Extans Akhal Shadow – Single-Speed Street Stallion

If you think Extans simply builds bicycles to ride, think again: the British bikemaker “created” the Akhal Shadow single-speed bicycle “to embody an alluring character of stealth and prowess.” The sleek, glinting black beast is named for a rare and highly-capable horse breed indigenous to mountainous Asian highlands.

This bespoke carbon-fiber single-speed creation is anything but an aluminum road bike. Read on for the full details.

extans akhal shadow

Iron — er, Carbon Fiber — Horse

The Extans Akhal Shadow is a single-speed bicycle made almost entirely of carbon fiber. Its carbon frame is monocoque, which means its skin and structure are integral (think of an eggshell). Because of its structural resiliency, the frame has no seat tube, which gives the bike a striking visual profile.

The wheels, fork, seat post, and handlebars (with integrated stem) are carbon. You’ll find aluminum on the head, dropouts, and seat clamp, all of which are CNC cut from a single billet (read: piece) of aluminum.

Extans calls the bike “a potent statement of strength and dynamism” intended for modern urban living.

Inspiration: Of Extans and Horses

The Akhal single-speed bicycle takes its name from the Akhal-Teke horse, something of a legendary animal known for its physical prowess, intelligence, and visual beauty.

Reverence for the Akhal-Teke can be seen as a reflection of Extans’ creative methods: the company values a process based on honoring inspiration and building mastery. As a result, its bicycles challenge coveted bespoke status, suggesting a deeper relationship between rider and machine.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Akhal Single-Speed Ride

If interacting with an Akhal Shadow is anything like interacting with an Akhal-Teke, you can sign me up. However, signing up would be the challenging part. Extans will create 99 Akhal Shadows (and 99 Akhal Shines, its white counterpart). Reports put the Shine at around $20,000 US and the Akhal Shadow closer to $25,000 US.

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