The 20 Best Large Camping Tents

Thirst for camping adventure continues to grow stronger. Previously, camping was considered the privilege of a small group of fanatics. That situation has now changed, and camping is has become a mainstream activity. While previously, camping trips mostly included a couple of people who needed a simple, small tent, today, camping attracts a much larger group with families and friends going out to camp on a frequent basis.

With this growing attraction for group camping comes the need to carefully choose the right camping tents. Bringing multiple small tents means more to carry, hence the growing demand for large tents to house many campers while still preserving space and leaning on the light side to maximize the group camping experience.

Selecting the best large tent from the wide variety out there requires a lot of research. To save you some time, here are the 20 best large camping tents.

Coleman 8-Person Reed Canyon TentColeman 8-Person Reed Canyon Tent

Looking for a true family tent? This Coleman 8-Person Reed Canyon large tent will serve all your needs. With plenty of room inside, the tent can accommodate a large family or two smaller families. Made with the Coleman WeatherTec water-resistance system, the tent is durable and protects against adverse weather while the shock-corded frame ensures that the set-up is easy.

Not only is setting it up easy, but it also breaks up easily and contains enough room for 8 adults, which can be divided into three rooms for different sets of people or functions. The Coleman 8-Person Reed Canyon large multi-room tent sports a sleek profile and weighs only 24.9 pounds making for easy transportation.


Coleman Montana TentColeman Montana Tent

For the best entry-level large tent, nothing beats this Coleman Montana tent. It comes with enough space to fit 8 adults in three queen-size air mattresses, so you will have enough space to cozy around even on a tight budget.

This official tent for the National Park Foundation features an outstanding seem system that keeps water out, so you and your group will keep dry the entire camping period. Detailed instructions make it easy to set up in just 15 minutes, and it also collapses down to a size small enough to fit in the carry bag that comes along with it.

The Coleman Montana costs around $125.


Coleman 8-Person Instant TentColeman 8-Person Instant Tent

Set up a home away from home with this Coleman 8-Person Instant large tent. The copious screening and cubicle layout provide maximum airflow, and the door is specially located for adults to walk through easily into the 6.5-foot high tent that can comfortably contain a few queen-sized air mattresses.

This waterproof tent comes with a removable device allowing for private space creation for couples or kids while the oversized windows make for a great view while also keeping out the bugs. With thick walls constructed using the WeatherTec waterproof material, the tent will keep the whole group safe from elements, and its frame system snaps into place easily, so you will have no problem setting up this Coleman 8-Person Instant large tent in just a minute.

Look good? Pick it up for $250.


Wenzel Klondike TentWenzel Klondike Tent

Enjoy a group camping experience with this Wenzel Klondike large tent. With a capacity to hold up to 8 people, the tent is suitable for a family or friends bonding time, and you will also love the front section that acts as an airlock between the outdoors and the main sleeping area while also allowing you to prepare for the outdoor activities without interfering with your bedding.

Ventilation in this Wenzel Klondike large tent is provided by two large windows located in the main cabin. The tent also comes with a 10-year warranty that ensures it will serve you for years to come.

The Wenzel Klondike comes in three colors, ranging from $140-180.


CORE 9-Person Extended Dome TentCORE 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

Are you looking for something that occupies a space between the deluxe and bare bone tents? Look no further than the CORE 9 Person Extended Dome large tent. With a rectangular design having a higher midpoint tapering down toward the ends, the tent allows for a large space that can accommodate up to 9 people easily.

It comes with an easy to set-up and easy to remove rainfly depending on the weather, and its large door makes for easy entrance. The venting system of this CORE 9-Person Extended Dome tent quickly removes stale air, so you will never have a suffocating effect even when it’s on full capacity.

Fit 9 people for $150.

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E-Z UP Cube Camping TentE-Z UP Cube Camping Tent

Boost your camping experience with this E-Z UP Cube Camping Tent. Perfect for a barbecue trip at the park or visiting the beach, the 4-walled structure complete with large double doors, a dog door, and windows is a great addition for your existing canopy for creating a camping tent for a family.

The tent is perfect for a group of 5 thanks to its size of 100 square feet but requires an E-Z UP to attach since it’s not a standalone tent. With removable hooks and loop attachments, this E-Z UP Cube Camping Tent is easy to set up and dismantle, so you will have no more breakdown headache.

Purchase it for $170.


