

deejo knives


Want to bring a little class to your table setting? Deejo has you covered. They offer tables knives in a variety of sizes, handle materials, and blade patterns. Deejo also sells a knife sharpener and leather sheathes if you want to keep your blade out of your pocket.

Customization and Cost

Our favorite feature on the Deejo website is the My Deejo function. This pocket knife creation tool allows you to customize your Deejo’s finish, tattoo, weight, handle, and engraved text. We designed a sweet one-ounce knife with a black titanium finish, olive-wood handle, topography tattoo, and custom engraved text for only $80. A half-ounce knife with similar features cost us only $40.

That’s an excellent price for a quality product with such a variety of options.  Deejo knives make a statement while remaining affordable, light, and functional. That’s about all you can ask from a pocket knife.