The 10 Best Electric Lawn Mowers

Are you looking for an electric lawnmower? Regardless of your yard’s size, we’ve got you covered. We did the work for you and tested out 49 different lawnmowers from 14 different brands to present 10 of the best electric lawnmowers that you can buy. This buying guide is the most comprehensive list that you will find, and it will help you get the lawnmower that you want with the performance that your yard needs.

The Best Electric Lawn Mower

EGO 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn MowerEGO 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

EGO POWER+ 21-Inch Mower is a cordless self-propelled lawn mower that is powered by a 56-volt lithium-ion battery. It leans towards the premium side and tops our list because it crushed every electric lawn mower that we have tested, even the ones in the same price range. It is so powerful that despite being battery-powered, it still delivers the same high torque as gas-powered mowers.

This electric lawnmower is capable of mulching, bagging, and side discharge with a push of a button. You can also adjust the cutting height easily, with one hand, from one-and-a-half inches to four inches. Also, it has the capacity of two bushels for grass collection.

As for durability and comfort, the EGO Power+ 21-Inch Mower has a 21-inch deck made of high-grade plastic. We tested it, and it is the toughest plastic we’ve seen on a lawnmower. It is equipped with an adjustable handle height, and you can use it on all weather conditions with its LED headlights and IPX4 weather-resistant construction. All the wirings is covered with plastic tubing.

If you are looking for an electric lawn mower that can do all the work for you, has the Power to match gas-powered mowers, can handle any amount of workload, and can work on all conditions, then EGO Power+ 21-Inch Mower is the best product for you.


Sun Joe MJ401E 14-Inch Electric Lawn Mower with Grass BagSun Joe MJ401E 14-Inch Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Bag

When you don’t need a lot of Power for mowing, and you’re on a tight budget, the Sun Joe Mow Joe 401E gets the job done. This machine is a budget 14-inch corded lawn mower that does not break the bank, but it is still very efficient in grooming your lawn. With a weight of 29 pounds, you can move it over steep inclines and embankments with ease.

Cheap lawn mowers often have unwanted compromises that are necessary to keep the price low. Still, the Mow Joe 401E retained the essential features of a lawnmower, such as an excellent maintenance-free motor with decent torque power, a 10.6-gallon hard-top rear bag, and adjustable cutting heights. These are the same features that you would get from mowers that are twice as expensive as the Mow Joe 401E.

As for its other features, well, this is a lawnmower that costs less than $100, without the discharge chute, so there’s not much that we can ask. There are very few electric lawn mowers that can compete with the Sun Joe Mow Joe 401E when it comes to the price and cutting power it delivers, which earned our vote as one of the best electric lawnmowers you can buy.


DeWALT DCMW220P2 Lawn MowerDeWALT DCMW220P2 Lawn Mower

This product is a three-in-one electric lawnmower that uses a high-efficiency brushless motor that pounds out consistent cutting performance. This lawnmower is capable of bagging, mulching, and rear discharge, but it topped our list because of its unmatched efficiency in mulching.

This product is a 20-inch cordless electric lawn mower that is powered by 2×20-volt MAX batteries, and it carries enough juice to tackle up to a quarter-acre per charge. DeWALT went all-in with its cordless feature by utilizing an on-deck LED light board that indicates individual battery levels. The batteries that this lawnmower uses are also compatible with other DeWALT tools and could be a deciding factor for those already invested in battery-operated DeWALT tools.

There’s not a lot of fancy features in this mower, aside from the ability to adjust the deck heights from 1.5 to 3.4 inches, and the foldable handle for easy storage and transport. If you are looking for a high-powered electric lawnmower that doesn’t jack up the prices with fancy features and is great at mulching, then the DeWALT DCMW220P2 is an excellent choice for you.


Ryobi 20-Inch 40V Brushless Self-Propelled MowerRyobi 20-Inch 40V Brushless Self-Propelled Mower

If self-propelled lawnmower is your thing, then you’ll love the Ryobi 40V 20-Inch Brushless Mower. It features a rear-wheel-drive that creates better traction for powering up hills and allows for better control when mowing in straight lines. It is convenient and perfect for lazy days when I want to push it around the yard without using too much energy.

The Ryobi Self-Propelled Mower has a 20-inch deck with mulching and bagging capabilities. Under the hood is a brushless motor equipped with load-sensing technology that automatically adjusts the cutting power according to the blades’ requirements, which improves its battery life. It also has the feature to adjust the cutting height from seven single-point height adjustment options.

Being self-propelled means that you will exert less effort pushing the lawnmower around your yard, but the mower will consume more battery. This lawnmower takes 3.5 hours to charge, and I can use it for about 30 minutes, which is just enough for an average-sized yard.

The Ryobi Self-Propelled Mower is an exceptional tool for small-to-mid-sized yards because it will make your task a lot easier. With built-in auto-configuration features, you can start mowing with a push of a button and let the mower worry about efficiency and performance.

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EGO Power+ LM2000-S 20-Inch 56V Cordless Walk Behind Lawn MowerEGO Power+ LM2000-S 20-Inch 56V Cordless Walk Behind Lawn Mower

The torque of a gas-powered mower is accessible with a push of a button and with 30% less noise. That’s the promise of the EGO Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, and it didn’t fail to impress us with its Power. It made gas-powered motors feel and look like a thing of the past.

The construction of this mower is superior, and it is made of a sturdy and high-quality plastic that offers IPX4 water resistance. With the Power + 20-Inch Mower, you can work under any condition, and the mower will still work just fine. The LED headlights worked well and allowed me to mow even in areas with low visibility or even after sunset.

