The 12 Best Cheap Lawn Mowers

Having the perfect lawn or garden is synonymous with having the right equipment to maintain its beauty. If we are talking about lawn equipment, then one of the most important machines is a lawnmower.

Unfortunately, the prices of most good lawnmowers have skyrocketed to unbelievable prices. But fortunately, there are still good cheap lawn mowers that are capable of handling any grass at any time. So, to give you a head start in finding cheap lawn mowers, here are our 12 recommended best lawn mowers that can easily fit your budget.

The Best Cheap Lawn Mower

Great States 304-14Great States 304-14

The first on our list of the best cheap lawn mowers is the Great States 304-14. This mower features a 14-inch cutting width, complete with a five-blade bearing reel and composite wheels that measure 10 inches. This push mower is the classic Saturday morning yard mower that’s easy to use and produces great results.

The Great State 304-14 is efficient and environmentally-friendly — it doesn’t require any fuel or electricity to operate. This push reel lawn mower has a lightweight design (22 pounds) for easier maneuverability and storage.

This lawnmower has a T-style handle that features cushioned grips for easy use and comfort. The blades are made from high-quality alloy steel that produces precise and clean cuts on your lawn.

The Great State 304-14 push reel lawn mower has an adjustable height feature that enables you to use it for all your lawn-cutting needs. Moreover, because the lawnmower requires no engine to operate, you don’t have to be concerned about bothering your neighbors with any noise or worry about any tangled cords.

Overall, the Great State 304-14 push reel lawn mower is an ideal mower that is great for cutting your lawn, and, is easy on your pocketbook.


American Lawn Mower Company 1204American Lawn Mower Company 1204

The next best cheap lawn mower on our list is the American Lawn Mower Company 1204 mower. This eco-friendly lawnmower has a 14-inch cutting width and a set of 8.5-inch composite wheels for easy control and movements.

The American Lawn Mower Company 1204 push reel mower features a four-blade reel made from heat-treated alloy steel, which is useful for a variety of lawns.

This noise-free mower has an ergonomically designed T-shaped handle with comfortable cushioned grips. It also has a compact and lightweight design, weighing about 20 pounds, for easy use and storage.

This eco-friendly mower from the American Lawn Mower Company is an excellent alternative to gas-powered mowers. Aside from being easy to assemble, it requires no fuel, electricity, or oil. Best of all, it doesn’t have any cords; you won’t have to worry about tangled wires or stopping short when mowing your lawn.

Lastly, the 1204 mower features an easily adjustable cutting height that allows you to utilize it for any lawn work, producing precise clean cuts every time.



The BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM is a versatile electric lawn mower that can be easily converted from a mower to a trimmer to an edger in a few easy adjustments. This three-in-one compact lawnmower provides you the freedom and flexibility that you need to perform all your lawn and garden works.

This powerful mower packs a 6.5-amp motor and features a power drive transmission to guarantee maximum performance whenever you need to cut those ugly weeds or trim unruly grass. Furthermore, the automatic feed spool feature of this mower allows you to continue your lawn work without adjusting the spool.

The BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM electric lawnmower offers a 12-inch cutting width with an adjustable cutting height from 1.6 inches up to 2.4 inches. In addition, this mower is lightweight (13 pounds) and has a useful cord retention system that prevents the cords from being disconnected from your outlet, enhancing safety and productivity.

Overall, for its low price and versatile functions, the BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM electric lawnmower is simply one of the best cheap lawnmowers available on the market today.



The BLACK+DECKER MTE912 is a three-in-one mower that can quickly transform into a trimmer and lawn edger. It features a gear drive transmission and a 6.5-amp motor that produces a surprising amount of power to this versatile and compact mower.

This mower’s automatic feed system feature enables you to do your work continuously without the worries of being disconnected from your power outlet. Furthermore, the mower’s lightweight (13.1 pounds) design and solid built are perfect for moving around your lawn and make it easy to store.

