The 6 Best Multi-Room Tents

If you are in need of an ultimate getaway, camping is a great way to go. What is more relaxing than spending the evening star gazing, talking around a campfire, and smelling the fresh air with the scent of pine needles?

Camping can be even more fun with family and friends. A piece of essential equipment that you need to have, especially if you are bringing the whole family with you, is a multi-room tent. You can have those single-person small tents, but it would be inconvenient to assemble them one by one and would take more time as well. A multi-room tent can shelter up to 10 people, and setting one up is pretty straightforward. Plus, they offer adequate protection from rain and wind.

Here are the 6 best multi-room tents.

Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR TentJack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR Tent

Jack Wolfskin is a company founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 1981 and well-known for offering high-quality outdoor gear and equipment. Their Travel Lodge FR tent is an impressive tunnel tent that comes with four loops. It has a central living room, an inner tent that comes with a removable divider, and a smaller one on the other side. You can detach inner tents partly or entirely, resulting in different combinations. The style will depend on how many people will be inside and the camping furniture or gear that will be stored.

The peak inner height of this multi-room tent is in the central living room and is 190 cm, so most are able to stand inside without any difficulty. The three large entry doors are made with mesh and panels that are waterproof. The inside doors have small brims with extra two poles that effectively support the tent. The windows come with PVC panels ensuring full protection.

The poles used are 16mm DAC DA 17 aluminum, engineered for large camping tents. The shell of this multi-room tent is made from 75D polyester and has a PU coating that is rated 4,000mm waterproof. The tent floor is a detachable 210D hydro-film polyester with a waterproof rating of 10,000mm. Though it has a lot of advantages, the downside of this multi-room tent is that it is very expensive, and the tent floor is not sewn-in the shell.


Coleman 8-Person Red CanyonColeman 8-Person Red Canyon

The Coleman Company was founded in 1905 by William Coffin Coleman. It has become a famous producer of a wide variety of outdoor camping gear and equipment – from tents to grills to coolers to lanterns to camp furniture and more. The 8-Person Red Canyon is another outstanding tent from their brand. It is a 17-foot by 10-foot dome tent that offers a warm interior, ample size, and sturdy materials.

For increased privacy, you can divide this tent into three separate rooms. This multi-room tent looks good too and will probably make other campers take a second look. It provides adequate headroom for most with its 72-inch peak height. The dome shape contributes to the stability and aerodynamic feature.

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon tent has water-resistant fabric walls and a waterproof floor. It is also equipped with a waterproof rainfly, so you won’t have to worry about gettubg soaking wet when it suddenly rains. The set-up is pretty easy with its easy-to-follow instructions and shock-corded poles. Its Variflo adjustable venting system and Cool-Air port make it possible for you to adjust the access gear and airflow.

The fact that it has the features of premium tents at a budget-friendly price is another perk we are sure you will love. However, this multi-room tent is not recommended for winter camping because it is not well-insulated like the mountaineering and winter tents.


CORE 9 Person Extended Dome TentCORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Core Equipment is relatively new to producing outdoor equipment and gear but has been making waves for their impressive products. The company was founded by a small group of camping enthusiasts whose aim is to work toward an amazing and improved camping experience. Their 9 Person Extended Dome Tent is huge at 16 x 9 feet and can accommodate up to nine people. You could even fit three queen-sized mattresses inside.

The center height for this multi-room tent is 72 inches. It comes with mesh ceiling panels so that you could enjoy the view outside. Don’t worry if it starts to rain; the CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent also comes with a rainfly that will keep you dry, though it could be a bit larger. It has H2O Block Technology, which prevents water from seeping in the heated sealed seams. The advanced vents will also keep you cool in the summer and keep the atmosphere inside the tent feeling fresh even with zipped windows.

The fabric is made with durable 68D polyester with fiberglass tent poles and steel tent stakes. This multi-room tent is easy setup as well.

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Coleman 8-Person InstantColeman 8-Person Instant

Another top pick from Coleman is the 8-Person Instant. It promotes maximum airflow due to the copious screening of its seven windows. This tent also comes with a removable divider to create multiple rooms if you need privacy. Its height is almost 6 ½ feet, so even tall people can stand in it.

The curvy design of the Instant Tent disseminates more strength on the three poles, making it quicker to fasten and easier to pitch. The setup is also a breeze – all you have to do is unfold the tent, spread it out, extend the poles, and click and lock every pole in place. The inverted seams also add to the protection and water resistance of the tent.

The Instant Tent comes with a wind-resistant frame and redesigned sturdy poles with guy-out triangles, which can give you a sense of safety. It also has water-resistant floors and zipper cuff protection. This multi-room waterproof tent measures 14 x 10 feet and weighs around 35 pounds. Though this tent is water-resistant, it does not come with a separate rainfly.


Wenzel 8-Person Klondike TentWenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel has been around for a long time producing excellent tents. Hermann Wenzel founded the company in 1887. Their 8 Person Klondike Tent combines the features of a dome and cabin-style tents. It has a cabin’s straight and high steep main room walls and a dome’s roof, but is raised above the ground with vertical side poles supporting it.