NTK Laredo GT Sport TentNTK Laredo GT Sport Tent

Equip yourself with this deceptively big NTK Laredo GT Sport Tent for a group camping experience. With Nano-flex fiberglass poles that bend without breaking, the tent can stand up to fierce winds, and the rainfly not only gives extra protection from the elements, but its stylish design gives the basic standard rectangular layout an appealing and unique profile.

Perfect for extreme camping trips, this tent not only provides rain protection, but the large covered mesh vents provide ventilation while keeping out intrusive bugs. The floor material of this NTK Laredo GT Sport Tent is made from heavy-duty seamless polythene that keeps you dry and protected.

Enjoy it for $240.


Kelty Camp CabinKelty Camp Cabin

Enhance your camping experience with this cabin-like Kelty Camp Cabin large tent. The simple design and high ceiling make for a great cabin feeling that can accommodate a large group of campers, and the massive door provides a perfect view for watching sunsets and admiring the outdoors.

This lightweight tent is easy to transport, and the steel and fiberglass hybrid poles give it a string structure to withstand extreme elements. With windows on all four walls, the Kelty Camp Cabin tent provides perfect ventilation while its high peak height guarantees maximum comfort.

Make it yours for around $175.

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Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person TentColeman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent

Increase your camping capacity with this Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent. With a 6-foot 8-inch height at the center and an overall size measuring 17 x 9 feet, this tent can comfortably accommodate anyone in your camping party. It comes with dormer style windows that provide perfect cross ventilation, and the hinged door is a unique patented feature that makes for easy access and egress.

With a generous rainfly, it is effective for keeping you dry during strong rain, and it is quite affordable for one of the largest tents on the market. Color-coded poles make for easy setup, and the one-year warranty that comes with this Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent gives you the assurance of long service time.

Buy it for approximately $200.


Browning Camping Big Horn TentBrowning Camping Big Horn Tent

Add more space and amenities into your camping experience with this Browning Camping Big Horn tent. The two large doorways allow for easy entry and egress, and the six windows provide excellent ventilation, so you will escape the experience of stale air. The mesh roof that comes with a rainfly cover makes for perfect basking on a sunny day and protection on wet conditions.

The tent comes with a few internal storage pockets for stashing small gear, and its fiberglass pole scheme makes for easy set-up. With a 7.25-inch high center, this Browning Camping Big Horn tent provides plenty of headroom for the comfort of the tallest campers.

This two-room tent is available for $280.

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OZARK Trail Family CabinOZARK Trail Family Cabin

Go for the extraordinary with this OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent. This tent provides for a home away from your home thanks to its visuals of a small home with porch-framed windows and a front door that provides for easy entry and exit and perfect ventilation.

Optional division of the inner space into three rooms enhances the degree of privacy for parents and the kids, taking out the awkwardness associated with most camping trips. It also comes with a rainfly with taped seams, giving you extra protection during heavy rains.

Pick up this three-room tent for $140.


Nemo Wagontop TentNemo Wagontop Tent

Create an excellent adventure with this Nemo Wagontop large tent. Perfect for anyone focusing more on the sheer interior room than the adventure side of things, this beefy tent can comfortably accommodate more than 5 people thanks to its high ceiling that creates comfort for tall campers.

With a simple design that makes up for easy set-up and breakdown, the tent makes for a homelike camping experience, and the large screen windows located on all sides provide excellent ventilation and a perfect view of the outside. The windows have interior window covers, enhancing privacy. The Nemo Wagontop comes in fun colors to enhance the appeal.

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass TentMountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

Enjoy your group camping experience with the Mountain Trails Grand Pass tent. Coming in a modified dome design that houses 4 to 5 adults easily, this great looking tent gives a modern feel. It has plenty of headroom thanks to the high midpoint of the dome design, and several windows enhance cross ventilation. With a large door, the tent provides enough room for easy entry and egress.

This expensive-looking tent is easy to set up and dismantle, and the ability to subdivide the interior space creates privacy to accommodate parents and teens or different family groups. This Mountain Trails Grand Pass tent comes with a welded polyethylene floor to keep you dry throughout your camping experience and only costs $130.


SEMOO Water Resistant Tent

For an excellent dome to accommodate groups of 4 campers, go for this SEMOO Water Resistant tent. Made from polyester and fiberglass, the tent is durable, and it comes with a convenient carrying bag for easy transportation further enhanced by its lightweight.

