The 10 Best Four Season Tents

As it gets colder outside, you may feel tempted to just curl up on a couch in your warm living room and wait for the seasons to change. Camping in winter, when the outside seems so chilly and unwelcoming, may feel like a terrible idea, especially if you’re one of those people who doesn’t tolerate low temperatures very well. However, before you put away your camping gear and find a nice spot on the couch to wait for spring to come, consider this: every time you postpone a camping trip because of the cold, you are missing out on dozens of unique sightings and experiences. Of course, you can still catch up on some of them in summer and spring, but nature is beautiful during every season, and it is definitely worth seeing during the colder seasons.

If you’re looking to buy a new four seasons tent to provide shelter during all your camping adventures, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 10 Best Four Season Tents.

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian Three Person Four Seasons TentALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian Three Person Four Seasons Tent

The Tasmanian from ALPS Mountaineering is a great tent that’s definitely worth every cent you pay for it. The outside of the tent is water-resistant, so you’ll be safe from all kinds of precipitation. If you plan to use your new four seasons tent in summer, you’ll appreciate that the Tasmanian is also UV-resistant, protecting the people and animals inside from harmful UV rays.

The tent is designed to be as user-friendly as it gets. Inside, you get a loft area to store your camping gear and clothes. In addition, there’s also a vestibule area that makes entering the tent easy and provides additional storage space for those who must have everything they could possibly need on a camping trip. And if even that’s not enough, there are some mesh pockets along the sides of the tent that can hold a great deal of smaller items.

Assembling the tent is pretty easy and requires minimal effort. Despite that, it still offers impressive weather protection, with a thick warmth-isolating coating covering the floor and the sides of the tent. Overall, this is a solid four seasons tent that will serve you for years and provide safety on your winter adventures.

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Black Diamond Eldorado Four Seasons TentBlack Diamond Eldorado Four Seasons Tent

If you’re ready to up the ante and invest more into your new four seasons tent, you may want to consider this one. The Eldorado tent from Black Diamond is lighter and more compact than the Tasmanian, but that comes at a cost; it only fits two people and doesn’t have that much storage area. Still, it makes a lot of sense to go for the Eldorado model if you only camp with your significant other and don’t expect to take your kids on outdoor adventures any time soon.

The Black Diamond Eldorado is a rather minimalistic tent, but it has everything you need to spend a night out in the wilderness comfortably. The walls of the tent are made from super durable fabric that’s water-resistant and will keep the warmth inside your shelter. There’s an additional ground cloth available for purchase from Black Diamond if you need to camp in truly extreme weather conditions, but otherwise, the tent’s own floor coating should be enough. There are four vents strategically placed around the tent areas so you can always let some fresh air in if it gets stuffy inside.

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Marmot Thor Four Seasons TentMarmot Thor Four Seasons Tent

The freestanding four season tent from Marmot is a good option for campers and mountaineers who intend to spend several nights out in very rough weather conditions. The Thor tent is supported by six poles, which might be a bit of a hassle to carry around, but you’ll be glad you have them once you’re able to enjoy warmth and safety inside your tent during a snowstorm. It goes without saying that the walls of the tent are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about snow or rain getting inside the tent and waking you up or ruining some of your possessions.

The knees pole system designed by Marmot for the Thor tent allows for extra internal space around the poles that can be used to store your gear. This is a large camping tent that can accommodate three people comfortably, so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures with your partner, a couple of friends, or even a small family.


MSR Access One Four Seasons TentMSR Access One Four Seasons Tent

People who are into exploring the great outdoors alone don’t really need a spacious tent with plenty of storage space and legroom. If you go into the wilderness on your own, your main tent concern is likely portability since you need to carry all the equipment and gear you might need during your trip. Fortunately, you can get the MSR Access One tent and have a lightweight, portable shelter that doesn’t compromise on quality and safety.

This tent is extremely good at keeping warmth inside, so it can save you from freezing even in the coldest of nights. Being light and portable, it is probably not the best tent to withstand strong winds, so you might want to consider a different model if your camping adventures take you to windy locations. The MSR Access Two is a two-person tent that’s obviously a little heavier than the One model, but it does offer more stability. Also, the MSR Access tents don’t have any ventilation flaps, so they might be a little too warm for summer camping.

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Exped Venus III Four Season TentExped Venus III Four Season Tent

If you’re all about efficiency, this four season tent could be right up your alley. The free-standing flat pole sleeves that were created by Exped specifically for the Venus tents allow for extremely fast setups even if it is windy outside. If you’ve ever tried to assemble a tent in stormy weather with gloved hands, you know how important an easy setup can be. With the Venus III tent, your shelter will be up and ready in a matter of minutes, providing warmth and protecting you from the elements.

This four season tent is easily large enough for two campers, but if you don’t have a lot of gear to store inside and are willing to sacrifice some personal space, it can also accommodate a third person. The tent has two doors and dedicated ventilation flaps to keep the air inside fresh and pleasant. The gearlofts inside are ideal for storing smaller camping equipment and personal items, such as headlamps, books, sunglasses, and anything else you might need on your camping trip.


