AirPods Max Golden Black – A Headset for Royalty

Are you a shameless patrician? Do you frequently attend upper-echelon functions such as cotillions, where you must impress debutantes and aristocrats with lavish displays of egregious monetary wealth? Do you enjoy the feeling of exotic leather touching your face? Just one more question, we promise: do you need headphones that further amplify these lifestyle characteristics? If so, pontificate no further: Caviar Royal Gift has formulated the AirPods Max Golden Black just for you.

So unlock your music library (which most likely bursts with avant-garde, socially-relevant acts like Bastille and Avicii) with your retinal scanner and get ready to let AirPods Golden Black whisk you away from your real-world capitalist paradise to a proverbial sonic one.

airpods max golden black

AirPods Max Golden Black: It’s Not What’s Inside That Counts

What is AirPods Max Golden Black? It’s a set of Apple AirPods. But what matters is that this cranial accessory contains 750 grams of pure gold and is dressed with “rare black crocodile leather.”

If you’re the kind of person who’s excited by the idea of “rare leather” wireless earbuds, follow us right this way.

Headphones Under $500!? Were You Born in a Trash Can?

Cruise on over to Caviar Royal Gifts to order AirPods Max, the accessory that promises to both elicit servile fawning from your rarefied cohort and drown out the inane things that constantly come from their mouths. Don’t know how? Caviar Royal Gifts provides you with a personal consultant to help you every step of the way. Only $108,000, please.


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