Just like its 21-inch big brother, it is powered by a 600-watt high-torque that is capable of mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge. It can run for up to 45 minutes on a single charge, and it took me less than that to recharge the battery. It weighs 56.2 pounds, which is not the lightest push mower, but it still topped our list for having the torque of a gas-powered mower, the convenience of electric, and exceptional ease of use.


Echo CLM-58V4AH 21-Inch 58-Volt MowerEcho CLM-58V4AH 21-Inch 58-Volt Mower

It looks like conventional gas-powered lawnmowers and carries the same cutting power, but the Echo CLM-58V4AH is a cordless electric lawnmower powered by 58-volt lithium-ion batteries. It only weighs 57 pounds, and most of the weight reduction came from its high-gloss plastic deck with grass accumulation resistance.

Echo is so confident with its build that they are throwing in a lifetime warranty for its composite deck. This product features seven cutting-heigh adjustments ranging from ¾ inch up to four inches for consistent cuts throughout your yard. Under its awkward-looking hood is a brushless motor that keeps the blades cool to reduce the rate of deterioration. There’s also dual battery storage for convenience and longer battery life.

One thing that we didn’t like about this lawnmower is that it takes one hour to fully charge its battery and only 40 minutes to run it under “ideal working conditions.” Nonetheless, it is an excellent lawnmower for users with small to mid-sized yards because of its Power, and its heavy-duty build makes it an investment that’s worth every penny.

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Ryobi RM480ex 38-Inch 100 Ah Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn MowerRyobi RM480ex 38-Inch 100 Ah Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

The Ryobi 38-Inch Electric Rear Engine Lawn Mower is the Tesla of lawnmowers. It is exclusively made for large yards or for people like me who want mowing to be more fun. The seat is adjustable, and the control panel is easily accessible. It also has a cruise control, USB charging, cup holder, and cell phone holder. With all of these features within arm’s length, mowing became a task that I look forward to.

The steel frame of the Ryobi 100 AH 38-Inch Riding Lawn Mower houses a 38-inch deck that has a 12-point cutting-height adjustment option that covers more space in less time, and it customizes the height of its cut. It is powered by two high-torque brushless motors, which allowed me to cover at least two acres of land in a single charge. The cherry on top is the LED headlights, which came in handy when I first used this machine because it took me until sunset to get over this lawnmower.

Whether you are looking for a mower that can help you cover large areas with ease, comfort, and style or just feeling a little bit extravagant when buying a lawnmower, the Ryobi 100 AH 38-Inch Riding Mower is a great choice.


Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25022Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25022

If you need to cover a lot of space but you’re on a tight budget, the Greenworks 25022 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower is a great tool. It offers excellent performance, and it has all the features that you need for an average to large-sized lawn. Plus, it doesn’t cost as much as full-featured lawnmowers, making it the best value mower in its class.

I had low expectations when I tried using the Greenworks 25022 for the first time, but I was impressed with its performance after comparing it with other 20-inch lawnmowers. It is capable of mulching, side discharge, and rear bagging just as efficiently as the more expensive mowers. The cutting height is adjustable from 1 ½ to 3 ¾ inches, and I can start cutting with a push of a button.

With a weight of 56 pounds, I didn’t have any problems pushing it around. It weighs less than other 20-inch lawnmowers because its body is mostly made of plastic materials, which feels as sturdy and durable as the Ego Power 20-Inch. The lack of additional features is understandable considering its low price, but it comes with a four-year warranty, which adds better value to this lawnmower.

Budget-friendly mowers don’t have to be low quality, and the Greenworks 25022 is proof of that. It has all the features that you need for casual use, and it can handle tough workloads without breaking the bank.

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Snapper XD 19-Inch 82-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Cordless Walk Behind Push MowerSnapper XD 19-Inch 82-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Cordless Walk Behind Push Mower

Snapper XD is a 19-inch push mower that runs on a lithium-ion battery, and it is the perfect mower for yards that are a quarter of an acre or less. It does not have a lot of Power, but it is more than capable of continuous mowing. It can run for up to 45 minutes, and it only takes 30 minutes to fully-charge. It is also lightweight, which made the task of pushing it around the yard more comfortable.

When it comes to actual mowing, it can mulch, bag, side discharge, and adjust to seven different cutting-height options. With smart load-sensing technology, it can modify the motor speed to meet the demand of the cutting blades and make the battery life last longer. Under its protruding hood is a 1,000-watt brushless motor that keeps the blades cool and reduces the mower’s rate of deterioration.

If you are looking for a lawnmower that is efficient and comfortable to use, the Snapper XD 19-Inch is a reliable choice. It may not have all the features that more expensive mowers have, but most of them are not necessary for casual mowing. Overall, the Snapper XD 19-Inch is an exceptional choice for those who want a lawnmower that offers a balance in performance and price.

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Redback 21-Inch 120-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Walk-Behind Push MowerRedback 21-Inch 120-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Walk-Behind Push Mower

If you are looking for an electric lawnmower, you will be faced with two polarizing options; either you pick a budget mower than runs on a battery for less than an hour, or shell out more cash to get more than an hour of run time. This dilemma is what the Redback 21-Inch 120-Volt Push Mower tried to solve, and I’m impressed with how they did it.

This product runs on a lithium-ion battery that lasted for an hour on my initial tests and works well for mulching, bagging, and side discharge. You can adjust the cutting height from 35 mm up to 95 mm. It has a soft bag that has a 60-liter capacity and is easily detached. On top of all these, the Redback 21-Inch 120-Volt Push Mower is built with load-sensing technology that adjusts power based on the blades’ demand, which can significantly improve the battery consumption.

This lawnmower has all the features that you need for a mid-sized yard, and it works as well as the more expensive mowers in its class. Without the fancy features that add to its price, the Redback 21-Inch 120-Volt Push Mower will deliver on even the most demanding mowing tasks without breaking the bank.

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