The 14 Best Bivy Sacks

As an outdoor adventurer, we are sure you know the importance of having a high-quality, comfortable sleeping unit, such as a bivy, tent, or sleeping bag. Most people, including you, might be looking to get a bivy as an alternative to your tents. Tents are sometimes too large to be put inside your bag and can make your journeys clumsy.

We have rounded up the 15 best bivy sacks for you to go through. We are sure that once you see them, you will definitely be more inclined to take a bivy with you on your next adventure. Bivy bags have a lot of useful purposes and are light on your backpack, therefore, reducing your overall bag weight.

Outdoor Research AlpineOutdoor Research Alpine

Outdoor Research is an American gear company founded by Ron Gregg. At the core of its business, it believes that life is an adventure, and as such, we should live life as it comes. They make a variety of outdoor gear, including gloves, hats, backpacks, and stuff sacks.

Three words come to mind when you talk about the Alpine bivy sack: durable, waterproof, and tough. It is awesome for extreme weather conditions and is very reliable. It’s fully seamed and made of Gore-Tex for breathability. It also comes with a mosquito net, an internal pocket, and a storm flap.

If you’re looking for a long-term bivy for all your backpacking adventures, you should definitely consider investing in this model. It weighs only 2 pounds, so you can take it anywhere easily.


Aqua Quest Hooped Bivy TentAqua Quest Hooped Bivy Tent

Aqua Quest has been producing waterproof outdoor gears since 1994. Their main objective, as championed by the founder, is to keep adventurers dry and happy while they explore. They utilize a special waterproof technology developed in-house to achieve this feat.

The Hooped Bivy Tent is a hybrid. It has a two-person tent, is fast and easy to set up, and has a lot of room for your body. It has a collapsible shock cord pole to enable a quick set up and pack up. It’s also very durable, being made of 70D Ripstop nylon, and it weighs less than 2.5 pounds.

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Snugpak 92860 StratosphereSnugpak 92860 Stratosphere

The Snugpak 92860 is another tent bivy hybrid, just like the Alpha Quest model above. Snugpack has been making camping supplies since 1977, and one of their best offerings is the Stratosphere bivy. It is a durable, ideal bivy companion for a career explorer. It has a roll away mosquito net and 7 L-shaped pegs for anchorage. It is still very light at 2.5 pounds, despite being a hybrid model.

It is water-resistant, spacious for one person, and is easy to put away. It is also well-ventilated but protects you from the elements. This is an excellent bivy for prolonged outdoor activity.

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Woodland CamouflageWoodland Camouflage

Woodland Camouflage is the United States Army military issuer. Yes, you read that right, so you know this bivy is serious business. It Is the only bivy on this list to offer you the special feature of blending into the environment, so if camouflaging your sleeping spot is important to you, pay special attention to this model.

It has great sealed seams and is made from Gore-Tex fabric. It is spacious, waterproof, and very affordable. It is guaranteed to keep you safe from the elements while you’re camping or backpacking. It’s also fairly lightweight at less than 3 pounds.

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Mountain Safety Research, or as it is more commonly known, MSR, was founded in 1969 by mountaineer Larry Penberthy. The company was originally started to improve the safety of climbing equipment. Today, MSR is uniquely focused on producing gear for general outdoor purposes.

The MSR AC is a work of art. It is extremely lightweight at around 1 pound and is waterproof with a 1,000mm rating. It is especially useful for light adventurers with its 30D Ripstop nylon. The bivy is extra comfy, so you are guaranteed a good night’s rest. The MSR AC is also very compressible and will not take up so much space in your camping or hiking backpack.


Alpkit HunkaAlpkit Hunka

Alpkit is a gear company headquartered in the UK. They design, develop, and sell gear to adventurers around the world. They have three locations in the UK, and their name is inspired by the alps, so you know they’re all about extreme camping.

The Alpkit Hunka is a great lightweight bivy. It is breathable, waterproof, and come in an XL size for larger sized adventurers. It’s made of 2.5 layers of Ripstop nylon and weighs less than a pound. This bivy is a great companion on your adventure, and you will definitely get value for your money when you purchase it. It has dual cords, a tapered shape, and taped seams.

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Rab Alpine BiviRab Alpine Bivi

Rab is an English outdoor equipment and clothing company. They develop gear for mountaineering and climbing. The company was founded in 1981 by Scottish climber Rab Carrington. The company is headquartered in Somercotes, and their slogan is ‘The mountain people.’

The Rab Alpine has great weather protection, is spacious, and has fantastic breathability. It is light (a little over a pound) and has a reinforced underbelly for rough surfaces. Made of 70D Ripstop nylon, it was designed for heavy-duty hardcore outdoor adventures. This bivy is perfect if you engage in prolonged outdoor adventures.

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Black Diamond Twilight BivyBlack Diamond Twilight Bivy

Black Diamond was established in 1957. They manufacture gear for outdoor adventures, with offices in Europe and the United States. Their line of products ranges from field jackets to hats to gloves to bivy sacks.

This bivy is lightweight at less than 2 pounds. It is for adventurers who are going on short-term adventures. It is waterproof but can only withstand a light downpour. It also includes a mesh face-covering for breathability. It is a bit small, though, and will not be suitable for very large adventure seekers. The Black Diamond Twilight is definitely a leisure bivy, but if you are a light adventurer, you can make great use of this model.


