The 11 Best Lawn Aerators

Lawn aeration performed in spring or fall helps control lawn thatch, which is a layer of dead turfgrass tissue lying between the grass above and the root system and soil below.

The process of lawn aeration breaks up compacted soil, allowing water and fertilizer to penetrate the roots of the grass. Although the process may be as simple as poking holes, also known as “spiking,” it only superficially solves the problem as the soil needs oxygen pockets so that the water and fertilizer can penetrate through.

The list below contains 11 of the best lawn aerators anyone can find from around the internet.

The Best Lawn Aerator

Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch Tow Plug AeratorAgri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator

This 48-inch plug aerator is a heavy-duty tool. It is equipped with a weight tray that can hold up to 175 pounds of extra weight for added soil penetration. The 32 self-sharpening plug aerator knives on this unit will pull three inches worth of soil to allow necessary air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the roots of your plants.

This lawn aerator is also equipped with a universal hitch so that it could be hooked up to any tractor while its transport handle could be reached from the seat of the tractor to allow for easy raising and lowering of the plug aerator.

However, this heavy-duty tow plug aerator cannot be pulled by hand. It requires a lawn mower, tractor or something motorized to pull it along. Its weight is not something that can be practically hauled along by a human being. Nonetheless, there are other products on this list that can be pulled by hand, so make sure to keep an eye out for them as we go along this list.


Brinly SAT-40BH Tow-Behind Spike AeratorBrinly SAT-40BH Tow-Behind Spike Aerator

This easy-to-use tow-behind spike aerator comes with 11 rust-resistant, galvanized steel stars that can penetrate the soil up to two inches. The steel stars also come with 132 tine tips to maximize efficiency and aeration.

This lawn aerator has transport wheels that make crossing driveways and lawn paths simpler. Moreover, it is equipped with a durable, fully-enclosed, 14-gauge steel tray that holds up to 100 pounds of extra weight for a stable platform that would maximize penetration in hard soil.

The shaft of the aerator and its nylon pacers all increase the dependability of this machine. However, it should be noted that there might be occasions that you might need to make more than one pass over the area as the steel spikes might not fully penetrate the ground every single pass.


Yard Butler Lawn Coring AeratorYard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator

This lawn coring aerator produces lawn cores that are 2½ inch wide and 3½ inch deep. It is equipped with a foot bar that provides extra leverage and allows you to aerate smaller yards quickly.

This lawn aerator is built to last with its steel construction. The 37-inch tool height is designed to reduce back strain and make it easy for you to aerate your whole yard.

Instead of using expensive lawn services or purchasing a large machine to aerate a small- to medium-sized lawn, you can check out this product.

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Goplus 18-Inch Rolling AeratorGoplus 18-Inch Rolling Aerator

The 18-inch GoPlus Rolling Lawn Aerator is perfect for deep watering lawns as the spikes on the aerator penetrate at least an inch. It also features a roller with a six-inch diameter and a handle with a length of 50 inches. Also, it is made of durable steel, while the rolling parts, on both sides, are made of plastic.

This lawn aerator is easy to operate, has outstanding durability, and it may be decked out with a long handle.


Punchau Lawn ShoesPunchau Lawn Shoes

At a lower price, the Punchau Lawn Shoes might be the cheapest and easiest solution to your lawn aerating problems. These shoes come out less expensive than renting an aerator machine. Plus, they are easier to use than a hand lawn aerator.

The product’s new design includes plastics with stronger soles, thicker nylon straps, as well as toughening agents. The shoes itself are equipped with 13 two-inch long spikes to puncture the top level of the soil as you tread along the lawn, so you can continue to do other things as you utilize this product. Also, it has a one-size-fits-all design that makes it easy to use and slip-on.

However, it should be noted that you should not use these shoes when walking on hard surfaces, such as concrete or brick. Even so, it is not a problem if you step on some rocks while you move around your lawn because the plastic can withstand the rocks hidden underneath the grass.

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Brinly PA-40BH Tow-Behind Plug AeratorBrinly PA-40BH Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

This high-performance 40-inch Tow-Behind Plug Aerator is equipped with 24 heat-treated 16-gauge steel plug spoons, a fully enclosed all-steel weight tray, and a universal hitch, all on top of its no flat wheels.