MSR Elixir 2P Four Seasons TentMSR Elixir 2P Four Seasons Tent

We really think that there’s no better solution than the MSR Elixir two-person tent for campers on a tight budget. This tent may not be suitable for extreme weather conditions, but it does withstand even the strongest winds remarkably well, especially given its price. You can use it in winter and even camp on snow as long as you have a warm sleeping bag. The tent is very spacious, providing enough space for two people and all camping gear they can carry. You’ll feel comfortable inside the MSR Elixir even if you’re taller than six feet, which is not something we can say about all the tents we’ve reviewed.

The MSR Elixir tent is also very compact and lightweight, making it a good option for a lone camper. It’s fairly easy to assemble, so it won’t take you much effort to build your shelter after a long day of hiking, climbing, or simply relaxing in the wild. All in all, this is a great tent that offers all the necessary features at an attractive price without compromising on the quality.


The North Face StormBreak 2 Four Seasons TentThe North Face StormBreak 2 Four Seasons Tent

Going even further down the budget lane, here’s a tent that won’t cost you a fortune yet delivers a lot of bang for the buck. The StormBreak 2 is marketed as a tent for two people, but it is quite narrow, so we find it might be more of a single-person tent, especially if you’re larger than an average person. Then again, if you’re camping with your partner or a close friend and don’t mind giving up a good deal of your personal space, the StormBreak 2 is enough to fit two people as well. The tent is also quite high, so you’re going to have a lot of headroom when sitting up and getting dressed.

As a matter of fact, we’d probably advise you to share this tent with another camper so that you can take turns carrying it. The affordable price of the StormBreak 2 means that the manufacturer had to use heavier materials to provide proper warmth isolation and protection from the elements. As a result, the tent turned out to be quite heavy. It’s not too bad, especially if you’re in reasonably good shape, but it still might be a little too much to carry just for yourself.

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Big Agnes Shield 2 Four Seasons TentBig Agnes Shield 2 Four Seasons Tent

We believe that camping should be accessible to anyone regardless of their budget, which is why we are including this Big Agnes tent on our list. Big Agnes is known for making awesome quality three seasons tents, but the Shield 2 model is actually marketed as a four seasons tent. We wouldn’t really recommend using this tent in snow storms or any other kinds of extreme weather conditions, but if you just want to comfortably spend a night or two outside in a moderately cold climate, this could be the tent for you.

The Shield 2 is very lightweight and can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes, which could be a lifesaver if all you want after an active day outside is a place to grab some food and get a good night’s rest. The tent is large enough to accommodate two people if they are okay with a rather snug “fit.” The walls and floor are made from quality materials that will protect you from cold, rain, and wind. The Shield 2 tent has a single door and dedicated ventilation flaps for better air quality inside the tent.

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Camppal Four Seasons Mountaineering TentCamppal Four Seasons Mountaineering Tent

Completing our lineup of good budget tents, here’s a one person tent that somehow manages to provide amazing quality while only costing a fraction of what you’d have to pay for most other tents on this list. We’re not saying that this tent is ideal, as it obviously has some shortcomings, but all things considered, it’s a very good option for a single camper on a tight budget.

The tent is reasonably lightweight, which is important given that you’ll definitely have to carry it on your own (there’s just no way that two people can fit into this tent). It is spacious enough for one averagely built person and could feel a little too cramped if you’re very tall. This is a waterproof tent and provides a decent amount of protection from the wind, so you should be fine using it on snow as long as you have a good sleeping bag.


MSR Stormking Four Seasons TentMSR Stormking Four Seasons Tent

Being able to take your whole family to the great outdoors is great, but it does come with a hefty price tag. The MSR Stormking is a great tent that can easily provide shelter for up to five people (make it four if you have lots of gear and equipment), shielding them from the wind, snow, rain, and cold. Considering its price, this tent should be seen as a long-term investment into your camping hobby.

If you’re sure that your family is not going to give up on winter camping after a single attempt, you can get this tent and be sure that it’s going to offer you shelter on camping trips for years and years to come. This summer and winter tent has two vestibules, both of which can be used to store gear. Alternatively, you can leave one of them free and have your kids hang out there so that they don’t get in your way while you’re packing stuff or cooking. Altogether, the MSR Stormking is a high-quality tent that’s not afraid of the elements and can become your family’s best friend for dozens of camping trips.


Why Get a Four Season Tent?

We don’t urge you to just grab whatever equipment you have on hand and rush out into the wilderness, because camping during fall or winter may be dangerous. Cold weather, combined with a high probability of snow, rain, and strong winds, is not something you can just brush off and ignore. The rule of threes clearly states that you can only survive for three hours without proper shelter in extreme weather conditions. While this rule should mostly be applied to really adventurous camping trips, it is still true that your health might be seriously affected by a night spent in a cold environment without a proper tent to keep you warm.

This is why we recommend that you only go camping in winter if you have a high-quality four seasons tent that can protect you from anything the weather throws at you.