The 15 Best Portable Clothes Dryers

Washing clothes is a chore that we do on a regular basis. It’s something you can’t escape unless you are filthy rich. And while this household chore has become a lot easier to perform thanks to the availability of powerful washing machines, drying clothes especially during winter or the rainy season is another matter. Snowy or rainy days mean you can’t dry your garments. And we all know that the longer that clothes stay wet, the worse the smell will be.

Of course, you can always turn to the traditional tumble dryer for drying out your garments. But there is one major downside to using it a full-size model: clothes tend to get worn out easily when you regularly put them in a large tumbler.

Also, traditional tumble dryers are typically huge appliances that take up a large amount of much space in your home. This can be a problem if you live in a condo, apartment, or a small house. Fortunately, there’s a solution available for you: a portable clothes dryer.

So, are you interested in buying a tumble clothes dryer for your home? We’ll make shopping easier for you by listing the 15 best portable clothes dryers available today.

Panda 2.65 Cubic Feet Compact Laundry Dryer, WhitePanda 2.65 Cubic Feet Compact Laundry Dryer, White

This compact laundry dryer from Panda has an 8.8-pound capacity. It is relatively lightweight at 44 pounds, so it is possible for you to carry it around anywhere you need to. It is the perfect choice for people who live in condos, dorms, and apartments. It can also be brought along on a camping trip.

It measures 23.6 x 17.1 x 27.6 inches. It is compact and should not take up a lot of space in your place. It also comes with a kit for wall mounting it in case you need to do so. It can also be placed side by side with or stacked over a washing machine.

Despite its small frame, however, this laundry dryer can easily and quickly dry clothes, table linens, and sheets. It can dry 3 pounds’ worth of clothes in as little as 30 minutes. A full load of lower than 9 pounds can be dried in around 200 minutes.

It is easy to use, too. Two controls are located on the front panel: one for selecting dryer time and the other, a push button for temperature settings. There are four temperature settings to choose from: air dry (0 to 80 minutes), warm (20 to 120 minutes), hot (120 to 200 minutes), and cool.

There is also a stainless steel drum that ensures this laundry dryer will last for a long time. The removable lint filter facilitates quick and easy cleaning.


Manatee Clothes DryerManatee Clothes Dryer

The Manatee Clothes Dryer is ideal for people who live in small spaces, such as apartment and dorms. It is foldable and thus easy to store, which is important for those who don’t have a lot of space at home. It measures 59 x 30 x 20 Inches.

This is a rack dryer that is capable of holding up to 33 pounds or 15 kilograms of garments. The maximum drying time is 250 minutes. But if you are in a hurry, you can press the quick dry mode, which can dry your clothes in as little as 15 minutes. It also has an eco mode that enables it to dry clothes without causing a spike in your electricity consumption.

It is easy to use as well, with an LCD touch screen and remote control. The wireless remote control can be used within a range of 25 feet. Through this and the LCD touch screen, users can activate the unit’s intelligent temperature control, which can completely eliminate the chances of overheating. It will also automatically turn off once it is done drying out the clothes. It is intelligent enough to prevent overheating.

A key feature of this clothes dryer is its Anion Sterilize mode, which helps in eliminating hazardous airborne particles as well as mold spores, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and dust.


Avalon Bay EcoSpinAvalon Bay EcoSpin

The Avalon Bay EcoSpin is a portable, lightweight, versatile, and money-saving clothes dryer that is capable of drying up to 4.5 pounds of clothes in only a few minutes. It is easy to use, too, and its compact design makes it a good choice for people who don’t have a lot of space in their homes.

Its unique design, which is comparable to a giant salad spinner, enables it to dry clothes within minutes. It doesn’t use electricity to dry clothes. You simply place the clothes inside it, close the lid, and then, turn the crank clockwise. The hand spin cycle is enough to remove excess water from the clothes. The hand crank is easy to turn, even for the elderly. It is free from heating elements that can potentially destroy clothes.

