Takibi Fire & Grill – Woven, Collapsible Fire Pit

Packable, portable, easy-to-use grill? Cookouts just got a lot better. Snow Peak has outdone themselves with this 31.5-pound grill reminiscent of Japanese restaurants cooking horseshoe crabs tableside. (Or maybe that’s just our hunger talking.) In fact, these Takibi Grills were designed in the Land of the Rising Sun to withstand a lifetime of use and good times. “Takibi” means “fire” in Japanese, so the description is right on the nose. While pellet grills are great for many occasions, sometimes you need a collapsible grill and fire pit for portability. Thankfully, Snow Peak’s Tabiki Fire and Grill offers both with decades-long durability guaranteed.

The Takibi Grill is made from stainless steel and chrome-coated steel for maximum fire resistance and durability. While it’s $320 price tag may not be in the once-a-year camper’s budget, the Takibi Grill will be worth its weight in gold to the outdoor weekend warrior. With the coronavirus pandemic keeping folks at home, many users have claimed that this fire pit has transformed their backyard into a novel campground.

Set up is a snap: unpack the pieces from your carrying case. Slide the base stand together through the middle notches, with the “L” pointed towards the sky. Set the base stand on flat ground. Place the base plate on top of the base stand, which will fit into the corner grooves. Unfold the fire basin and set it securely on the notches at the base’s corners. Place the grill bridge over the fire basin and adjust it to the height you want. (Closer to the fire means more heat, so plan your grill height according to what you’re cooking.) Now it’s time to build your fire! Once you’ve built your fire, place the grill net over the top, and get cooking.

What separates the Takibi Grill from other grills is the grill net. Through the employment of a woven net design, this grill allows you to grill smaller items than you could on a traditional grill. Place individual shrimp, vegetables, cubes of meat, oysters, and more directly on the grill net without fear of your food falling into the flames. We’d buy this grill just for that.takibi fire & grill

We can find only two complaints with this fire pit and grill:  its weight and its incompatibility with charcoal pieces. However, the latter can be remedied: Snow Peak offers a steel Fireplace Coal Bed to evenly distribute heat by raising charcoal, briquettes, or even your firewood up from the concave base of the fire pit. The Fireplace Coal Bed will set you back another $49, but the versatility it offers may well be worth it.