The mower’s detachable deck and foot pedal release allow you the flexibility to easily adjust. Plus, its 12-inch cutting path and adjustable cutting height (1.6 to 2.4 inches) are perfect for any lawn.

Overall, the BLACK+DECKER MTE912 electric mower is a powerful and unique machine that is ideal for your lawn work needs. Its user-friendly and compact design provides a convenient and comfortable experience whenever and wherever you need it.


GreenWorks 25012GreenWorks 25012

Number five on our list of the best cheap lawn mowers is the GreenWorks 25012 Corded Electric Lawn Mower. This electric mower runs on a 12-amp motor that is capable of cutting through problem areas in your lawn.

This push mower has an 18-inch cutting deck that is made from high-quality and durable steel for faster and more efficient cutting. Furthermore, this mower offers mulching capabilities, making it a useful multipurpose machine.

The GreenWorks 25012 Corded Electric Lawn Mower offers a set of seven-inch wheels (front and back) that provides you with more control and maneuverability on rough surfaces and uneven terrain. Moreover, its seven-position height adjustment feature gives you the option to use different ranges of cutting heights (1- ¾ inches up to 3 ¾ inches) for a more precise cut on every type of grass.

Lastly, this mower has a convenient push-button start, and it comes with a four-year warranty for peace of mind.


GreenWorks 1303802AZGreenWorks 1303802AZ

The GreenWorks 1303802AZ Reel Lawn Mower offers a 16-inch cutting path that allows you to finish your lawn work faster and more efficiently than other reel lawnmowers. It comes with a grass catcher and a seven-amp blower to give you even more functionality.

This mower features 10-inch front wheels and two-inch rollers at the back for greater freedom of movement and balance. It produces zero fumes, requires no gas or electricity, and is environmentally friendly.

The GreenWorks 1303802AZ Reel Lawn Mower has a four-position height adjustment feature (1 1/8 inches up to 2 ¼ inches) that you can use to achieve those perfect lawn cuts that you’ve always wanted.

Overall, the GreenWorks 1303802AZ Reel Lawn Mower is a pretty well-rounded piece of machinery that can help you keep your lawn and garden well-maintained for an extended period.

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Sun Joe MJ401E-PROSun Joe MJ401E-PRO

Next on our list is the Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower. This mower runs a 13-amp motor for higher reliability and performance. It features a 14-inch wide path with a three-position adjustable deck height control for cutting flexibility and easiness of use.

The mower has a 14-inch durable steel cutting blades for maximum precision and control. It includes a 10.6-gallon hard top collection bag that can be detached with ease and a useful discharge chute that is perfect to use for cutting taller grass.

The Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower requires no oil or gas, so it calls for less maintenance. It is designed to be used in tight spaces, enabling you to perform your lawn work on every nook and cranny.

Overall, this stylish green lawnmower is a handy and powerful machine that you can use for any lawn or garden project. Furthermore, this mower is ETL approved, and it comes with a full two-year warranty.

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The number eight position on our list of the best cheap lawn mowers goes to the BLACK+DECKER BEMW472BH Electric Lawn Mower. This mower was built with a 10-amp motor and a 15-inch cutting width that enables it to provide greater performance when cutting your lawn.

This mower offers an improved ergonomic design that features a more comfortable grip handle for easier maneuverability. Plus, it has a push-button start feature for faster operation and rugged wheel treads for greater control, even when mowing thick grass.

The BLACK+DECKER BEMW472BH Electric Lawn Mower comes with a six cutting height adjustment feature (one inch up to three inches) that produces a cleaner cut on any lawn. The winged blade design supplies you with an additional 30% clipping power when mowing big lawns. Furthermore, its foldable handle offers easy storage and maneuverability.

Overall, the BLACK+DECKER BEMW472BH Electric Lawn Mower is the perfect choice for lawns and gardens with tall grass due to its heavy-duty design and rugged performance.

