412-in-1 Arcade Coffee Table – Pac-Man Goes Mid-Century Mod

Did you spend your childhood pocketing quarters and sprinting the arcade whenever possible? The 412-in-1 Arcade Coffee Table is a beautiful custom-built piece to capture nostalgia and create new memories. With 412 classic arcade games built into a traditional mid-century coffee table, this piece is an entertaining addition to any room.412-in-1 arcade coffee table

412-in-1? Yeah, Right.

Remember walking into your first arcade and being completely overwhelmed with options. “Where to start? How will I have enough time to play everything?”

With this table, there’s no rush. Once delivered, you have night after night to crush your Pac-Man high score and more than enough time to try out games you never knew existed. With 412 games to choose from, you’ll never get tired. Why spend your money on a new Xbox? You already have an Xbox; reach into the past with Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Frogger, Tetris, Tempest, Galaga, Raiden, and hundreds more on the 412-in-1 Arcade Coffee Table.

Arcade Coffee Table Aesthetics

While the ruby red joystick and control button trio on opposing sides gives away the coffee table’s real purpose, the table fits into your living room decor and certainly better than it would in a 90’s arcade. There’s no need to hide your new arcade in the game room; even with the arcade controls and LED screen, this mid-century modern coffee table will look at home in your living room.

The coffee tables have beautifully finished wood that stands on four thin but sturdy tapered peg legs or the table is available with hairpin legs. It measures 30 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 24 inches tall, so it sits like a regular coffee table. While you may not be able to pull up chairs and sit like at a desk, a view from above on the couch will give the best view to crush your opponent. Or a perfect height for kids to stand and faceoff their siblings in Donkey Kong.412-in-1 arcade coffee table

It Takes How Many Coins?

The coffee tables are available on Etsy through a seller, NoQuarterArcade. Each table is unique in its creation, but customers have reported excellent experiences with the seller. If you wish to request a custom order, the option is available to you.

The tables vary in price from $2,200 to $2,250, a sturdy price tag, but for a custom coffee table with 412 classic games, it ain’t so bad.

Do expect your order to take between 4 and 6 weeks to build, so if it’s a gift, be sure to plan ahead!

The Genius Behind the Arcade Coffee Table

We’ve all been there; we’ve felt the excitement as the bright lights of an arcade game light up a dim corner tucked in the back of a bar or movie theater. Create that excitement in yourself or a loved one — or watch as you ignite that excitement in your kids with the 412-in-1 Arcade Coffee Table. Not only is it a modern, skillfully built coffee table, but a centerpiece to bring loved ones together.