Reevo E-Bike – A Revolution in Transportation

There’s more to making a quality e-bike than strapping a battery onto a bike frame. The engineers at Reevo know this, and they’ve spent 5 years designing the Reevo Hubless E-Bike to prove it to you. Packed full of thoughtful and innovative features, the Reevo is sure to impress even the most die-hard mechanical bike enthusiast.

See, if you aren’t biking to work, you probably should be. Some time out in the open air between work and home is a great way to transition between the phases of your daily life — not to mention the exercise is good for you! But if your bike commute is longer than 10 miles or so (or you live in a super-hilly area), that daily grind back and forth can be more intimidating (and exhausting) than it needs to be. That’s why e-bikes, for all their detractors, are continuing to make huge strides in the bike commuter market. reevo hubless e-bike

Reevo E-Bike Features

“The interplay of light and shadow is a key pillar of our design philosophy.”

That’s a quote from Reevo’s sizzle video on Indiegogo, and while we usually dismiss such claims as pure marketing tripe, in this case, well … it seems to apply. The electric bike’s matte-black finish pairs with the hubless wheel design to create a specimen that seems more at home on a spaceship than it does on the streets.

But don’t let the attention to form distract you from all of that function. The Reevo e-bike contains features we’d love to see in all e-bikes moving forward. The maintenance-free drivetrain features two modes — peddle assist and e-drive. Peddle assist mode helps you out by measuring speed, acceleration, torque, cadence, road grade, and giving you a boost whenever you need one. That’s a great way to get to work without arriving soaked in sweat! If you want a little more speed in your life, activate e-drive mode and use the throttle to crank your ride all the way up to 25 mph. reevo hubless e-bike

Both modes find support in the lightweight frame made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloys. The result is a well-handling bike that weighs 55 lbs with a max carrying capacity of 265 lbs. Nice? Yeah, we think so.

The Reevo has the same ergonomic saddle and internal cable routing you expect from high-end bikes these days and features a USB charger, phone holder, and bag storage hooks. The bike takes about 3 hours to charge once you’ve completely drained its battery.


Our favorite feature on the Reevo e-bike is the lighting system. The 750-lumen headlights and taillights come on when it starts to get dark thanks to an integrated sensor. Seven hundred fifty lumens is a rad amount of lighting by bike standards. Even better — the Reevo’s brake and taillights keep motorists apprised of your intentions when you are heading home during those early winter evenings.starting the reevo e-bike


Spoiler alert: the Reevo is pricey (see the Buy-In section below), but you don’t have to worry about knocking-off your investment thanks to the bike’s thoughtfully engineered three-layer security system. Layer one: a keyless finger-print enabled wheel lock feature. Layer two: the wheel lock tucks safely away inside the Reevo — far beyond the reach of any bolt cutters. Layer three: a motion detector comes online when the electric bike’s in park and will sound an alarm on your phone if someone touches your e-baby.

On top of all that, an integrated GPS feature allows you to track the Reevo in real-time, just if the worst should happen!

The Reevo E-Bike Buy-In

The Reevo is taking early-bird orders on Indiegogo as we speak. A pledge of $1,199 will get you a single Reevo, while a pledge of $2,323 gets you the e-bike, an extra battery, an extra charger, plus a wheel bag.

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