The 11 Best Inflatable Tents

The inflatable revolution for outdoor camping tents is here. No longer are you going to spend a good part of an hour on pitching your perfect tent. By getting an inflatable tent, you are ensuring that your next camping trip goes off without a hitch. Investing in one is probably the best decision you can make that will save you and everyone else a lot of time and frustration.

The main benefit of buying an inflatable tent is its ease of use. Pitching an inflatable tent is hassle-free. Just unroll the tent over a clean campsite free of loose rocks and branches, attach it to the pump, and in just a few minutes of pumping, you’ll have your temporary outdoor home fully set up. Because of how easy pitching an inflatable tent is, even the larger 8 or 10-person tents can be erected by just a single person.

Choose from among the Best 11 Inflatable Tents below and enjoy the convenience of easily setting up camp for your next outdoor adventure.

NEMO Morpho ARNEMO Morpho AR

Founded in 2002 by an industrial design major, what sets NEMO apart from its competitors is their revolutionary use of functional design. Their design is so revolutionary that NEMO has been working together with NASA to develop fast-deploying, portable shelters fit for future expeditions. Well, if their tents are good enough for NASA, then they’re good enough for a weekend.

The NEMO Morpho is a 2-person inflatable tent that’s ultra-lightweight and incredibly easy to deploy. You can pitch the NEMO Morpho in a few minutes because it uses air beams in lieu of traditional poles. At only 2 kg, you’ll barely notice that you’re carrying it with your pack. Aside from being lightweight, compared to other 2-person tents, the NEMO Morpho provides a more spacious interior at 39 square feet of floor area and a spacious vestibule area of 14 square feet.

Made of coated nylon, you can rest assured that it’s going to withstand the hardest downpours, the strongest winds, and snow. This is the tent to buy if you’re planning an outdoor adventure for two.

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Heimplanet – The CaveHeimplanet – The Cave

Heimplanet is a German company started by a couple of adventure seekers who wanted to make tents that are revolutionary in design as well as could stand the test of actual adventures that the founders themselves tend to go on. The brand name literally translates to “home planet,” which exemplifies the company’s dedication to creating the best temporary outdoor shelters.

The Cave is their first foray into the inflatable tent space, and it’s a knockout. The design has that in-your-face feel to it that just screams awesome in every aspect of its design. While many of its competitors prefer to hide the air bladders holding up the tents, for “The Cave,” it’s a very visible feature flaunted on the outside forming the framework for a geodesic dome. The supporting air bladder structure creates a set of pentagons and triangles that make The Cave look and feel sturdier than the competition.

The entire tent comes in a sleek shoulder bag and can be easily carried at only 4.8 kg. The Cave inflates very quickly and once set up, will comfortably sleep 2-3 persons.

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Kelty AirliftKelty Airlift

The Kelty brand has been around since 1952. With their seniority in the field comes a host of products that have stood the test of time. Though relatively considered an older company in their field, Kelty is by no means the old guy of the group. They’re consistently at the forefront of innovations in their space, delivering new products to their satisfied adventure-seeking customers.

The Kelty Airlift is a welcome offering in the medium-large category of tents. The Kelty Airlift comes in two variants; one sleeps 4, and the larger version sleeps 6 comfortably. The Airlift has no poles to speak of. These have been replaced by air tubes that begin to take form and become rigid as air is pumped in. Set up is done in a few minutes. Once set up, the Airlift is a great shelter that comes with plenty of mesh windows to give you precise control of airflow and lighting.

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GYBE Bus TentGYBE Bus Tent

The GYBE brand was created as an offshoot of the kiteboarding and surfing lifestyle. With such a history, this outdoors gear brand is sure to create products that are very durable and functional.

The GYBE Bus Tent is a very interesting product that you need to seriously consider if you have a “bus” or van that you go and travel in. This is because the GYBE Bus Tent is designed to integrate seamlessly with vans as an extension of the van’s living space. You can set it up in 5 to 10 minutes. It’s made of very sturdy material used in the grueling sport of kiteboarding, so the tent is sure to withstand the ravages of the elements. The design is unique and is sure to be eye-catching and beautiful. It’s a great extension for your van to provide sleeping quarters and more living space during your downtime, or it can even be used as a base for when you’re actively surfing. It’s a perfect space for privacy when changing as well as serving as a durable shelter for the night when out on a road trip.

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Moose Outdoors QwikFrame 6-Person Inflatable TentMoose Outdoors QwikFrame 6-Person Inflatable Tent

Moose Outdoors is a Chinese manufacturer that has made waves in the inflatable tent industry with its QwikFrame technology since 2013. They specialize in robust, easy-to-set-up inflatable tents, making their product offerings some of the more pragmatic and functionally smart choices in both design and features.

The QwikFrame tent is designed to pitch in about 7 minutes. It is obvious that they had comfort in mind when they designed this product. The tent has a fairly large sleeping space that’s slightly oversized for the category they’re in. This means more living and storage space for you.

Constructed of high-density 40D polyester, this tent is rated 3,000 mm waterproof and can withstand strong winds and other harsh environmental conditions. You can also easily control airflow and lighting in the tent with mesh windows in the front, back, and vestibule areas.

