The 10 Best Camping Stoves

Backpacking or camping in the wild is now more convenient than ever before. You can cook hearty meals without compromising convenience with the use of a camping stoves. Whether you’re backpacking alone or with your family, you’ll find the best stoves to bring along in your outdoor activities.

What features should you look for in a stove? There are five essential factors you should consider. These factors are fuel source, power or heat rating, type of stove, wind protection, and physical attributes.

Outdoor stoves use either butane, solar, wood, or propane as a fuel source. The power or heating rate refers to the BTU (British Thermal Units), and higher values mean a quicker time to cook a meal or boil water. Some stoves have built-in stand, while others don’t have. Wind protection is essential, especially in windy weather. Physical attributes refer to the outer casing, ignition technology, and other critical capabilities, such as a regulator and drip tray.

Some stoves are perfect for a small group, while others are excellent for backpackers who travel alone. Considering all these factors, here are 10 of the best camping stoves on the market. All of them are high-quality products that will make your cooking outdoors as convenient as possible.

Stansport 2 BurnerStansport 2 Burner

Stansport has been a provider of quality outdoor and camping gears for almost 70 years. The company started in 1949. Since then, it has produced various camping gears from tents to the best camping stoves.

One of these camping stoves is the Stansport 2 Burner. It features two burners with 25,000 BTUs on each burner. Each burner has a windscreen that helps the flames focus its heat to a pan, skillet, or pot. The powerful BTUs on each burner helps you cook your meal fast and quick.

The stove might look simple, but its performance is more powerful than other camping or tent stoves. However, it’s also pricier than other stoves of similar category. It features oversized steel frames that can support heavy pots. With these oversized steel frames, you can cook meals for a large group, which is perfect for the medium to large-sized family who is out camping on the weekend.

With the Piezo ignition technology, you can start the burner with a click. You don’t need to look for a lighter or a match to start the flames. Additionally, the stove has a drip tray for easy cleanup after usage.


Camp Chef Explorer EX60LWCamp Chef Explorer EX60LW

Camp Chef began operations in 1990 with the mission of producing cooking equipment that is better than the other brands. It succeeded in its mission. The company’s first design became the foundation of their best camping stoves. Nowadays, it specializes in creating reliable camping stoves for families or lone backpackers who love to spend their time outdoors.

The Camp Chef Explorer Ex60LW features a large cooking surface, and it comes with four legs. The legs are detachable for easy storage and are adjustable for uneven ground. With these adjustable legs, you can set up the stove anywhere without needing an additional table.

The stove is rated at 30,000 BTUs on each burner, which is a total of 60,000 BTU per hour. With this high heat rating, you can cook meals within minutes or boil a gallon of water in seconds. With the adjustable dials, you can adjust the flame, accordingly. The stove has an aluminum cast casing for durable and long-lasting use. It is also compatible with other Camp Chef accessories.

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Primus Onja StovePrimus Onja Stove

Primus is a renowned company that specializes in manufacturing outdoor gear for backpackers and campers. For more than a century, the company has produced high-quality products that outdoor lovers prefer. These products include Primus Onja Stove, a camping and outdoor stove.

With the Primus Onja stove, you can cook your meals conveniently and quickly while camping. This stove features a stand with a collapsible style. The collapsible design allows easy setup and makes the stove portable, so you can carry the stove anytime or anywhere, whether it’s camping or to a picnic site. It enables you to elevate the stove up to 10 inches.

The stove has two burners, and each burner has a rating of 10,000 BTUs. It is not so powerful but enough to boil an average-sized pot filled with water in four minutes. The stove has a stylish and compact design. It is perfect for outdoor lovers like you who don’t want to bring heavy equipment but want the convenience of cooking meals very quickly.

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Eureka Spire LXEureka Spire LX

Eureka’s humble beginnings started way back in 1895. For centuries, the company has produced camping gear, from camp furniture to the best camping stoves. It is one of the companies that offer reliable and high-quality stoves for outdoor uses. Eureka partnered with Jetboil to manufacture camping stoves. With this partnership, the company created the Eureka Spire LX.

The Eureka Spire LX features two burners that deliver a total of 20,000 BTUs per hour. This cooking power allows you to meet all your cooking needs in minutes. With enough cooking space, you can use large pots side by side with a maximum measurement of up to 12 inches for large pots. You can cook meals or soup for a large group.

Eureka Spire LX is unique in a way because it allows you to connect another stove with the use of a JetPurchase accessory. This feature is perfect for you if you cook a lot of meals during a camping weekend for a large group, perhaps more than 10 members. This accessory is sold separately.

Since Eureka adapted Jetboil’s technology, the stove has a control valve for adjusting the flames for consistent cooking. You can decrease the flame for a simmer cooking or increase the fire to bring a pot of soup to a boil.

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GoSun Go Portable Solar CookerGoSun Go Portable Solar Cooker

GoSun is a company that brings innovation to the outdoor camping industry. The company is young, less than 20 years in operation, but has proven that it can deliver high-quality and innovative products. It introduced a portable cooker that uses the sun’s light.

The GoSun Go Portable solar cooker is one of their amazing outdoor designs. It is eco-friendly since it doesn’t use any fuel sources, such as butane, propane, or wood. It relies on solar power to cook food and heat water. It can reach up to 288°C, which is enough to heat a cup for your morning coffee in the wilds.