Moreover, it can also be used for washing clothes. After adding up to 5 liters of water and dropping half a tablespoon of detergent to 4.5 pounds of laundry, simply crank away to clean your clothes. Once you are done, use the attached hose to drain and rinse the clothes.

The unit is compact at 13.5 inches in diameter, so it can be stowed away almost anywhere.


Mini Portable Countertop Spin DryerMini Portable Countertop Spin Dryer

The Laundry Alternative’s mini portable countertop spin dryer measures 18 x 13 x 13 inches and weighs a little under 13 pounds. Despite its small frame, it can surprisingly dry garments in as little as 3 minutes. This is one of the best portable spin dryers out there in terms of value for money.

This spin dryer is also easy to use. Simply put the wet clothes inside, close the lid, and turn the knob located up front. In 2-3 minutes, you will get your clothes back only slightly damp.

It doesn’t have the highest load capacity, however, as it can only accommodate about 2 pounds of laundry. This translates to around 2 pairs of jeans per load. It is thus really designed for individuals or small households in need of a compact and energy-efficient portable clothes dryer.


Nina Soft Spin DryerNina Soft Spin Dryer

Measuring 14 x 14 x 24 inches and weighing less than 17 pounds, the Nina Soft Spin Dryer from the Laundry Alternative is one of the most compact clothes dryers around. Despite its small frame, however, this is one powerful unit that is capable of drying up to 12 pounds of garments in under three minutes.

One of the best things about this dryer is its super fast 1800 rpm spin speed. In short, it can quickly and effectively remove water better than most washing machines. And it does so without damaging your garments. Moreover, it is energy efficient compared to most spin dryers as it only consumes around 136 watts.

This dryer is also very easy to use. Once you have put the wet garments inside it, simply slide in the pink safety cover on top and then, plug in the dryer. Close the hatch to activate the spinner and the machine will automatically turn on. To turn it off, simply pull the latch to shut it down automatically and open the lid.

Aside from being lightweight, this spin dryer also comes with a built-in handle designed to make transport easier. It can also keep you from bending. The unit, though, can be a bit noisy and distracting, especially if you live in a small place, such as an apartment or condo.



This can be a stylish and functional addition to your place. This Magic Chef laundry dryer comes with five drying options, superior drying capabilities, and multiple installation methods, making it a great choice for people with limited spaces.

This is not exactly the type of clothes dryer that you can bring on your next camping trip, though, as it weighs around 50 pounds. But measuring 17.1 x 23.6 x 25.6 inches, it does take up minimal space in the house. This free-standing unit can also be mounted on a wall as it comes with a mounting kit.

With a load capacity of 8 pounds, this Magic Chef clothes dryer can dry out clothes in less than an hour. There are two dry settings in this machine to choose from. There is also an eco mode, which can consume minimal electricity. It has a stainless steel drum which can last for many years and the swinging door has a viewing window. The easy-to-set control knob facilitates convenient and timed drying.


Panda Portable Ventless Clothes DryerPanda Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer

This portable and ventless clothes dryer from Panda is easy to use and quiet while in operation. It uses warm air from a motor, evening out creases while leaving garments clean, fresh, and soft. Made of a combination of plastic and metal, this clothes dryer is also quite sturdy and should last for a long time.

This unit is easy to assemble and use. First, hang the garments inside it and then, set the timer dial. The unit will then do the rest by producing gentle warm air to dry the clothes. The unit has a capacity of 22 pounds of clothes. The maximum drying time is 180 minutes although you can dry clothes in 30 minutes.

Once it is done drying, it can be packed away easily for quick and easy storage. The pole can be unscrewed, and the leg popped off the heater. You can then fold the hanging rack for safe storage.

And this clothes dryer is compact, too. Weighing less than 9 pounds and measuring 9.5 x 11.2 x 21 inches, this small clothes dryer should fit in most spaces.


Estink Portable Clothes DryerEstink Portable Clothes Dryer

If you’re looking for a portable clothes dryer that can also be used for drying sneakers, sports gear, and other kinds of garments, then give this clothes dryer bag from Estink serious consideration. It is compact and foldable, too. Its size also means it can be used practically anywhere, from apartments to hotels, gyms, boats, RVs, and hotels.

