Power Bank: 12 Best Portable Chargers

You have switched your phone to low battery mode and turned down your phone’s brightness. You keep praying that the smartphone gods will allow your ever-dwindling battery to survive until you reach somewhere you can find an outlet for your charger. Unfortunately, your efforts are fruitless, and your phone gives up the battery survival ghost. If you are smartphone owner, this is a familiar scenario. As such, a portable charger is a wise investment. You can find a variety of portable chargers in the market, with some the same size as chapsticks. You can also find larger ones that are also portable.

The number of times that you can charge your phone using the charger depends on your phone’s capacity as well as that of the portable charger. The capacity is measured in milliampere hours. If you want to know how many times the device will charge your phone without running out of charge, you can divide the capacity of the charger with that of your phone. Depending on the device you want to charge, you might need to carry a separate charging cable since not all chargers are compatible. So, check your connections before you purchase a portable charger.

Looking to buy a portable charger to use for your devices? Here are the 12 best portable chargers you can buy. Be sure to check how many ports they have so that you can charge more than one device at a time.

RAVPower Portable External Battery ChargerRAVPower Portable External Battery Charger

This versatile device has three charging ports. It has two USB ports, both of which are rated 2.4A, but one supports Qualcomm’s quick charging 3.0 technology. One of the ports is USB type-C, and it has a capacity of 3A for charging your phone, tablet, or laptop. There is a large power button at the top that has four blue LEDs, which display the remaining power.

You will not only enjoy the luxury of charging devices with USB type-C or QC 3.0, but you can charge it using either. That means you can bring your devices up to full charge easily. The charger comes with two tangle-free USB cables, but there isn’t a USB type-C cable inside. You will also get a soft, mesh bag.

Although the RAVPower Power Bank Charger is not the most portable in the market, it is impressively light and compact for its capacity. It is, therefore, an ideal solution for travelers who have multiple gadgets. It guarantees about five full charges for a typical smartphone. It may also charge an iPad and leave some balance. It is ideal for people who value speed and have devices that support QC 3.0 and Type-C USB cables.

  • Capacity: 20,100mAh
  • Outputs: 3 ports (Type-C 3A, QC 3.0 2.4A, and 2.4A)
  • Weight: 377g (13.3oz)


Moshi IonSlim Portable External Battery ChargerMoshi IonSlim Portable External Battery Charger

If you are into aesthetics, you will love how this svelte charger looks and feels. It is only 8.5 millimeters thick, and its aluminum finish is quite exquisite. It has two ports; one is USB-A, and the other is USB-C. The two ports have a total output of 3A (15 watts). The USB-C port also charges the slim. When you buy the portable charger, you get a 6-inch reversible USB-A to USB-C.

Next to the two pots, there is a power button and a four-LED array that shows the remaining power. It does not allow you to charge two devices at once, but you may charge your phone via the USB-A, and the battery pack through USB-C. The battery charger has a capacity to recharge an average smartphone at least once.

  • Capacity: 5,150mAh
  • Output: 2 ports (Type-C and USB-A 3A total)
  • Weight: 143g (5.04oz)


ZeroLemon ToughJuice Rugged Portable ChargerZeroLemon ToughJuice Rugged Portable Charger

If you want a portable power supply that will give you enough charge to sustain a one week in the wilderness, you should get the ZeroLemon ToughJuice Rugged Portable Charger. It’s quite heavy and big, but it’s the price you pay for the 30,000mAh capacity. It is designed to do well in the outdoors, so it has a dual layer plastic cover that absorbs shock and covers the four ports to keep them clean.

It can charge up to four gadgets at a go with a shared output of 6A. The round power button at the top with four LEDs will show you the power that’s remaining. You will get one micro USB cable in the package box, but there are two micro USB ports to help you charge this up faster. This is a positive factor, especially considering that it might take up to 24 hours to fill up a charge when using a single charger. The charger is not suitable for everyone, but if you are going for a trip in a large group, it is ideal.

