The 10 Best Surfboards for Beginners

Surfing is a highly, world-wide enjoyed sport and a common recreational activity. It looks awesome seeing someone surfing over big waves, and everyone wants to learn how to do it. The good news is that it is not too difficult. All you need to be a surfer is a little bit of self-confidence and a surfing board. The surfing board you choose to learn with is a major determinant of how fast you pick up the sport, so be sure that the board you choose meets certain criteria.

For beginners, the best surfboard to start with should be large and relatively inexpensive. It would be a pity to purchase a new, top-of-the-line board and ruin it or even lose it in the ocean because you don’t know what to do yet. A large surfboard (about 6-9 feet long) should provide you all the support you need while you learn. It should also be thick (about 3-4 inches) and wide too. Big surfboards are generally easy to paddle and also easy to ride when you get into the water.

Also, choose a soft surfboard that will not hurt you when it hits you. Don’t worry about the shape of the surfboard, fins, tails and rockers. These do not matter much at first. Learn how to surf and then, choose the one with a better shape when you want to upgrade.

Below are some of the best surfboards available on the market that are perfect for beginners.

 Wavestorm 8-Foot SurfboardWavestorm 8-Foot Surfboard

Among the most recognized beginner surfboard models, the Wavestorm surfboard is the softest. With a capacity of 200 pounds, this surfboard is suitable for all sizes of people. It is well-known for its great combination of material and balance, coming from years of experience by the manufacturer.

Its core is made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), making it very strong and durable. It also consists of a resilient, soft, cross-link top deck with a textured grip that prevents slipping. The bottom slick of the Wavestorm surfboard has a high-density skin, giving the board a quick snapback and keeping the core well supported and dry.

In addition to the above qualities, the traction pad, fin set, and ankle leash of this surfboard are all removable, making it easy to carry. The traction pad also has a unique texture that provides stable placement for your feet.


South Bay Board Co. 8-FootSouth Bay Board Co. 8-Foot

Beginners are well taken care of with this South Bay Board. With its amazing characteristics, experts can enjoy this board as well as beginners. It is soft and, therefore, gentle on beginners. It doesn’t hurt too much when it hits you while you’re practicing. This clean, high-quality, durable surfboard has been carefully manufactured and tested in the waters of the Pacific coast.

The top deck of the South Bay Board is soft, wax-free, and it has a “finger-print” texture. A wax-free surfboard is recommended for a number of reasons, the first being that it is very easy to clean. Also, it is not recommended to remove was from a soft top. The fingerprint texture is rare as most surfboards are made of diamond or croc-skin. However, this fingerprint texture is more preferable because it provides a natural grip to the deck, which is stronger.

Additionally, the top of the South Bay Board is improved with its triple stringer system surrounded by heat-compressed EPS by closed cell foam. The EPS is also custom molded to ensure that there is no water absorption. To increase rigidity and toughness, the top is reinforced with a 6-ounce layer of resin.

The slick bottom of the South Bay Board is also strong because it is made of HDPE plastic, and with a layer of plastic Diamond weave for reinforcement, the board remains strong for a long time. A heat release valve located on the surfboard serves to naturally release excess heat from the core of the surfboard to prevent bubbling. The rubber bumper is necessary for vertical storage of the board.

The great shape of this board makes it the perfect choice for beginners. The 8-foot board has an egg-shape, a round nose, and a wide chest area with a rounded tail section. This shape enhances the speed of the surfboard while maintaining stability. The tapered rails ensure a cleaner transition between rails. There is a full, double concave shape from the nose to the tail, which allows water to funnel through the channels directly to the fins, giving the surfboard maximum performance. The capacity of this surfboard is 230 pounds.


Surftech Learn2surf Soft Top SurfboardSurftech Learn2surf Soft Top Surfboard

Of all the beginner surfboards available on the market, this Surftech surfboard is considered one of the most efficient because its design enables it to hold up to the most demanding conditions. It is strong, durable, and it also looks great. The shape makes it perfect for all levels of surfing, from beginner to expert.

With its hard bottom, the Learn2surf board provides you with the right amount of stiffness needed to give you a fast, down-the-line surfing experience. As its name suggests, a soft deck is exactly what a beginner surfer needs.

An added advantage is that the Surftech surfboard is available in a variety of sizes, starting from 7 feet 6 inches to 12 feet in length. This way, you can choose the best surfboard suitable for your body size. With included fins, you can begin surfing as soon as you get your hands on this great surfboard.

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BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft SurfboardBIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard

The BIC Soft Surfboard, as its name suggests, has a soft construction that makes it easy and fun for an entry-level surfer. The deck is also soft and forgiving, meaning that it does not hit you hard while you are learning. You’ll also be ready to surf as soon as you receive this board because it is complete with thruster tri-fins. If your preference is the twin fins, then the 5-foot 6-inch model is the best surfboard to have.

The durability, performance and stiffness of the BIC surfboard is enhanced by the Internal Twin Reinforced composite stringers. This gives the surfboard a perfect quality and can serve you long after you move from beginner to expert.

