The 10 Best Aluminum Road Bikes

There’s a great debate among cyclist about the different materials used to construct a great bicycle frame. Many people opt for the new carbon fiber, seeing steel as outdated and aluminum as cheap. This is a misconception though, because aluminum road bikes can definitely hold up to match even some of the best carbon fiber frames.

Aluminum vs. Other Materials: How It Holds Up

You may hear sources boast about carbon, titanium, or steel road bikes as superior, but don’t be fooled, aluminum road bikes have their perks as well. When considering the best material for your bike frame, consider these facts about aluminum:

  • Aluminum is a lightweight material that creates a bike that is easy to handle and maneuver.
  • Aluminum is not costly to produce, which means aluminum road bikes are incredibly affordable when compared to many other styles.
  • The aluminum frame will hold up to corrosion, so your bike will resist rust and damage due to chemical exposure for years.
  • Technology has advanced since the first aluminum bikes were created. The aluminum tubes that create the bikes frame can be shaped to be more aerodynamic than a standard aluminum frame.

Because modern technology has allowed the advance of crafted metal, including aluminum, these bikes can now be single, double, or even triple butter for durability and geometrically sculpted for speed and comfort, meaning they can easily hold up to the carbon frame standard. Aluminum isn’t a bad choice, and you may save a dollar or two without having to compromise everything you need and love in your road bike.

Aluminum is lightweight, can be sculpted for durability, and is usually less costly than other materials. If you’re looking for a great aluminum road bike this year, here are ten to consider:


Allez DSW Sprint X1 Expert aluminum bicycleAllez DSW Sprint X1 Expert

This aluminum masterpiece is built for speed, and is easily one of the most popular aluminum road bikes on the market. It was designed using Allez D’Aluisio Smartweld Sprint Technology, which increases the frames rigidness and durability for a smoother ride. This modern technology focuses on adjusting weld locations to create the stiffest frame possible, giving you durability where you need it most. While the frame is built with expertly crafted aluminum, the fork is crafted from carbon fiber for extra front end support and stability. This 11-speed is built to be fast comfortable, which is why it’s such a common first pick.



B’Twin Ultra 520 AF GF bicycleB’Twin Ultra 520 AF GF

If a long, steady trek is more your style, you need a bike built for endurance, and the B’Twin Ultra 520 AF GF is it. The bike is geometrically designed to provide comfort and support during rides. The FIZIK Antares R3 Endurance saddle is wider than most bike seats, making this one of the most comfortable bikes you’ll ever ride. The frame is built with a varying thickness in order to increase weight accordingly, allowing you to pick the size that’s best for you. Hydraulic Disc brakes let you stop on a dime, so this bike is great for racing or long afternoon rides.



Trek 1.1 aluminum bikeTrek 1.1

This bike is built with 100 series Alpha Aluminum, which is expertly shaped and crafted to provide plenty of durability without adding too much weight. The bike weighs in at just under 22 pounds, so it is easy to maneuver, but also stable to ride, even for racing. The bike includes rack mounts and is compatible with mud-guards for off-road adventures, too. Blendr Technology allows you to clip all you accessories right to the stern and provides a streamlines, clean aesthetic that isn’t too bulky, even after you load it down with all your gear. This 8-speed is the perfect medium for those with a love for speed and an adventurous spirit.



Kinesis UK Aithein EVO (Frame and Fork)Kinesis UK Aithein EVO (Frame and Fork)

So this isn’t exactly a completed bicycle, but sometimes a durable, well-built frame is the best place to start. Starting with a frame means that you can customize the rest of the bike to your liking, whether you like to race or go off-roading, or just simply use your bike to get a little exercise. This aluminum frame is a great option. The frame features a downtube for internal cable routing as well as a tapered headtube that allows clearance for tires up to 30mm. The frame is available in five different sizes and two colors, including Anodized Black and Metallic Candy Red.



Canyon Endurace AL Disc 7.0Canyon Endurace AL Disc 7.0

The Canyon Endurace AL Disc 7.0 is lightweight and comfortable, hosting a sports-style aluminum frame and wheels that are compatible with wider or tubeless tires, which give you some freedom to build your bike the way you choose. The Selle Italia X3 Canyon Edition seat features a leaf spring technology that lets the seat move with you, even if you decide to take your bike off-roading. This 11-speed offers the technology of the Shimano 105 design and hydraulic disc brakes, which offers smooth shifting and lightweight rotation, as well as excellent stopping power. When paired with the durable frame and spring-loaded seat, this bike is exactly where control meets comfort.



Trek Emonda ALR 6Trek Emonda ALR 6

The Trek Emonda ALR 6 is another aluminum option for a quality racing bike. The aluminum frame is modeled after other Emonda carbon fiber frames and features a geometric design that makes the bike more aerodynamic and comfortable, even during long rides. The lightweight bike is incredibly responsive and great for those who like to cut corners to get ahead of the game. The bike is built to absorb road friction to provide a smooth ride. It is also a stylish option, and features an Invisible Weld Technology for a seamless, polished look. It features Trek’s patented Blendr technology as well, so all your gear and accessories will attach with ease.



Cannondale CAAD12 Disc 105Cannondale CAAD12 Disc 105

This bike frame features a unique geometry, patented and only available through Cannondale, crafted from flattened disc mounts, seatstays, and chainstays that help absorb shock for a smoother ride. The Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes are top of the line and give you ultimate stopping power. Built from 6069 aluminum which is flared in all the right places, you can expect this bike to hold up to anything you put it through. This 11-speed is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and its great for trekking on and off the road.



Fuji Roubaix 1.5Fuji Roubaix 1.5

The Fuji Roubaix 1.5 is built to be a race bike. Because the materials are reduced in low-stress areas, the frame itself only weighs around 1090g, making it one of the lightest frames on the market. No worries, though, because the super-butted 6066 aluminum frame is also built to last, meaning you can reach great speeds without sacrificing stability and durability. It’s lightweight build makes this bike incredibly responsive and the carbon fork will hold up to any pressure. This 10-speed bike comes in Satin Storm Silver with yellow accents and 7 different sizes.


Ribble CGRRibble CGR

This bike has it all– a lightweight frame that is ultra responsive, disc brakes that are reliable and strong, mudguard mounts for off-road riding, a heavy-duty carbon fork, and pannier carrying capabilities. This bike has clearance for tires up to 35mm and is great for those who want enough comfortability to ride every day as well as the durability they need to take their bike anywhere they go. This bike comes in four different sizes and a range of colors.



Cube Attain SL DiscCube Attain SL Disc

This bike features a double butted aluminum frame with smooth welds for a classic, stylish look that is also lightweight and durable. Road Comfort Geometry absorbs shock and provides a smooth ride. The hydraulic disc brakes are both reliable and predictable, giving you the stopping power you need exactly when you need it. The compact race style handlebars are great for maneuvering your bike at great speeds, and the Cube RP 1.0 seat is wide and cushioned to keep you comfortable while you do it. This 11-speed comes in a classic black and red design and six different speeds.