This lawn aerator is perfect for those looking for heavy-duty plugging. The plugging spoons penetrate compacted land, and it can remove up to three inches worth of soil. Plus, its plug design is narrower with sharpened edges to allow easier penetration alongside less weight. Also, its fully-enclosed weight tray can hold up to 150 pounds of any extra weight to aid in soil penetration and depth.

In the unlikely event of a plugging spoon breaking, it should be noted that these are individually serviceable, but extra parts are required.

Overall, this plug aerator works best with those that have large open fields. It is also an absolute workhorse, and it is an excellent purchase for those looking for heavy-duty work.


Garden Weasel 91818 Garden AeratorGarden Weasel 91818 Garden Aerator

Working best with small-scaled yards is the Garden Weasel Garden Aerator. It is an easy-to-use aerator, which yields the same results as the more complicated and electronic aerators.

This lawn aerator creates three-inch plugs with the soil plugs quickly rising out of the tubes for easier yet still effective use at more than half the cost of other aerators.

With tough soils, however, you may think this traditional and non-electronic aerator cannot do the job, but with its wide footplate, it allows you to shift the pressure from your arms to your feet, which addresses tough soils with debris and other needs.

For long-term use, it is built with double welded construction, which increases durability. For the well-being of your garden, it leaves a material that decomposes and therefore adding more nutrients and microorganisms into the soil. For ease of use, the handle has pads, which reduces the strain this equipment may have on your hands.


Abco Tech Lawn Aerator Spike ShoesAbco Tech Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes

There is an overwhelming amount of work when it comes to gardening, which increases according to the shape of your lawn, a garden’s special needs, and the type of grass and soil. Fortunately, with the Abco Tech Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes, you can aerate your lawn and simultaneously accomplish various gardening tasks. All you need to do is to put on the shoes, and they will aerate the soil while you’re doing other activities.

These shoes have solid heel support, 13 heavy-duty metal of 48mm spikes on each shoe, and three adjustable straps that allow anyone to do the task.

Compared to traditional aerators with multiple complications and parts, these shoes are easy to maintain and clean. Plus, this product can deliver professional-grade aeration with minimum effort because your body weight is already enough to complete the job.


GoPPA Lawn ShoesGoPPA Lawn Shoes

A feature that makes the GoPPA Lawn Shoes a good option for you is their several long spikes attached to the robust platform base that resolve the discomfort and pain users commonly encounter with the traditional hand-held or push-type aerators. However, these shoes work better in small areas where you can walk around in preferable distances.

The shoes are made to be durable and solid so they can penetrate the soil easily, just like traditional hand-held aerators. If your concern is the size, this is not an issue since the shoes’ straps allow them to be flexible enough to fit a variety of sizes while maintaining their consistent performance. Plus, there’s also an additional strap that adds stability when you’re working with tough soil.


TACKLIFE Lawn Aerator ShoesTACKLIFE Lawn Aerator Shoes

For gardeners who are just starting with little to no equipment or cash to afford electric lawn aerators, the Tacklife lawn aerator shoes yield the same results in less time, money, and effort. This product can work well with varying garden sizes, depending on the distance you would preferably choose to aerate while using the shoes.

The shoes are built with 2.2-inch spikes, which are sharp and durable. You also get two additional spikes, which can be attached when you’ve broken or lost the original spikes. It is also a one-size-fits-all type of equipment with straps that allow different users to adjust the fit of the shoes according to their shoe size.

A con, however, is its weight, which requires more effort to the user walking. Nonetheless, you can perform multiple tasks and aerate your lawn at the same time while wearing the Tacklife lawn aerator shoes.


ALEKO LA01 Steel Coring Lawn AeratorALEKO LA01 Steel Coring Lawn Aerator

One of the burdens of gardening is striking the land too much while aerating it. Fortunately, the ALEKO Lawn Aerator is built with hollow tines that will remove soil from the yard without causing significant damage, allowing the air to flow down.

This lawn aerator is built with metal powder, which means that it will prevent rusting for a long time. It can also penetrate deep and dry soils, making it an ideal lawn aerator for farmlands, gardens, and lawns. Also, it is durable and efficient while being easy to use, thanks to its various features. One, in particular, is its 2.5 pounds of weight, which indicates its portability and less straining use.