The 11 Best Tent Stoves

Camping out in the woods with just the bare essentials is an experience that not everyone is brave enough to endure. If you’re a camper, you have to take it upon yourself to draw the line between what is needed and what is a mere luxury. You do this because weight is an issue. Your packing choices will either make or break your entire camping dynamic.

To pack light, you need to think about the situation you’re going to be in. Is the object you’re thinking about carrying with you going to be important in maintaining your comfort or crucial in protecting your life? Can you live without it for a few days or do you really need have it with you? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself whenever you’re planning on going on a climb or a trek. These questions become more important if the terrain or even the climate becomes more dangerous.

When camping during colder months, heat retention becomes a main concern. How will you maintain heat inside the tent and stave off cold exposure and frost bite? The best answer is a tent stove. A tent stove is light enough and useful enough that there really isn’t a downside to bringing one. The typical stove will be made of steel. It’s going to have a chimney for smoke ventilation, and it’s usually going to be wood burning.

With a tent stove in your pack, you are ensuring that you are comfortably warm during the coldest nights. Plus, you also get to easily cook your meals as well as dry your clothes. You will be happy that you decided to take a portable tent stove with you.

SHTFandGO Bullet Proof 50 BMG Gasifier Rocket StoveSHTFandGO Bullet Proof 50 BMG Gasifier Rocket Stove

SHTFandGO is a doomsday prepper company or at least it’s a company that sells equipment and tools for surviving disasters. The brand name is a little aggressive. It actually means “Stuff Hits the Fan and Go,” but we all know that the “S” doesn’t really stand for Stuff. Even without knowing this euphemistic acronym, you will be hard-pressed to read it as something else other than a vulgar way of telling someone to keep silent and to go. This company hails from Burlington, Wisconsin with deep roots in outdoor survival, hunting, and camping. All the products they sell are all geared toward extreme survival.

The Bullet Proof 50 BMG Rocket Stove is a proudly American-made product for serious campers. This stove and tent heater will enable you to keep your tent warm even with little wood. You can pretty much cook a large meal or even smelt lead to make your own bullets – all things you need to do in the event of disasters or during long hunting excursions.


Winnerwell Woodlander Medium Tent StoveWinnerwell Woodlander Medium Tent Stove

Winnerwell is a well-established giant when it comes to producing high-quality camping tent stoves. The brand is European but has already made a name for itself in the hiking and camping community in North America. They’re stove specialists, and it shows. The tent stoves that Winnerwell manufactures are lightweight, compact, and very packable. They’re designed with performance and function in mind.

Winnerwell could easily fill this entire list up with their stoves, but let’s just take a look at one of their best sellers, The Woodlander Medium Tent Stove. This little guy is a stainless steel wonder. With folding legs, detachable chimney pipes, and racks that double as a handle, this compact Winnerwell offering deserves to be on this list of the best tent stoves. Bring this with you on your next camping trip and keep yourself warm and toasty during cold nights and well-fed during the day.

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Anevay Frontier StoveAnevay Frontier Stove

This British brand specializes in creating durable outdoor camping stoves for heating and cooking. Most of their stoves feature a black finish for a more traditional look. Their headquarters is in Cornwall, but they do sell via their US website.

The Frontier is their entry on this list of tent stoves that are worth buying. It was originally designed for use in humanitarian aid but was later marketed for more commercial uses. It’s lightweight and robust. This stove is remarkably fuel efficient. Heat up your tent and cook your food with ease with The Frontier. This Anevay stove comes in a starter and a “plus” version. They recommend the latter for longer camping trips.


Guide Gear Outdoor Tent Wood StoveGuide Gear Outdoor Tent Wood Stove

Guide Gear is the brand that’s used by The Sportsman’s Guide for their line of outdoor gear and equipment. The Sportsman’s Guide is a retailer of military surplus and hunting, camping, fishing, and outdoor sporting gear. It was founded in 1970 as a brick and mortar retailer with a catalog mailing business but is now also thriving as an online store.

Guide Gear is quick to point out that their entry on this list is in no way cheaply made. It’s made mostly of galvanized steel in a high temperature matte black finish. With a cast iron door, this Guide Gear Tent Stove is built for heavy-duty use. Its box design is ideal for cooking since the flat top readily accommodates pots, kettles, and skillets.

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Bruntmor Camping Rocket StoveBruntmor Camping Rocket Stove

Bruntmor is an online brand of cookware, dinnerware, and cutlery. They’re not necessarily experts when it comes to camping gear but they are producers of high-quality kitchenware. They work with a lot of different materials to produce their innovative products. They sell wares made from ceramic, silver, stainless steel, cast iron, wood, and glass.