  • Capacity: 30,000mAh
  • Outputs: 4 ports (2 x 2A and 2 x 1A)
  • Weight: 400g (14.1oz)


Carved Wood Power BankCarved Wood Power Bank

The Carved Wood Power Bank is among the most attractive portable chargers in the market today. It has a soft frame that is covered with black plastic and an ebony layer on the bottom. The charger offers a broad range of quality finishes, some of which are designed by talented artists; others consist of pure wood grain while others have a blend of colored resin and natural wood grain.

With regards to functionality, the mobile power bank is quite straightforward. You will get enough power to charge the smartphone fully at once. There is a single USB port rated at 2.1A. All the components and connection rest on one end, including the recessed power button, the USB port for charging your phone, and the micro USB that charges the power bank.

  • Capacity: 6,000mAh
  • Outputs: 1 port (2.1A)
  • Weight: 140g (5oz)


Mophie Powerstation PlusMophie Powerstation Plus

The Mophie Powerstation Plus is chic and packed with handy features. It has a capacity of 6,000mAh, which you can use to charge an average smartphone t least once. There is a built-in cable that has a USB connector. You can use your wires on the second USB port, which you can use to charge two devices at once.

Charging speeds can reach 2.1A, such that there’s no QC support, but it can charge many devices quickly. It won’t support pass-through charging, so when you plug it into an outlet and your phone, it charges your phone first and then proceeds to the battery pack. The power button that displays the remaining power is on the side along with four white LEDs.

The charger is very slim, similar to a smartphone’s profile but a little thicker. The metallic finish comes in many colors, such as rose gold, gold, and space gray. It is suitable for people who want an affordable device that comes with multiple features.

  • Capacity: 6,000mAh
  • Output: 1 built-in cable and 1 port (2.1A)
  • Weight: 160g (5.65oz)


Jackery Bar Portable ChargerJackery Bar Portable Charger

The Jackery Bar Portable Charger claims to be the smallest portable power bank yet. Its 2.1A output means that it can easily charge the latest smartphones at a decent speed via its only USB port. There is a micro USB port that charges up, and it comes with a cable but no plug. There are also three LED plugs that show the remaining charge. It also blinks when the charge is too low. You have to tap the power button, however, to check the remaining status or turn it on.

If you want to use the LED flashlight, all you need t to do is to click the power button twice. The device is portable, and you can easily slip it into your bag or pocket. You can hold it comfortably regardless of the heat. You can select from the array of colors available, including orange, gray, and black. It can charge a high-end Android phone multiple times.

  • Capacity: 6,000mAh
  • Outputs: 1 port (2.1A)
  • Weight: 154g (5.44oz)


Zendure A2 Portable ChargerZendure A2 Portable Charger

The Zendure A2 Portable Charger is the smallest among the Zendure products. It manages to hold a lot of power in its compact frame. Considering that it’s durable and has a crush proof design, you can use it for any adventures you have planned. There is a 2.1A USB port and another micro USB port at the top. The USB for this charger has a capacity that enables you to charge both the power bank and a smartphone simultaneously.

There are four LED lights and a small power button that show the remaining power. It usually turns on and off automatically when you plug in the charger. The power button is only for displaying the remaining charge.

You will receive a short cable inside the package, along with a cloth carrying pouch. It is incredibly portable and holds a charge correctly. Zedure claims that the device contains 95 percent of the load after six months of standby. You may also purchase larger sizes that have a more significant capacity and more ports if that interest you. The A2, however, is appropriate if you require a small and tough charger to carry you through a few days.

  • Capacity: 6,700mAh
  • Outputs: 1 port (2.1A)
  • Weight: 136g (4.8oz)


Aukey Slimline Portable ChargerAukey Slimline Portable Charger

The Aukey Slimline Portable Charger holds enough capacity to deliver more than three full charges for an iPhone 8, and two charges for a Samsung Galaxy s8. It has two ports, one of which is rated 1A and the other 2A. It allows you to charge two devices simultaneously at a combined charge of 2A. Unfortunately, it does not have the quick charging feature of the newer Aukey models. It’s technology adjusts the output automatically depending on your device, though, so it should be able to charge quickly.

