Non-Alcoholic Adventure Conservation Beer (Yep): Dogfish Head Lemon Quest

Delaware’s Dogfish Head is not famous for making non-alcoholic beer. Instead, it’s well-known in the craft brew community for its mega-high ABV brews, some of which contend with the world’s strongest beers. But it’s flipping the script with Lemon Quest, a fruity NA wheat beer that arrives just in time for summer.

Dogfish Head introduces the zesty brew in conjunction with a planet-centric campaign to urge its customers to enjoy the outdoors, with help from The Nature Conservancy’s activist group.

What could be better? Go hang out on your patio, drink a beer and learn more about Lemon Quest; that’s what I’m doing right now.

Summer Brew — Non-Alcoholic

Dogfish Head brews Lemon Quest with a long list of juicy ingredients dripping with nutrients: lemon puree, blueberry juice, acai berries, monk fruit, and sea salt. It calls the result “bright-citrusy” (which is an effective descriptor, if a little cringe-worthy), slightly sweet, and a bit salty, which all sounds pretty good!

Putting citrus and salt in your beer on hot days is an ancient electrolyte-boosting technique — anybody who’s been to Mexico knows what I mean. And the rest of the fruit profile should help vitamins and minerals course through your veins even while you sweat it out in the heat. With no alcohol in the brew, it actually becomes more of a — health drink? Juice?

Lemon Quest is one of a kind, and Dogfish Head engineers it to help drinkers get outdoors.

dogfish head craft brewery’s 1st non-alcoholic beer: lemon quest

Into the Wild: Dogfish Head’s Commitment to Drinking in Nature

Lemon Quest is here just in time for summer 2021, and Dogfish Head strongly encourages drinkers to enjoy the wonders of Planet Earth as they imbibe — even those who aren’t drinking alcohol.

The brewery’s recommendation for such “recreational use” stems from its lauded history of environmentalism. Since 2007, Dogfish Head has donated over $1M to The Nature Conservancy. Most recently, it contributed more than $50K to the group as part of its “Mother Nature, Let’s Do This!” program, which is a challenge to Dogfish Head and beer lovers to support conservation.

All this makes Dogfish Head’s intentions clear: drink, celebrate nature, and be merry.

Green for Go: Non-Alcoholic Lemon Quest Beer Takes Off

Add some zest to your summer vacation with Dogfish Head Lemon Quest, the only bright-citrusy non-alcoholic beer that comes with a stamp of approval from The Nature Conservancy.


dogfish head craft brewery’s 1st non-alcoholic beer: lemon quest