This clothes dryer measures 11.42 inches by 11.42 inches by 1.97 inches when folded. When unfolded, it remains compact at around 20 inches by 20 inches and 35 inches. The unit can dry up to 5 kilograms of garments. The inner temperature can rise up to 60 degrees Celsius when the hot air pump is working. You can also set the timer from 30 to 180 minutes. It is safe to use because there’s no flame at all used in drying out garments.

Aside from drying out garments, this electric dryer machine can isolate clothes from dust, bacteria, and insects. Aside from being effective in quickly drying clothes, this unit also does so without being too noisy. It is thus an ideal clothing dryer for those living in apartments and condos.


MeyKey Portable Clothes Dryer HeaterMeyKey Portable Clothes Dryer Heater

This portable clothing dryer from MeyKey features an Anion sterilizer that can keep garments free from bacteria, pollen, and other microorganisms. It is also quiet, efficient, and convenient to use.

This is a compact clothing dryer with dimensions of 26.8 x 9.8 x 10.2 inches. The compact size is also more remarkable given that it can also serve as a wardrobe. A key feature is the Anion sterilizer, which enables it to keep your garments free from mildew, bacteria, pollen, odor, and other microorganisms. Hence, you can be assured that your clothes are not only dry but clean.

This unit can accommodate up to 15 kilograms of garments, which would be roughly 12-15 pieces of clothing. It dries garments with temperatures reaching 60 degrees. Despite that, the machine is quite energy efficient as it can save up to 35% energy compared to other clothing dryers. It is safe to use, too, with an auto shut-off function that prevents overheating.


Concise Home Electric Clothes DryerConcise Home Electric Clothes Dryer

This is another electric clothes dryer that takes the form of a wardrobe. It is more convenient to use with a remote control and touch screen display. With two layers, this dryer can take in more clothes. And it does not only keep clothes dry but also clean and smelling good.

This unit measures 28.5 x 9.5 x 8 inches and weighs 8.85 pounds. Made of thick aluminum alloy, this unit has a capacity of 15 kilograms. It features a remote control and touch screen display. Users can choose from two power settings: 650 watts and 1,010 watts. This smart unit can also be set to dry for up to 24 hours. This dryer has two layers and thus can take in more clothes. Users can hang their clothes, towels, socks, and other garments inside it.

But, arguably, the most impressive feature of this clothes dryer is the aroma and anion function. It can sterilize clothes and make them smell fresh and clean. Indeed, this is one of the best portable clothes dryers you can get today.


Ivation 3.21 Cubic Feet Small Compact Portable Ventless Electric DryerIvation 3.21 Cubic Feet Small Compact Portable Ventless Electric Dryer

The Ivation 3.21 cubic feet electric dryer offers rapid drying power, a high load capacity, and convenient and easy operation in one small package. Durable and quiet while in operation, this electric dryer can be an excellent addition to any small home.

This electric dryer weighs 57.8 pounds. While it is not the lightest dryer on the list, finding a place for storing it should not be that hard because of its compact size. It measures 23.4 x 18.9 x 26.4 inches. It should fit easily in most rooms.

Despite the small frame, this electric dryer is robust enough to deliver 1,500 watts of drying power. There are also seven different clothing or load type settings to choose from. The load capacity is also impressive at up to 12 pounds. Having multiple settings available means it can accommodate different load sizes.

This is an easy-to-use, compact electric dryer that can plug into a regular outlet. The unit emits a low 58 decibels, so it should not disturb your neighbors. Its solid outer design, on the other hand, can ensure years of reliable use.


CTT Compact Portable Tumble Clothes Laundry DryerCTT Compact Portable Tumble Clothes Laundry Dryer

This is another tumble clothes dryer with a high load capacity ideal for small families. It also features advanced functions designed to provide convenient and quick drying of clothes. Plus, it is well-designed and built for long years of use.

With a 13-pound capacity, this laundry dryer should be able to take in more clothes than most others on our list. It also features reverse tumble action, resulting in shorter drying time and up to 10% in energy savings. Drying can be completed in around 6 minutes, resulting in tangle free and softer clothes.