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The BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH Electric Lawn Mower features a more powerful 12-amp motor than the above model. Moreover, this mower provides you with a broader 17-inch cutting width for better cutting coverage when mowing your lawns.

This mower also offers multiple features, such as a push-button start feature, a winged blade design for greater cutting coverage, a six-height adjustment feature for flexibility in cutting different types of grass, and rugged wheel treads for better control and movement.

Aside from those features, the BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH Electric Lawn Mower comes with bike grip-inspired, comfortable handles for convenience, and better movement control. Plus, Black+Decker offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a limited two-year warranty for hassle-free use and operation.

Overall, the BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH Electric Lawn Mower is one of the sturdiest and most reliable electric lawnmowers available on the market today. It is perfect for cutting long, thick grass, and it is ideal for maintaining the natural beauty around your home.

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GreenWorks 25022GreenWorks 25022

The GreenWorks 25022 Corded Electric Lawn Mower has a 20-inch durable steel deck accompanied by a powerful 12-amp motor that produces wider cutting coverage and maximum power. What does all of this mean? It means that this mower provides a faster and more efficient mowing performance.

This three-in-one electric lawnmower has features for mulching, redirecting cut grass to the side, and rear catch-all bag, making it more user-friendly and efficient. The mower’s 10-inch rear wheels and seven-inch front wheels create a perfect balance that enables you to control and manipulate your mower faster and more easily.

The GreenWorks 25022 Corded Electric Lawn Mower offers a versatile seven-position height adjustment system that provides a wide range of cutting height options, starting from 1 ½ inches up to 3 ¾ inches vertically. This feature enables you to perform mowing functions on various grass types and heights.

Overall, the mower’s push-button start feature, foldable handles, and the four-year tool warranty make it an ideal machine worth your hard-earned money.

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GreenWorks MO40B01GreenWorks MO40B01

The battery-operated GreenWorks MO40B01 Cordless Lawn Mower runs on a 40V lithium battery system for longer use and better mowing performance. It also features a 17-inch cutting deck for versatility and wider coverage. Plus, it has a two-in-one functionality that is capable of mulching and bagging your lawn clippings.

This mower offers a single lever cutting height adjustment control that is capable of providing five-position options, ranging from 1-¼ inches up to 3-3/8 inches high. Furthermore, its battery system is capable of offering up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted running time, which is ideal for most moderate lawns.

The GreenWorks MO40B01 Cordless Lawn Mower weighs 40.9 pounds, so it’s not the lightest mower on the market. It does feature eight-inch rear wheels and seven-inch front wheels for better navigation and control.

Overall, the GreenWorks MO40B01 Cordless Lawn Mower is one of the best battery-operated lawn mowers out there. It’s capable of providing sufficient running time and power to complete your lawn and garden jobs.

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Fiskars StaySharp 362050-1001Fiskars StaySharp 362050-1001

The last entry on our list is the Fiskars StaySharp 363050-1001 Max Reel Mower. This mower has a wide 18-inch cutting berth and an adjustable cutting height feature that ranges from one inch up to four inches high. These features allow you to perform all the different tasks that you need to maintain your lawn and garden quickly and efficiently.

The mower’s InertiaDrive reel system supplies you with twice the cutting power that you need to easily glide through difficult spots whenever you are mowing your lawn. The StaySharp cutting system allows you to cut through different surfaces without fear, and decreases the level of wear and tear to your mower. This feature also improves the mower’s performance in the long run.

The Fiskars StaySharp 363050-1001 Max Reel Mower’s chain-drive design helps your mower achieve optimized reel speed, enabling your mower to become 60 percent easier to push and navigate.

Overall, the Fiskars StaySharp 363050-1001 Max Reel Mower is a man-powered mower that is perfect for those who want a simplistic, budget-friendly, and environmentally-friendly lawnmower in their arsenal.