If witnessing his talent through his Oscar-winning films wasn’t enough, Guillermo del Toro has collaborated with Patrón to design the packaging of their acclaimed tequila. Both del Toro and Partón being born in Jalisco, this creation could be said to have sparked due to this natural connection between them.

A 750ml bottle of tequila from Patróns distillery is elegantly carved into a shape of a human torso bone structure, and rests in the center of this Mexican-themed case. A smaller bottle contains 100ml of orange liqueur, which is intended to be mixed with the tequila. This smaller vessel is designed as the skull at the top of the tequila torso.

The agave-harvest inspired packaging also includes two candles whose intention are to create an environment of consecration while relishing on this tequila.

One can definitely sense del Toro’s influence in this production. There is an overpowering theme of darkness and ominousness from the sculpture of the bottle to the design of the box. Throught, Mexican culture and traditions are brought to life through excellent artisanal quality and creativity.

The medium-amber colored orange liqueur reveals an  aroma composed of vanilla, clove and caramel. Your taste buds will be able to detect the unique mixture of vanilla, honey, dry fruit and nuts with orange. This is the perfect companion to enhance the tequila.

The gracefully aged golden tequila unveils a sweet taste coming from strong fruit and honey influences. Its aroma also denotes dry fruits, nuts and vanilla.

This alliance is an invitation to the dark side, designed for you to embrace and discover your inner tenebrosity.