Stillhouse Classic Vodka: An Unexpected Tennessee Spirit

Does anything say “USA” more than tinkering with cars, a soaring eagle, and a smooth Tennessee whiskey? I can’t think of much. But there is more to the US, of course, including folks who prefer homegrown vodka. That’s why Stillhouse, a young but reputable whiskey producer, entered the vodka market with its premier Classic Vodka.

Packaged in Stillhouse’s distinctive, 100% stainless-steel, 750-ml flask and made using Tennessee-sourced ingredients, this vodka proudly displays its American roots.

Tennessee’s Finest Classic Vodka

Stillhouse Classic Vodka hails from Tennessee. The all-natural, gluten-free vodka comprises 100% estate-grown corn, distilled with water from Tennessee’s limestone aquifers. The limestone naturally filters impurities from the water and imbues it with natural minerals at the same time.

Stillhouse then in-house purifies the vodka by filtering it through sugar maple charcoal, which gives the spirit a smooth, crisp finish. The distiller indicates that the resultant 80 proof (40% ABV) vodka is “America’s Finest.”

Toss It in the Toolbox

Truck bed, cooler, beach bag, climbing pack: Steelhouse’s steel flagon of Classic Vodka is quick to chill and will follow you wherever you may roam. Keep it in your toolbox to wind down after a day under your classic car’s hood. Toss it across the trail without worrying about your partner’s butterfingers. It’s unbreakable and, after a stint in the ice chest, it will cool your nerves until you’ve put that climbing project to bed.

The stainless-steel can exudes a badass, Americana vibe: tough, resilient, unbreakable. The royal blue details stand out against a bone-white background.

Taste the Stillhouse Spirit

Stillhouse pays homage to thrill-seekers and rough riders with its lucid liquor. A Tennessean vodka, an unbreakable canister, and an adaptation of American tradition keep Stillhouse’s vodka close to home, even as its spirit ventures across the unknown.

Order a can of Classic Vodka directly from ReserveBar (select states), or head to Stillhouse’s website to locate a retailer near you. You can expect a 750-ml can to cost around $25.