The design is lightweight and straightforward. It is surprising to see how compact it is, especially considering the amount of charge it packs. It is 2.9 inches by 4.6 inches, so it can fit comfortably inside your bag or pocket. When you tap the four LED lights on the side, you bring them to light, and each represents 25 percent of the remaining battery.

Besides the charger, you will also receive a micro USB cable inside the package. The manufacturer offers a 24-month warranty. The negative aspect of this charger is that it takes eight hours to charge fully, so you have to leave it overnight before going on a trip.

  • Capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Output: 2 ports (2A and 1A)
  • Weight: 189g (6.66oz)


RAVPower Universal Power Bank Travel ChargerRAVPower Universal Power Bank Travel Charger

If you want to charge any device in the room, accept nothing less than this charger. Although it is debatable whether the charger is portable or not, the larger size comes with its advantages. It has an unbeatable 27,000mAh capability that offers something that no other power bank can. It also has an AC outlet that allows you to plug in a TV or a laptop.

Besides the 100W outlet, the charger also supports a type-C output at 3A, along with other two additional USB ports that offer 2.4A each. You can quickly charge two phones and a MacBook at once if you wish to. There is a standard LED array in blue that shows the remaining power, and there are another 8 LEDs instead of the expected 4. It has a DC input at 1.6A that helps it recharge much faster than other portable chargers.

Although you will enjoy versatility with this beast, it is quite huge and heavy. You do get two micro USB cables, a travel pouch, and an adapter alongside the device.

  • Capacity: 27,000mAh
  • Outputs: 4 ports (1 AC at 100W 0.9A, 1 Type-C at 3A, 2 USB at 2.4A each)
  • Weight: 861g (30.4oz)


Zilu Smart Power Portable ChargerZilu Smart Power Portable Charger

The Zilu Smart Power Portable Charger is very portable, so much so that you can easily slip it in your pocket or bag. There is only one port that’s rated at 2A. It also features a power button and some LED lights that alert you to the remaining power. There is also a built-in flashlight. The manufacturer guarantees you at least 1000 cycles and provides a two-year warranty with the device.

You can also charge the Zilo while charging your phone. If you’re into colors, you will be glad to know that you can select pink, white, or black for this model. A micro USB cable for charging is included.

  • Capacity: 4,400mAh
  • Output: 1 port (2A)
  • Weight: 82g (2.88oz)


iMuto Smart power Portable ChargeriMuto Smart power Portable Charger

If you are looking for a charger with a large capacity, then the iMuto Smart power Portable Charger might be your ideal option. It offers a 30,000mAh capacity that is large enough to charge an average smartphone more than six times and still have some charge balance. It also has the capacity of charging laptops and MacBooks too. Check, however, whether it is compatible with your computer before you purchase it.

Considering its large capacity and low cost, it might be difficult for you to find a better deal than the iMuto.

  • Capacity: 30,000mAh
  • Output: 3 ports (2A)


Anker Power Portable ChargerAnker Power Portable Charger

The Anker Power portable charger is another great pick if you are looking for a high-capacity charger that recharges quickly. Another advantage is that it can charge laptops too. Anker’s flagship can be said to be brute because of the brushed metal finish and a wide selection of ports. You can charge three devices simultaneously.

The 26,800mAh capacity is quite massive as well, and we were able to charge an iPhone X and a MacBook Pro to full charge at one time. You will also enjoy its quick charge feature, considering that it takes less than five hours when using a power delivery cable plug. Unfortunately, the UK models do not feature a plug; only the US variants do.

  • Capacity: 26,800mAh
  • Output: 3 ports (3A)