The stove has a slower cooking time compared to other models. However, it outshines other camping stoves in terms of convenience and portability. The cooker weighs less than 1kg and is by far the lightest among camping stoves. You can carry it in your backpack and take it out any time hunger strikes to cook your desired meal.

The cooker includes a glass tube oven, silicone pans, a stainless tray, two reflectors, an EVA frame, a universal mount, and a cleaning brush. All of these materials are safe for you and your family. You don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals touching your meals. This cooker is small, though, which is perfect for couples or a single backpacker, not a family or group.


Gas One New GS-3400PGas One New GS-3400P

Gas One started as a family company that is committed to bringing convenience to families who want to spend backpacking or outdoor camping on occasions. The company wanted to recreate the home environment by offering high-quality outdoor products that you and your family will enjoy using.

One of these products is Gas One New GS-3400P. With this stove, you can use butane or propane to power it. The stove includes a converter regulator that allows you to switch fuel sources anytime. It’s a single burner with a power rating of 8,000 BTUs.

The Gas One GS-3400P has a built-in pressure control and sensor. This sensor ejects the fuel source when it detects an irregular pressure. This safety feature keeps you and your family safe from harm, especially if you unknowingly set up the stove in uneven ground. The stove features Piezo ignition technology, perfect for you if you don’t carry a lighter or match. With this ignition system, you can start the flame and cook after you’re done with the setup.

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Jetboil Genesis BasecampJetboil Genesis Basecamp

Dwight Aspinwall and Pery Dowst formed the Jetboil Company in 2001. For almost two decades, the company has shown what quality means, ever since it has produced the best camping stoves for outdoor backpacking. It even teamed up with a few stove brands to introduce its signature technology.

The Jetboil Genesis Basecamp is a dual burner, a standalone stove that is compatible with other Jetboil and Luna burners using a JetPurchase accessory. It features a 10,000 BTU heat rating that allows you to boil water in three minutes. The detachable screens help you protect the flames against winds, so you can cook your meals even on a windy day while camping in the wilds. These screens also improve cooking performance.

The stove includes a carrying bag that features a pocket for storing a regulator or a JetPurchase accessory. The material for its outer case is rugged steel that can withstand ordinary to extreme wear-and-tear conditions. The stove burners have lever igniters that let you start the burners without a lighter. This stove is perfect for a family, a small group, or a single backpacker.

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Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Camping StoveEtekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Camping Stove

Etekcity started in 2011 with its main office in California. Less than 10 years later, it has proven that it can deliver high-quality products ranging from home improvement tools to outdoor equipment.

The Etekcity Ultralight portable camping stove is a portable, convenient, and durable burner that offers more than 5,000 BTUs of output heat. Its portable, foldable, and lightweight design allows you to carry it in your hiking backpack without straining yourself on long hikes. And despite its lightweight design, you can use it in pots that have a seven-inch diameter.

The stove has a Piezo ignition for a quick startup, especially if you don’t have a lighter in handy. The aluminum alloy case makes it a rust-resistant and durable stove that can withstand extreme weather conditions and use. The honey-comb shape of the stove creates a combustion efficiency by using a condensation technique. This technique increases oxygen circulation, resulting in efficient use of fuel.


Canway Wood Burning Camping StoveCanway Wood Burning Camping Stove

The Canway company produces backpacking essentials, such as camping stoves, trekking poles, and backpacks. It is one of the young companies that have a proven a track record in manufacturing high-quality products. Despite their late start, the company is famous for its versatile Canway stove.

The Canway camping stove uses wood as fuel, so firewood from nature is perfect for this one. You don’t need to bring a canister of butane or propane to fuel the stove. Aside from wood, you can also use leaves or other combustible materials found in nature.

The stove is collapsible and lightweight, so you can store in your backpack without taking up much space. It has excellent combustion efficiency because of the canister-like design. The design allows all the heat to concentrate on the pot or skillet. The stove is quite small, though, so it’s perfect for couples or a single backpacker, not a large group. It can let you cook a single meal or roast a slice of meat or vegetable with the grill top for a BBQ-styled meal.

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Coleman TritonColeman Triton

Coleman started as a supplier of pressure lamps in the 1900s. It then diversified to outdoor camping gears. Later on, Newell Brands acquired the company. The company is now famous for outdoor recreation products and all things camping related.

As evidence, the Coleman Triton is one of the best camping stoves you can buy. It’s a classic portable stove perfect for cooking meals outdoors. It has windshields that protect the flame from windy conditions, and you can adjust the windscreens up to 12 inches to accommodate large pots.

You can start the stove with its instant-start ignition and adjust the dial to control the flame for precise temperature. With a total 22,000 BTUs, you can heat meals in seconds or boil water in minutes. Whatever you are cooking, you can depend on the Coleman Triton to deliver a reliable source of heat.

Another excellent feature is its fuel consumption. The stove facilitates the total combustion of fuel sources with the use of a pressure control system. With this fantastic feature, you know that the camping stove uses every ounce of fuel regardless of altitude, temperature, or weather conditions.

Also, the Coleman Triton stove has an aluminum casing, which is easy to clean. It’s also durable and will withstand the test of time and usage very well.

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