Swish Cocktail Jigger – A Perfect Shot Without the Mess

You aren’t a true timeless cocktail enthusiast unless you have a deep bench of bar tools at your disposal. And the cocktail jigger bar tool is the piece of equipment that is, perhaps, the most indispensable. Sure, you could use a regular cocktail jigger and spill booze all over the counter like some kind of heathen. Or you could pretend you don’t even know how to use a jigger and simply eyeball the measurements. But you weren’t born in a barn! Be civilized, for Pete’s sake. Learn how to use a jigger, or, even better, learn to use the best we’ve found lately – the Swish cocktail jigger.the swish cocktail jigger in action

The Perfect Shot – Every Time

You are often beholden to preset cocktail jigger measurements – 1 ounce, 1.5 ounces, or 3 ounces. Not so with the Swish, which features measures for all three standard shot sizes. Even better, the Swish gets rid of the spills so common with other cocktail jiggers. That’s because it features an innovative sit-on-top design.

To use the Swish, rest it on top of your cocktail glass (or shaker, or whatever), add the desired amount of liquid, and press down. The Swish dumps liquid into the glass from above. Neat, clean, and dare we say, stylish.

The Swish and its accompanying stand are dishwasher safe, which makes clean-up a snap. Clean design, durable materials, an elegant solution to a common problem – the Swish is product engineering at its best. So get in on the early-bird Kickstarter price for this innovative cocktail jigger – just $24!

Purchasethe swish makes measuring clean and easythe swish features precises measure indicatorsthe swish has built-in cocktail shaker legs for leveling and handsfree