The Klondike tent has two rooms with a divided but non-removable curtain that also has a door. This multi-room tent is not freestanding, so it needs staking to the ground. Do not attempt to use this tent in windy and rainy areas because it doesn’t have enough guylines and stake-out points. The screen room measures 60 square feet, while the main room has an area of 98 square feet.

The meshed windows come with panels to completely zip it when it’s raining. However, the entrance door is a little low, making it a chore to go in and out of the tent. It is comprised of six metal poles and three fiberglass poles. The floor is made of polyethylene. Setting this multi-room tent up usually takes 20 minutes. The meshed ceiling and windows provide excellent ventilation.

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10-Person TentMountain Trails Grand Pass 10-Person Tent

It is the mission of Mountain Trails to make top-quality outdoor clothing and equipment at competitive prices. The Grand Pass 10-Person Tent is an excellent example of what the company is all about. This multi-room tent is a three-season extended dome type tent perfect for family camping. It is lighter than other multi-room tents, weighing only 21. 1 pounds.

This multi-room tent is not freestanding, so you have to look for a ground that is suitable for staking. Building the tent on concrete, rock, or sand is a no. The Grand Pass Tent comes with seven fiberglass poles, polyethylene floor, and polyester mesh windows. The peak height is 192 cm, so adequate headroom is not a problem. However, it has no ventilation openings. When it’s raining, you have to close the windows with panels which can be an issue if it continues to rain for longer. Overall, it’s a great tent to use for summer, but you have to stay away from rainy areas if you plan to use this multi-room tent.

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Types of Tents

If it’s your first time to go camping with a larger group, choosing the most appropriate multi-room tent can take a bit of research. Being aware of the types of multi-room tents can give you a leg up in picking the right one for your group. Here are the types you’re likely to see.

Tunnel Tent

This type of tent has an elongated structure that comes with poles that create arches. You will more likely have more headroom with this type of tent. Most of the tunnel tents come with multiple rooms (4 to 5). With tunnel tents, you have to support the rear sides and front correctly. Laterally, they are generally stable, but, on the sides, you still have several guy lines.

Dome Tent

A dome tent’s aerodynamic design is an asset because in downpours and strong winds, water is diverted away from the top. Dome tents provide more headspace as well, especially when sitting upright. This type of tent is the most preferred for a snowy location.

Geodesic Tent

A geodesic tent is the best kind of shelter for campers setting tents in more extreme conditions, such as on exposed terrain or a mountaineering expedition. It is one of the most stable tents because it accommodates several poles that crisscross each other at the most crucial points, resulting in the formation of several triangles. It has one downside: it is quite heavy. You can also look for a semi-geodesic tent if you want a lighter one and you’re not expecting any extreme conditions.

Cabin Tent

These are taller than other types of tents and can accommodate everyone comfortably. Their vertical doors help keep away precipitations. These also tend to be heavy, though, because of their sturdiness. It will also take more than one person to set this type of tent up because of its complex parts.

What to Consider when Purchasing a Multi-Room Tent?

To give you a little more information, here are the key factors you’ll want to give a thought to before you spend your hard-earned money buying your multi-room tent.


Tents are either made from Polyester, Canvas, Polyethylene, or Ripstop Nylon. Polyester is the best when it comes to resisting UV damage. A vast number of tents are made of this material since they are designed to spend several hours under the hot sun.

Canvas is a classic material for tents. Although modern cotton tents have been treated to be more resistant to water, they are still not recommended to be used in rainy conditions.

Polyethylene is heavy, but it’s waterproof and sturdy, which is why it is used as a material for flooring for tents of all sorts of sizes. A tent that is entirely made of polyethylene is unlikely because of its weight. It doesn’t look good, either, after it has been folded, unfolded and refolded multiple times.

Ripstop Nylon is typically found in four-season tents. It is called ripstop nylon because the additional fabric that is woven with the nylon stops rips and tears from ruining the tent.

Tent Poles

The strength of the poles is highly important because they keep the tent upright. A tent with strong poles can withstand the pounding rain and gusty winds. For larger tents, including the multi-room type, you might want to use aluminum poles.


What will be going inside your tent? If you want chairs, camping tables, or storage inside, get a tent with the shape and size that is capable of accommodating them.


Choose a tent that has enough headroom for all. You don’t want to spend your time hunkered down while inside the tent; you want a space that enables you to move around freely. Short or average-height people can generally buy any tent, but taller people need to take special note of the dimensions.


A rainfly can provide added protection from the rain, especially if your tent is not waterproof. The rainfly works by redirecting water to the sides, preventing your tent from being soaked up.


Imagine if there were 10 of you inside a not-so-well-ventilated tent and it was raining outside. It can get nasty stuffy. That’s why you will want a tent that comes with plenty of windows to maintain air circulation. Another thing to look out for is the ceiling vent, which is useful in hot weather.


A small and poorly placed door can be rather inconvenient. If coming in and out of the door is cumbersome, the tent will feel inadequate. Look for a tent with multiple large doors with high-quality zippers that can be pulled at different angles without breaking.