The 12 Best Cold Weather Tents – Winter Tents

If you’re planning on camping or backpacking this winter, you know it’s essential to purchase the best tent to keep you out of the cold. But maintaining warmth during extreme weather conditions takes a little bit of consideration, as getting the right type of a tent may pose a challenge to campers. There are several different types of tents out there designed for different winter camping situations.

Given the severe weather condition that you will have to endure in the wilderness, from the high altitude, stormy weather, and uncertainties while you are camping, the following is a selection of some the best cold weather tents that will keep you feeling comfortable. We’re including tents for alpine expeditions, budget tents, cold weather tents with stoves, lightweight mountaineering tents, shelters for family camping, and base camp tents.

Mountain Hardwear Trango 2Mountain Hardwear Trango 2

This product was first introduced in 1995 by Mountain Hardwear Company from Canada, a firm with a long history for making mountaineering gear equipment. It was designed to shelter two climbers.

Having four poles to support the center of the tent and another on the vestibule gives the tent an exemplary configuration and design. The Trango 2 also has the D.A.C. Featherlite poles, a durable 70DDWR coated nylon floor, and a fly. These features make the tent weather resistant making the tent the world’s most popular winter tent. The internal floor space is 40 square feet with two doors and two vestibules, making look little but admirable. An excellent ventilation system that allows airflow through the vents and canopy, with two windows to help you check out if the weather is favorable to get moving or not.

The Mountain Hardwear tent is the most durable and reliable tent to use in harsh weather conditions. It can hold warmth even at a temperature below 30 degrees Celsius. You can also cook from inside the vestibule, and during a snowfall, the tent is very reliable and can stand any cold conditions. However, in the weight category, it is slightly heavier than some other models at 4.45kg, so you’ll have to decide if the other features “outweigh” the weight of carrying it.


Coleman Galileo 5 Tunnel TentColeman Galileo 5 Tunnel Tent

Coleman, founded by William Coffin Coleman in 1900, is headquartered in Chicago and has long been known for making recreational products, including, camping gear. It’s now owned by Newell but continues to deliver as high a quality as ever.

This tent comes with a fully enclosed design. The tent is without mesh. and it’s fitted with reliable P.V.C. windows. The floor is fully sealed and sewed to ensure that you have a watertight, airtight environment.

The tent also comes with an easy to pitch tunnel structure. With fiberglass poles, ring pole attachments, and pre-shaped ferrule, the tent provides a spacious living area with two large windows and two doors. It also includes a fly cover. Overall, you get a 3,000 mm waterproof rating for the shell and 10,000 mm for the floor.

However, the tent uses fiberglass, and if you are expecting snow, it won’t be the best choice. The size of the tent is 161.4 square feet (15 square meters), and the shape is as the name suggests. You will love this large camping tent and the large living area where you can house a table and chairs, while the bedroom gives you privacy and flexibility.


Black Diamond EldoradoBlack Diamond Eldorado

Founded in 1957, Black Diamond knows about the cold. Their first loves are skiing and climbing, and they’ve made quite a name for themselves for their well-designed, durable equipment.

The Eldorado is a very strong and weatherproof lightweight tent for two people. The material used is coated with PTFE, putting it ahead in the game compared to other single-walled tents using PU coated fabrics. The tent can withstand strong winds and snowy conditions due to its simple design using the two poles to make a steep-sided tent.

The size is about 2.3kg, placing it among the lightweight tents. It has no vestibule and only one entrance. However, it’s well ventilated and easy to store.

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ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2

ALPS Mountaneering is a Missouri-based business that has been operating since 1993 when it was founded by Dennis Brune and his son. It specializes in making camping gear equipment.

The Tasmanian is a four-season tent that comes loaded with several features. It has 7,000 series aluminum poles, a full-coverage rainfly, and two vestibules for storage. It also has an additional pole on the fly, creating a large vestibule for more storage. There are two doors on each side, and it also uses eight extra-large zippers to allow for ventilation throughout the year. It is a fantastic winter tent with a competitive price tag, although it is a little bit heavier than its competitors.

The unique configuration of the poles gives this tent excellent stability in harsh weather conditions. You can even use it on an incline.

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R.E.I. Arete A.S.L. 2R.E.I. Arete A.S.L. 2

Recreational Equipment Inc based Kent, Washington. Founded in 1938, it specializes in a wide range of recreational products, from camping equipment to sporting gear to clothing products, and the R.E.I. Arete A.S.L. 2 is one example of their innovative design and superb craftsmanship.

This is one of the best tents to purchase if you are anticipating harsh weather, as it will hold up well in severe weather conditions. However, compared to the other four-season tents in this price category, it lacks durability and strength. The siliconized nylon fly is only 30Dcompared to the 70D thickness of the Trango 2. However, the tent gets its stability from having the D.A.C. Featherlite combi poles that keep the tent secure and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

With a weight of 2.66kg, the Areta is much lighter than the Trango and slightly more massive than the Eldorado. It also has 9.1 square foot vestibule to add to 32.5 square feet of internal floor space. The tent also has multiple storage options, including corner pockets, hooks, and roof pockets.


Snow Peak Amenity Dome Tent L 6-PeopleSnow Peak Amenity Dome Tent L 6-People

This tent is here because of its strong structure and rather enclosed design. The poles are made of durable aluminum, and the inner tent is 68D polyester taffeta, totally enclosed. There is a triangular section on the ceiling that can also be closed to preserve warmth or opened to give you a more refreshing environment.

All the inner doors have panels and mesh for air cross flow, with a vent on the fly. So, this will work well even in a warm environment. This tent is a 4-season model.