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Coleman Valdes FastPitchColeman Valdes FastPitch

The Coleman Company is one of the most trusted, if not the most, in the outdoor gear industry. Coleman has been around since 1900, and this has translated to some very amazing products in the outdoor gear market. The company knows a thing or two about camping, and it’s not afraid to show it.

The Coleman Valdes FastPitch is a very strong offering from this very reliable brand. The FastPitch, as its name implies, pitches quickly thanks to air bladders that serve as the tent’s main structural component. Inside, you’ll notice that the sleeping space has a divider that is very opaque. This allows you to control lighting precisely when you want to catch up on sleep when it’s already light out.

This large camping tent can easily sleep 6 individuals, and if you have kids, then you’ll be happy to know that the Coleman Valdes FastPitch has a zipper safety feature that prevents children from getting locked in the compartments. Zipped up compartments all have a zipper that only comes up to about a couple of feet off the ground for easy child access.


Wenzel Vortex 8-Person Blow-up TentWenzel Vortex 8-Person Blow-up Tent

The Wenzel brand started in 1887 with the dreams of a young immigrant who became fascinated by sails and canvas awnings. Now, this all American brand creates well-designed tents that are tough and durable enough to create the best outdoor experience for more generations to come.

The Wenzel Vortex 8-Person Blow-up Tent is a strong contender in its category. It is able to comfortably sleep 8 persons in 2 divided rooms, so consider it for your next family outing. With 5 windows and 1 door, you’ll have no trouble adjusting the airflow into your outdoor shelter. Using its Air Pitch Vortex technology, pitching this inflatable canvas tent even without any help is a breeze. At just under 23 pounds, it’s a lightweight option that you can easily carry anywhere.


Heimplanet FistralHeimplanet Fistral

Heimplanet has two offerings on this list. First was the larger “Cave” and now, the Fistral. Heimplanet, the German tent maker, is poised to make waves internationally with their very bold designs. Looking at their tents, it’s easy to see their fingerprints through their geodesic designs.

The Fistral is Heimplanet’s offering in the 1-2 person tent space. While other tent makers hide their air bladders, Heimplanet flaunts theirs. Like its big brother, the Cave, the Fistral’s air bladders are showcased not only as a structural component but also as an external aesthetic feature. The Fistral is a strong, double-walled tent that’s rated for use in 3 seasons. You can choose from a light plain sand color or the more rugged Cairo camo print. This is great for couples or for those backpacking alone.

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Quechua Air Seconds 4.1 XLQuechua Air Seconds 4.1 XL

With a name like “Quechua,” you’d be forgiven if you assumed that this is a South American brand. The brand is actually French and was inspired by the mountains of South America – hence their name. Quechua was started in 1997, and since their inception, they’ve been consistently recognized as one of the main pioneers in the mountain sports business not only in Europe but internationally as well.

The Quechua Air Seconds 4.1 XL is a fairly large tent great for larger families and groups. While on paper, it’s only designed to fit 4 people, there is plenty of space left for a couple more. The tent is easy to set up, and you can expect to pitch it in about 15 minutes.

It has 3 air bladders that serve as its 3 main structural arches. It’s rated to withstand 200 mm per hour of rain pour, so it’s a highly waterproof tent. It’s also very durable when pitted against strong winds of a force 7 winds rating, which corresponds to about 60 km per hour.

It comes rolled inside a medium-size duffel bag and weighs only about 12.5 kg. Overall it’s a great tent to buy, especially for those who plan on camping with a larger group.


Easy Camp Tempest 500 Inflatable TunnelEasy Camp Tempest 500 Inflatable Tunnel

The Easy Camp brand is a subsidiary of the giant outdoors gear company from Denmark, Oase Outdoors. Oase Outdoors has been in business since 1984, but the Easy Camp brand was only founded in 1997 by its parent company when the need for easier camping gear for those with limited camping experience became apparent. The brand became international soon after, and with their recent re-branding, they’re once again poised to take over the world of easy to use camping gear. Their vision is actually right in their name: to provide easy to use outdoors and camping gear for everyone.

Using inflatable bladders, Easy Camp offers the Tempest 500 Inflatable Tunnel, their 5-person inflatable tent. It’s lined with waterproof polyester rated to withstand 3,000 mm. The flysheet is also rated to be fire retardant. Inside, you’ll find darkened walls and ceilings to block out light for sleeping in during the daytime and early nighttime. The Easy Camp Tempest rolls up in an easy-to-carry 15.2 kg, which is a fairly light addition to any group’s gear.

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Vango Capri 400XLVango Capri 400XL

The Scottish brand established in 1966 has another product on the best inflatable tents list – the Vango Capri 400XL. On paper, it sleeps 4 with plenty of ample space. If, however, you do have a couple of extra people, you can find sleeping space for them easily.

With 4 support air bladder arches, the living space created inside is large enough all throughout and only tapers in the back. With its patented tension band system, the Vango Capri 400XL is sure to perform excellently even in the toughest weather conditions. Inside, you’ll also find the darker inner lining in the sleeping space dividers for more opacity. This creates an inner sleeping space that’s dark enough for campers to sleep in longer if they want.