Bruntmor brings their kitchenware expertise outdoors with their entry on this list. The Camping Rocket Stove is a high-performance stove. By just looking at its seemingly industrial design, you know that this stove can take the abuse of a tough camping trip. It is self-feeding, so you don’t have to constantly throw in firewood. The cooking surface can support fairly large pans and pots very well, making this an ideal choice for fishing and hunting trips, just like some of these handy pop-up tents from our list.


TMS Portable Military Camping Wood StoveTMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove

TMS is a private labeler selling on Amazon that sells a variety of products, including fishing kayak racks and trolleys. This seller also sells motorcycle gear and home and office furniture. There seems to be no real theme as to the type of products that are sold under the TMS brand.

This Portable Military Camping Wood Stove is one of the cheaper products on this list of great tent stoves. Even though you can buy this at a lower price, is features are on par with many of the more established brands. For easy portability and storage, this Portable Military Camping Wood Stove features a detachable chimney and legs as well as a folding rack. Once folded, the rack turns into a useful carry handle. This stove is an unexpected winner. Heat up your tent efficiently as well as cook a hearty breakfast with this affordable stove.


Gstove Cooking View Camping StoveGstove Cooking View Camping Stove

Gstove is a small Norwegian start up that specializes in manufacturing camping gear. They sell tents, sleeping pads, and tent stoves. Gstove fulfills orders straight out of Norway, and because of this, they request that customers bear with a little lead time for their orders.

The Cooking View Camping Stove is a unique offering from Gstove. Think of this stove as a mini oven that you bring with you to satisfy your need to cook. It actually comes with a dedicated oven that’s equipped with a small window. With this feature, Gstove proposes that pizzas and lasagnas are on the menu even when you’re out camping. This unique feature makes this a great buy for when you want to eat oven-cooked meals outdoors.


EcoZoom Dura Camping StoveEcoZoom Dura Camping Stove

EcoZoom is a company with a social conscience. They are officially recognized as a B Corporation for their efforts in helping the worldwide environmental efforts. They endeavor to make an impact in the lives of many with their stoves. You see, the stoves that they make produce less smoke and consume less fuel than traditional stoves. Aside from stoves, they’re also known for selling solar-powered lights.

This simple and elegant stove is ideal for cooking. In line with the mission of the company that manufactured it, the Dura is built to produce low emissions while maintaining high fuel efficiency. Since it lacks a chimney to direct smoke, you have to be a little creative if you want to utilize this as a tent heater. You have to think about your safety first. Use this inside your cold-weather tent only if you have adequate ventilation for the smoke dispersion.


Colorado Cylinder Stoves Uncompahgre Collapsible Pack StoveColorado Cylinder Stoves Uncompahgre Collapsible Pack Stove

Colorado Cylinder Stoves is a proud American company that mainly manufactures camping stoves. They have also since expanded their product line to include tents, teepees, and other camping gear. By manufacturing durable, high-quality stoves, they aim to allow campers to bring the comforts of the modern kitchen outdoors.

The Uncompahgre Collapsible Pack Stove is one of their more popular products. Nicknamed “The Unc,” this stove provides sufficient heat even in the coldest of winters. It’s named after the number 6 highest Rocky Mountain peak, so you know that it’s super tough.

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Colorado Cylinder Stoves Timberline Wood Stove PackageColorado Cylinder Stoves Timberline Wood Stove Package

The next product on this list comes from the same manufacturer as “The Unc.” The Timberline Wood Stove is high-quality camping equipment that’s proudly made in America. It’s made of stainless steel for heat radiation, enhanced durability, and rust proofing. The Timberline features a unique built-in water tank that stores 3 gallons as well as an ample, extended cooking surface for convenient cooking with a grill, a pot, or a pan. Everything also fits easily into the stove making the Timberline a good choice for a portable tent stove.

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Camp Chef Alpine Heavy-Duty Cylinder StoveCamp Chef Alpine Heavy-Duty Cylinder Stove

Camp Chef is an American outdoors company based in Utah. Much like its name suggests, Camp Chef aims to provide the best means of cooking great food even when you’re outdoors, away from the convenience of a complete home kitchen. It was in 1990 that this company was started for the very purpose of realizing that goal. Decades in the business has provided the brand with valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. Through the years, Camp Chef has manufactured awesome products for all types of outdoor cooking that includes backyard barbecuing as well as extended camping trips.

The Alpine Heavy-Duty Cylinder Stove is their strong entry on this list. This cylinder stove is made to be easy to transport and store. All of its parts can be detached and stored inside the stove for easy transport. These include the telescoping chimney pipes and the legs. With the Alpine, you will have plenty of cooking surface even for larger pans and pots. The flat cooking top is flanked by a rack on each side. These racks can be used for warming food or water. It also functions well as a drying rack for wet clothing.