The fly is 75D polyester taffeta with PU coating and water resistance of 1,800mm minimum. The floor is 210D polyester Oxford, also with PU coating water-resistance of 1,800mm minimum.

The inner area is 94 square feet (8.7 square meters), and it has two vestibules, with 38.8 square feet and 6.5 square feet. So, the total covered area is 139.3 square feet. It is a uniquely shaped extended dome tent with a central vestibule, which is asymmetric. There is a side door, but there is also the front door which allows an awning configuration, plus the back door.

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Bushtec Adventure Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas 6-Person Bow TentBushtec Adventure Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas 6-Person Bow Tent

Bushtec Adventure has been manufacturing the world’s most exceptional canvas tents for over 50 years in Ladysmith, South Africa. It’s an award-winning manufacturer with a long history of making tents. In addition to supplying the military, they’ve also provided the WHO, UNICEF, and other organizations with tents and canvas fabric.

This tent is made to be a robust and durable structure with spring steel poles and canvas fabric. It also includes a partial fly to protect the roof, where you have two vents. The tent is very tall at about 84 inches and is laid out like a single room with panels and mesh. It’s suitable to use in all four seasons and a variety of weather conditions.

It’s cumbersome and bulky, though, weighing 40.8kg. It can, however, host up to six people with its 10 x 10 floor space.


Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Basic 6-Person 10 x 10 TentKodiak Canvas Flex Bow Basic 6-Person 10 x 10 Tent

Kodiak Canvas is a Layton, Utah-based tent manufacturer that sells tents and other outdoor equipment used for camping and all-season outdoor activities.

This is one of their tents that will serve you well in all four seasons. It is made of a breathable canvas material that gives it a natural feel, unlike synthetic tents, and it stays cooler in the warm seasons compared to synthetic tents.

The capacity is for up to six people, with a floor area of 100 square feet. With such a big area, it is quite bulky and heavy, weighing 30.8kg.

You have to stake the tent because it’s not freestanding but comes with 18 long, steel stakes. You have two doors with two separate mesh windows. A main selling point of this tent is the sizeable 6 x 6-foot awning on one side. The tent is designed to last for years, and the craftsmanship of the Flex Bow Basic is superb.

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M.S.R. H.U.B. 8 TentM.S.R. H.U.B. 8 Tent

M.S.R. is a company that is based in Seattle. It began its work in 1969 under engineer Larry Penberthy with a commitment to improving mountaineering safety. Over time, the scope of the company grew beyond what Larry and others thought, but they still focus on outdoor recreational safety.

The M.S.R. waterproof tent is built specifically for extreme winter conditions and expeditions. The strength of this tent is undisputed, likewise the price. It is a freestanding tunnel-type tent with a single-layer structure with a removable floor. It has two doors on opposite sides, vinyl windows, and offers an area of 108 square feet. With this amount of space, you can sleep 5-10 people.

The aluminum poles are very strong and designed to withstand extreme weather. The tent has a high waterproof rating, with the main body being 3,000mm, and the removable floor 10,000mm.


The North Face 2-Meter Dome Tent 8The North Face 2-Meter Dome Tent 8

The North Face company is an American recreation product designer and manufacturer based in Alameda, California. It was founded by Douglas Tompkins and his wife in 1966 in San Francisco as a climbing equipment store. The company also produces footwear, clothing, and outdoor equipment.

This North Face 2-Meter Dome tent is one of the best winter tents. It is designed for the harshest winter conditions. High-quality Easton aluminum poles reinforce the structure. It’s a two-layer with a 1,500mm waterproof rating shell and a 10,000mm waterproof rating floor.

The tent area is 125 square feet with a chimney vent on the top, two doors, and windows with both mesh and panels. This tent is made of 210D and 420D Oxford nylon.

If you intend to spend long periods in winter conditions, then this is the ultimate choice to have. It’s very durable and designed to last decades. The quality is reflected in the price.


Vango Skye 500 5 Person TentVango Skye 500 5 Person Tent

Vango is a company established in the west of Scotland in 1966. The company has a long history of designing and manufacturing outdoor equipment in the United Kingdom.

The Vango Skye 5-person tent is constructed with reliable PVC windows with an almost wholly enclosed shell. The floor in the resting room is linked in and not sewn in. The waterproof rating is adequate with a 3,000mm rating for the shell and more for the plastic floor.

The tent is also designed to withstand strong winds. There is a TBS system fitted for lateral stability in adverse conditions.

This tent capacity is for five people and occupies an area 133.5 square feet with a weight is 9.33kg. The selling point for this tent is the size, and when packed, you will be shocked at how good it looks. The vents are on the front and the back to ensure it is well-ventilated.


Robens Cabin 600 Adventure 6-Man Tunnel TentRobens Cabin 600 Adventure 6-Man Tunnel Tent

Robens is a family-run firm backed by the Danish Oase outdoor group of companies. It started its operations in 1973 and is now one of the three best European camping brands.

This tent has an impressive set of features, and it’s more than just a tent for cold weather. It’s a 4-season tent with a high waterproof rating. The fly is about 5,000mm, and the floor is 10,000m, while the inner floor still has another coating totaling 13,000mm of ground protection. The tent can also withstand winds at a speed of 110km/h.

The floors are fully sewn with four solid windows. The vents and other openings can be opened and closed. There are many vents and a massive door, making it favorable to use during warm weather camping as well as the extreme cold.

The tent is constructed in such a way that there is a living room, an inner room, and two sleeping rooms. The sleeping rooms have an external shell for extra protection, and a zippered divider separates the rooms.

This multi-room tent is a real tunnel tent. The aluminum poles are 16mm in diameter and make it very strong. The tent weighs 15.6kg and occupies an area of 137 square feet with a capacity of 6 or even more, given the space.