Smaller, Faster: Anker Nano II Charger Outruns Competition

The Nano II is the newest Anker charger, and Anker has done a lot to make sure it’s the only charging block in your EDC loadout. The high-speed charging block is 58% smaller than an original USB-C charger, and the plug folds to make it even more compact. It also packs a punch, juicing up various Apple and Android devices as fast or faster than their original chargers. To turn an ever-more-familiar phrase, the future of device charging is here.

anker nano ii charger

The Latest Ultra-Fast Anker Charger

The Anker Nano II charges a wide variety of devices fast. It can take a 2020 MacBook Pro from 0 to 100% in less than 2 hours. The same task with the stock 30W USB-C charger takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, based on user reports.

Its iPhone 12 performance is even more impressive — Anker claims the Nano II charges the device three times faster than the stock 5W cable. That claim was uncorroborated at the time of writing, but the wattages do check out.

Anker swaps ordinary silicon for gallium nitride (GaN) to both speed up and trims down the Nano II. I wish I could use the same expedite-and-shrink method for my workload, but for now, it appears I’ll just have to be content with fast device charging.

Anker Nano II Compatibility

Anker seems most proud of the Nano II’s performance with iOS devices, but it works with a wide array of tech. It supports notebooks and tablets from Microsoft, Google, Dell, HP, and beyond. The charger also supports models later than and including iPhone 8, Samsung Note10, and Galaxy s9. Google Pixel 3 is on the list, as are AirPods and even Nintendo Switch.

If you’re a wireless charger type, you can plug Anker’s magnetic wireless charger into the Nano II with a USB-C cable.

nano ii laptop to wall

Fully Charged: Choices, Purchasing

First of all, if you want a Nano II right away, you need to act fast. At the time of this writing, orders placed before June 5 will ship by June 5, but orders after that will wait up to 3 weeks. For those dates, only the 30W ($30 MSRP) and 45W ($35 MSRP) versions of the Anker charger are available.

You’ll need to furnish your own cable, but that seems like a small penance for the best EDC charging block we’ve seen.


anker nano ii chargerNano ii block plugged inanker nano ii charger