NEFT Small Batch Vodka: Pragmatic Look, Exquisite Spirit

When perusing the many aisles of a liquor surplus store, it’s normal to get a little choice paralysis. Most people have their go-to tipple, but given the scourge of brands, zeroing-in on a type of spirit doesn’t narrow your options down nearly enough. So, left to either fall back on the same-old-same-old label or take a shot in the dark, you, like many, judge an unfamiliar booze by its cover. NEFT small batch vodka will undoubtedly catch your eye.

Packaged in a small black and white barrel, the oilfield-inspired Austrian vodka doesn’t look like anything else on the shelf — or taste like anything else, either.

neft small batch vodka

An Original Concept: NEFT Small Batch Vodka

‘Neft’ is the Russian word for oil. And NEFT small batch vodka is a liquid homage to the unbreakable, tenacious spirit of oilfield prospectors from long ago — right down to the unbreakable miniaturized oil drums that contain it.

Owing to the drums’ ruggedness, portability, and recyclability, NEFT Vodka is the perfect aqua vitae for summer. You know — poolside hangouts and remote camping spots where glass is a no-go. The canister chills quickly and stays that way up to 6 hours — no more warm, cringe-evoking vodka shots — just cold, sweet, and smooth excellence.

Bold, Yet Attainable

The barrel-like vessel is both unsuspecting and untraditional. Choose between a stealthy, black barrel or a bright, white one. NEFT offers both color choices in 100 mL (think double-shot), 750 mL, and 1 L sizes. NEFT also offers its 750-mL drum in a limited-release Pride design.

Patrons in the United States can order any of NEFT’s 750-mL options directly from the distiller for $37 per barrel plus shipping. All three drum sizes of NEFT small batch vodka are available through various local and online liquor retailers — just expect the price to vary according to region and availability.neft ultra premium vodka

A Forgotten Taste

NEFT means small batch business. Each batch is carefully crafted and fine-tuned by the distiller’s nose; no nuance is lost to machine-automated processes.

What’s more, the notes of citrus and vanilla are all-natural, baby. You won’t find a trace of additives or sugars in NEFT. The sweet, rich flavor is a product of the ingredients — four ancient rye varieties and Austrian spring water. For hundreds of years, rye has grown in Lower Saxony, Germany, watered by the North Sea. Varietals of rye include Rapidly, Amato, Pollino, and Askari.

The combination of ryes, naturally filtered spring water from the Rhaetian Alps, and award-winning distillers make for vodka as unique as its appearance.

Gold Medals for the Road

NEFT small batch vodka earned multiple gold medals with their 98-point score from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition — a winning addition to your packing list. It seems this Austrian distiller has succeeded at capturing the Russian wildcat spirit.

And lucky you, it comes in an unbreakable, adventure-ready drum. Moscow Mule on the beach? Yes, count us in.



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