The tent comes in a modern design that makes for easy access and perfect ventilation thanks to its large mesh D-style door and numerous windows. The SEMOO Water Resistant tent features internal pockets for keeping items organized and a lantern hook for perfect positioning of the light source at night.

Plus, it costs less than $100.

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Vango Capri 600XL TentVango Capri 600XL Tent

Step up your camping expedition with this Vango Capri 600XL tent. With a capacity to accommodate 6 people, the tent is designed to look like a large living room and two sleeping units together with a covered porch area. The division gives each person extra space for great comfort for heat inside the tent. Its pole design is unique; apart from the classic porch pole, the rest of the poles are inflatable air beams.

The dark restroom enhances the comfort of the sleeping rooms with it reduced glare, and the huge PVC windows enhance ventilation. The Air beam technology equips the tent with an air pump for easy and quick inflation, and the pre-attached front extension provides generous extra space.

Enjoy this unique tent for $750.


Ozark Trail 12-Person TentOzark Trail 12-Person Tent

Are you looking for a large area to accommodate more people while on your camping trip? Then this Ozark Trail 12-Person Tent is perfect for you. The hemispherical tent has a large area of 201 square feet to accommodate up to 12 people, and a peak height of 92 inches creates comfort for standing inside the tent. The single-layer design of the tent is supported by added poles to form the outer layer, which eliminates the need for an extra fly.

With two doors combined with eight windows and mesh and sipped panels, the tent gives excellent ventilation and comes with an integrated light system for effective lighting. The fiberglass poles of this Ozark Trail 12-Person Tent create a stable and strong structure, protecting you from the elements while remaining lightweight.

You can buy this 12-Person tent for $175.

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Enhance your camping experience with the refined and perfected design of this HIMALAYA Yurt large tent. Capable of housing 8-12 people, the rounded shape prevents tripping episodes while moving inside the tent and provides for greater wind absorption and dispersal as compared to rectangular tents. The rounded shape also allows maximum space utilization.

It has a high center point, which allows tall people to stand up inside, and the mesh windows allow for excellent ventilation while still preventing bugs from accessing the interior. With its contracted support structure, the HIMALAYA Yurt is convenient and simple to assemble while still ensuring firmness and stability.

Get this unique tent for $520.


Standing Room Family TentStanding Room Family Tent

Stand tall while camping with this Standing Room Family Tent. With a height of 8.5 feet, the tent allows the tallest person to stay upright without slouching, and upright poles support the corners to ensure that you can move around it with ease. Made from a heavy-duty polyester material, this tent is perfect for a weatherproof camping experience.

This uniquely designed waterproof tent is still easy to put up thanks to the clear instructions that save you unnecessary guesswork. The tent comes with four big doors that allow for easy entry and exit while the two zipped skylights provide enough ventilation to keep the inside air from getting stale.


Americ Empire CabinAmeric Empire Cabin

Looking for the best new item on the market? Check this Americ Empire Cabin Tent. Perfectly made for a large group of campers, the 210 square feet in this tent can accommodate all your friends or family comfortably, and the division into three rooms provides for better organization and privacy of separate families of parents and kids.

The tent comes with fiberglass roof poles and strong steel leg poles to provide for great stability. Despite its minimal rainfly, the tent has a good waterproof rating that ensures that you and company will be kept dry throughout your trip. This Americ Empire Cabin tent comes with two entry doors and six windows with zippers to offer great ventilation and easy access.

Fit 12-13 people for $240.



Get additional tent features for group camping trips with this ALPHA CAMP Tent. Comfortably accommodating a dozen people, the tent comes with a screen room that provides bug-free lounging and a camping porch, and its wide floor space combined with an 80-inch center height gives enough room to fit three queen-sized air beds for greater comfort. The tent is made from advanced material with a sealed floor seam that blocks out moisture and leakages. It also comes with room dividers to ensure privacy between families or parents and the kids, and the reflective tent rope makes it perfect for night camping.

With a large D-style door that provides for easy access and five windows that allows for excellent ventilation, this tent gives new meaning to the word comfort. The top mesh panel offers added ventilation and a chance for basking on a sunny morning. It comes with a carry bag that makes for easy storage and transportation while its one-year warranty ensures against manufacturing defects. Wind resistance is ensured in this ALPHA CAMP Tent thanks to the high-grade steel poles. It also comes with two large side pockets that help you keep your smaller items organized.

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