This laundry dryer also has a high-temperature cycle that can kill up to 99% percent of household germs and bacteria without using any chemicals. There is also an integrated thermostat designed to monitor as well as control the drying temperature and moisture. The thermostat can also facilitate the adjustment of the drying cycle.

Families with toddlers will find the child lock feature of this laundry dryer handy.

Measuring 23.5 x 19.5 x 26.8 inches, this tumble clothes dryer should also take up minimal space in any room. It can also be installed in different ways, such as wall-mounted or set beside a washing machine.


Costway Electric Tumble DryerCostway Electric Tumble Dryer

This is another powerful, high quality, compact, and portable electric tumble dryer. Aside from being relatively small, this tumble dryer is also noted for its quiet design. And users should have no problems operating this machine as it is simple and easy to operate.

The Costway electric tumble dryer has one of the highest load capacities on this list with a 27- pound clothes capacity. It’s also remarkable that for its size—around 57 pounds—this appliance can churn out 1,500 watts of power. That’s enough to dry clothes even on a cold or rainy day.

With its timer, users can set the time of length for drying. The minimum length of time is 30 minutes. Users can also turn to the extra drying function, which stretches the drying time to 170 minutes.


Haier HLP141EHaier HLP141E

A freestanding tumble clothes dryer, the Haier HLP141E has a high load capacity with a user-friendly interface. This appliance can also be mounted on the wall so that it will not take up any floor space. It also has several advanced features that make it very convenient to use, especially for busy individuals.

This electric clothes dryer has dimensions of 16.8 x 27 x 24.9 inches and a weight of 43 pounds. With its zinc coated steel drum, the machine is built to endure years of use. It features three auto dry cycles: delicate, normal, and heavy-duty. Users can also choose from five timed dry settings and three temperature settings. All these functions can be accessed or activated with the push of a button.


Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer

Last but not least is this washer/dryer combo from Splendide. The dryer is built for RV travel as proven by the inclusion of heavy-duty springs as well as shock absorbers. There is also a durable, stainless steel drum that can ensure this appliance lasting for years. With dimensions of 33 x 23.5 x 22.5 inches, this unit should not eat up much space at home.

Operating this appliance should also be a breeze with the soft touch knobs. And the wide door opening should make the loading of laundry easy as well. There is also a display that shows the drying status. With its powerful 1,200rpm spin, this model can dry clothes up to 20% faster than full-size dryers. This unit has an 11-pound drying capacity.


Things To Know – Portable Clothes Dryers

Portable clothes dryers have certain advantages over your tumble dryer. Given their small size, these units don’t take up as much space as regular tumble dryers. They can also be disassembled for easy and convenient storage. As such, these are ideal for use in small spaces. These compact clothes dryers don’t weigh more than 50 pounds and are thus easier to move around than their larger counterparts. They can be brought from one room to another or transported in an RV for use during camping.

The installation of these units should also not pose a problem. Many of the tumble clothes dryers today don’t require dedicated ventilation. These units can also be connected to a standard 110-volt outlet. Some compact tumble clothes dryers are also designed to perform multiple uses, such as serving as a wardrobe. This can appeal to people who don’t have a lot of space at home.

Compact tumble clothes dryers are also energy efficient. It can be argued that they are even better at energy efficiency than the larger models. Most models also have an eco mode, which further limits electricity consumption without affecting the drying performance. And as you will learn later on, some clothes dryers don’t even need electricity at all.

Of course, you can expect these tumble clothes dryers to dry garments in minutes. Some models can get the job done in 2-3 minutes while others take hours to do so. Moreover, these machines use gentle heat to get the job done. The heat that tumble clothes dryers generate won’t damage your clothes or pose a safety risk.

You might wonder, however, about the load capacity of these portable clothes dryers. Given their compact size, it is not surprising that these machines have a low load capacity. But on the average, the load capacity of compact clothes dryers are around 5 to 6 pounds, which is good enough for small families of 2-3 people.