The light weight of this surfboard also increases your preference, especially if you are a beginner. If you are heavy, you do not have to worry because the EVO surfboard provides plenty of floatation for all weights.


Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft SurfboardLiquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surfboard

The Liquid Shredder surfboard offers a 90-day warranty, which makes it stand out among the other surfboards. The quality of this surfboard has also been tested and approved. Its features have made it perfect for all levels of surfers.

With a custom-made soft top surface, this surfboard is gentle and can withstand all the harassment a beginner gives it without hurting them. The Liquid Shredder surfboard is hand-shaped with a high-tech design, giving it great stability and fast and streamlined performance.

With dual wooden stringers for strength and rigidity, the surfboard also consists of an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam blank for extra strength. The soft foam deck is reinforced with expanded polythene (EP), which provides comfort and has an anti-slip texture to provide grip when the board is wet.

A slick bottom with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) ensures that the Liquid Shredder surfboard has the right speed and that it is also durable. The board’s rigidity and strength is also promoted by the white polypropylene (PP) slick bottom.

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Giantex 6-Foot SurfboardGiantex 6-Foot Surfboard

The Giantex surfboard is one of the most widely used surfboards because it comes in many sizes, making it suitable for use by beginners, kids, and adults. It is, therefore, recommended that you check for a size that is most suitable for you before buying a Giantex surfboard. It is also colorful, making it attractive to children.

The Giantex surfboard has a durable construction, having been made from durable top foam and a slick high-density polyethylene and polypropylene bottom, which is strong and able to move at high speeds, thanks to the responsive bottom skin that adds stiffness and maximizes the speed of the board. The deck is made of expanded polyethylene, and the core has an expanded polystyrene construction, both of which enhance its durability.

To make you more comfortable, the Giantex surfboard is designed with a free leash and a transaction pad. The fins on the surfboard are also removable to make it easy to transport. The fish tail increases the surface area between the rails and also gives the board more hold and traction. This board is also simple to assemble and comes with an instruction manual.


NSP Soft SurfboardNSP Soft Surfboard

Riders of all levels enjoy using the NPS Soft Surfboard due to its high-quality construction. The surfboard has the shape of a fish with a great rocker, and, with pulled in tail and nose templates made of rubber, even beginners can have fun training on it.

The blank of the NSP Soft Surfboard is water-resistant to ensure that there is no water seepage through the surfboard. It is made of molded expanded polystyrene material. The multiple wood stringers ensure that the surfboard is always rigid. The surfboard is also laminated with resin of high-quality and it has a vacuum bag layer of fiberglass.

The NSP surfboard has a high-density slick bottom that maintains the strength of the board and allows it to support people of heavy weights. The soft deck is also reinforced with foam for added strength, and the rails are full for maximum support. Soft fins are also included in the purchase pack.

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SKEMiDEX 6-Foot SurfboardSKEMiDEX 6-Foot Surfboard

This SKEMiDEX surfboard has one of the most unique designs on the market. It is a combination of fashion and quality. It has a deck softer than most surfboards, meaning that it is less likely to hurt a beginner. It is also strong enough to ensure that it does not break during usage. This makes the surfboard both comfortable and suitable for use by kids and surfers of all levels.

The soft deck of the SKEMiDEX surfboard is made of expanded polyethylene, which gives the board its strength. The core has expanded polystyrene, and the slick bottom is the strongest part of the surfboard, being made of polypropylene. It is hard and it also has a free leash and a traction pad. The slick bottom is 71 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 3 inches thick, which makes it an excellent all-round surfboard.


COLIBROX 6-Foot SurfboardColibrox 6-Foot Surfboard

Kids and adults can all enjoy surfing on the big waves thanks to this durable, high-quality Colibrox surfboard. It is made of a soft foam top for comfort and durability. The deck is strong because of the expanded polyethylene, and with an expanded polystyrene core, the surfboard is firm and durable.

This Colibrox surfboard has a slick bottom that is hard, tough, and rigid to ensure that it can support weights up to 200 pounds. The bottom is strengthened with polypropylene to enhance the speed of the surfboard.

You can start surfing almost as soon as you receive this model as it is very easy to assemble. It also has an instruction manual included in the package. If you have problems with the surfboard, then there is a 100% guaranteed refund of your money.

The surfboard only weighs 10 pounds. The bottom measures approximately 72 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 3 inches thick.


Shred Season 7-Foot Soft SurfboardShred Season 7-Foot Soft Surfboard

With a classic surfboard shape, the Shred Season surfboard is ideal for beginners and intermediaries. It has a high-quality body and offers a great grip. It also has a lot of buoyancy because it has been built to provide the most stability. The soft foam deck is gentle and does not hurt when it hits you. The expanded polystyrene core has a slick bottom that provides the board with great speed.

The Shred Season incorporates dual wooden stringers that improve the strength of the surfboard. The materials are also laminated with heat-resistant materials to ensure that the board does not overheat.

The foot leash of this surfboard is sold separately. With a capacity of up to 140 pounds.