Le StandUp Transparent Paddleboard: Clear to Sea

I’ll never forget my first stand-up paddleboard experience. It was in Apalachicola Bay, a tiny area of the Gulf known for warm water and delicious scallops. My wife and I rented paddleboards and set off across the bay, immediately realizing what a revolution our boards were — because you could see down into the water. As we paddled, all sorts of flora and fauna became suddenly visible because we were at a higher angle than if we’d been in an inflatable kayak or canoe. Now a French paddleboard company called LOEVA is taking this experience to the next level with Le StandUp — a completely transparent paddleboard.

loeva le standup transparent paddleboard

Transparent Paddleboard Beauty

It’s important to note that the Le StandUp is not a surfboard–it is a standup paddleboard. It has a wide, stable base (31 inches) and a rounded nose meant to provide a relaxing, stable platform for paddling.

And what an experience paddling this board promises! The crystal-clear material is unique among paddleboards. On top of that, the Le StandUp features a rechargeable LED lighting system with a battery life of three hours and a range of 45 feet (in totally clear water). The frame that surrounds the transparent sections is a crisp carbon material: light but strong.

The board weighs 44 pounds, is suitable for beginners through experts, and ships with a paddle, leash, fin, and charger (with international adaptor).

Buy It. Do Some Good.

The Le StandUp paddleboard is made in France, and a portion of every purchase goes towards Reefscapers — a non-profit that helps rebuild coral reefs. There isn’t any word on a price yet, so we suggest following LOEVA on their social media channels to stay apprised of any news!

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loeva le standup transparent paddleboardloeva le standup transparent paddleboard