Sierra Designs Backcountry BivySierra Designs Backcountry Bivy

Sierra Designs, which has been operating since 1965, are makers of men and women’s outdoor apparel. The company was founded and is headquartered in California. The company says its credo is ‘think outside’ because they want you to have the best gear to explore nature safely.

The Backcountry Bivy is affordable and lightweight at less than a pound. It also offers great waterproofing. It also has netting to keep out the bugs but provide breathability and is made from 100% Ripstop nylon. This bivy is for you if you want something that you can use for both serious and playful adventures.

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Rab Survival Zone BiviRab Survival Zone Bivi

This is the second bivy by Rab on this List. The Rab Survival Zone is a well-crafted bivy sack. It is every heavy adventurer’s dream. The bivy is lightweight at barely over half a pound, weather and waterproof, durable, and spacious. It is made from 70D Hyperlite Storm fabric.

It utilizes a zipless design to lose extra weight, although many see this lack of zippers as a drawback to this otherwise well-made bivy. If you are looking for a light yet effective and durable bivy, then this is your pick.

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SOL Escape Bivy SackSOL Escape Bivy Sack

SOL, which means Survive Outdoors Longer (which is what we’re aiming for, right?), is a brand under the Tender Corporation umbrella. SOL makes safe materials and equipment for different sectors and industries. The company is headquartered in the United States.

The SOL is ultra-lightweight at right around 1 pound and is perfect for light outdoor adventuring. It is compact and does not take up much backpack space (about the size of a soda can). It has side zippers, which makes it easy to enter and exit, and is made from very breathable material that reflects 70% heat to keep you warm during the cold night.

You can also purchase heavier duty SOL bivies for extra comfort or for use in more extreme conditions, but they do weigh more.

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Outdoor Research Helium Bivy SackOutdoor Research Helium Bivy Sack

The helium bivy sack by Outdoor Research is quite durable. Its clamshell design gives it a dome shape. which creates enough room for you to breathe easily or even sit up in your bivy. This bivy is ideal for claustrophobic adventurers as it is as spacious as a mini tent. The material is waterproof and breathable, and it comes with a mosquito net.

It has an antifungal floor coating, which ensures you do not have to worry about ruining your bivy by laying it on wet ground. This bivy is suitable for you if you need a lot of space but also need something compact. You can get the best of both worlds by buying the OR Helium.

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SOL Escape Bivy SackChinook Summit Bivy Bag

Chinook Technical Outdoor is a Canadian mountaineering and family camping gear producer. For the past 20 years, they have created and sold a diverse range of outdoor products, including backpacks, sleeping bags, pop-up tents, and apparel. They specialize in developing high-quality utility products for the outdoor adventurer.

The Summit bivy has great headroom space, is waterproof, breathable, and has a facial ventilation system. It comes with two windows and is quite durable and tough. This bivy is definitely for serious adventurers who will be spending long periods of time out with nature. If you’re planning for a long trip, you should consider this bivy. It has Ripstop nylon on the bottom and weighs approximately 2 pounds.


Outdoor Research Bug Bivy SackOutdoor Research Bug Bivy Sack

The first thing that gets your attention with this bivy Is the nets. The bivy is designed to keep all insects away from you while you sleep. The nets also guarantee that you have a beautiful outdoor view while you rest. It is waterproof and has sleeping pad straps.

Although this bivy is great for camping out in dry weather, it can’t protect you from cold or rain. This bivy is a lightweight solution for small outdoor events. It is not ideal for long stretches of outdoor adventure. If you’re looking for something for your leisure, then this bivy is right for you. Like many of the other bivy sacks on this list, it weighs about one pound.


What to Look for When Buying a Bivy Sack?

Before you purchase a bivy bag, here are some features you’ll want to consider to ensure that you get the best one suited for you. Your bivy bag will be your sleeping companion throughout your next adventure, so it is best you get one that you are comfortable with and is rated for the conditions you’ll be sleeping in.


You could be spending a lot of time exposed to the elements. If not rain, you should consider dew. Your bivy bag needs to be able to withstand and protect you from the weather and ground moisture. This should be the most important feature you consider before you settle on a bivy bag.


Using your bivy bag is the most important consideration, but don’t forget about putting it away. You will need to buy a bivy that is easy to use, store, and maintain. We know you definitely don’t want to be struggling with a bivy bag first thing in the morning, so the ease of packing your bivy is important if you want to enjoy your outdoor adventure.

The less space your bivy takes, the better it is for you. This means you will have enough space to keep all your other camping needs without any problems.


When out on an adventure, your primary means of transport will be your legs. All your needs will be carried in your bag or backpack, which then rests on your back. Your bivy has to be portable enough to be carried without adding so much extra weight. Consider where you’ll be sleeping and what the weather and climate is like. If you need something to protect you from the cold or rain, take it, but if you don’t need anything heavy-duty, downgrade your bivy to take advantage of the lighter weight.


Depending on what you are accustomed to, you need to ensure your bivy bag is comfortable for you. You will be spending your whole night in it, so you need to ensure that it is comfortable enough for you. That includes heaving breathable mesh or enough headroom if you think being enclosed will be a problem for you.