Cycle: The 12 Best Indoor Spin Bikes

Maybe it’s really cold where you live and you just can’t get motivated to go for a run or to the gym.  Maybe you work from home and don’t feel like you have the time. Don’t worry. You’re doing great. We’re here to help you get motivated and stay home. Imagine watching television or listening to music at home and still being able to get fit. Sounds like a dream, but it’s possible. You can achieve this with a spin bike. Look at the 12 best ones here, and there is bound to be something that will suit you and your needs.

Keiser M3i Indoor BikeKeiser M3i Indoor Bike

This top of the line spinning bike is the latest release from Keiser series and comes with some fabulous features. The Keiser M3i is made of sturdy metal and built to last. With four different settings for the handlebars, the seat is adjustable. It has 24 settings for resistance, for the lazy days or times when you want to ride uphill all day. It also has a magnetic resistance system, so there are no touching parts to wear out or break down. This bike comes with a floor mat, stretch pads, and a media tray. You can connect your smartphone or Bluetooth, and there is a backlit computer screen to monitor all the progress you are making: distance traveled, heart rate, and calories burned, to name a few. It’s the top of the line in this brand, as well as among spin and exercise bikes, so it’s also top of the line for cost.


The Schwinn AC Performance PlusThe Schwinn AC Performance Plus

The name Schwinn and bikes go hand in hand for as long as anyone can remember. They are known for durability, reliability, longevity, and style. If it works for a street bike, then it certainly applies for a spin bike. This bike with its aluminum frame is sturdy, yet light, and is rust-free along with its magnetic system for low maintenance and friction free. Plus, this bike features a belt-drive using Carbon Blue technology, which really means that you can adjust the resistance on the flywheel to get a ride that feels like you are actually outside. The handlebars have a 12-inch range of adjustment for your personal comfort. It requires very little maintenance other than cleaning, and it can fold up for easy storage and is light enough that anyone can do it.


Sunny Health & Fitness Pro SF-B901Sunny Health & Fitness Pro SF-B901

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro bike is a good solid and durable exercise bike that anyone can use. It’s lightweight but trustworthy and dependable. It’s also in a price range many can afford. The handlebars and seat are adjustable, and both are padded for comfort. The seat has a lighter padding, but that can be remedied by adding a gel cover. This bike has a heavy flywheel, so it mimics an outdoor feeling, plus it’s adjustable for resistance to increase or decrease the workout you want. The pedals are very strong and will withstand a great workout, whether you ride standing up or sitting down. It’s a great bike that gets the job done – it’s quiet, smooth, and well within most budgets.


Exerpeutic LX7 Training CycleExerpeutic LX7 Training Cycle

This sturdy, solid bike has great features as well as providing a great workout. It has a higher capacity for a heavier user and the pedals are sturdy enough to allow rider to workout while standing or sitting. Plus, they are designed to be used on either side. The handlebars are are covered in multi-grip foam for comfort and security. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted to suit your body and comfort level, and the feet of the bike can be changed to level out the bike on an uneven surface. It’s a heavier, sturdier bike than some, with a heavy flywheel for greater resistance. The resistance is from an adjustable pad, and there are no numbered increments – just increase as much or as little as you need. It uses a chain drive which will require some attention as to not rust, or loosen. It has a heart rate monitor in the handlebars, and it is priced within a modest budget.


Sole Fitness SB-700Sole Fitness SB-700

Solid, comfortable, heavy-duty, and extremely popular with home gyms and commercial uses and professional classes, this is a perfect bike for all levels of fitness. It is built for exercise, so if that’s your goal, without a lot of bells and whistles, then this is your bike. It comes with an adjustable seat, and the handlebars have adjustments for up and down, plus forward and backwards. It has an LCD console to track all your progress, time, distance, and speed, and you can also track your heart rate. With a heavy flywheel for stronger resistance and durability, it’s a comfortable bike so you can remain on it as long as you need for the perfect workout.


The Peloton BikeThe Peloton Bike

The Peloton bike is also made with a magnetic system, which is good – it means less wear and tear. It consists of hearty and sturdy metal and an aluminum frame for solid performance and security. The resistance is magnetic, rather than pads or metal, so parts last longer and need less maintenance. It’s a smooth ride and very quiet, perfect for not disturbing other members in the house. One of the top features of the Peloton bike is it’s 21-inch monitor on the front. It has built-in speakers, camera, and microphone. It also has Bluetooth, audio, WiFi, and wireless heart rate connectors. The best part of all this technology is that you can connect to live classes, watch one you recorded, or even host your own class remotely. You can record and save all your progress and other related data.


Spinner S7 Indoor Cycling BikeSpinner S7 Indoor Cycling Bike

This bike is built by the originators of the spin bike – it’s built for indoors, and it’s built for home use. This bike is also built to take a punch. Sturdy steel frame and stabilizing bars will keep this bike firmly in place while you pedal to your heart’s content, sitting or standing. You can also adjust all four of the feet of the Spinner S7 to keep it level and steady. The seat and handlebars are adjustable, and the seat will move back and forth or up and down, the handlebars to the height you are most comfortable with. The seat is well-padded and wider than standard seats. The resistance on the flywheel has increments so you can grow with the adjustments to reach the peak level, or just coast on the days you need to take it a bit easier. The resistance is done with a knob that pushes directly on a leather pad, so wear and tear will be a consideration. However, the leather will last a lot longer.


Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle BikeDiamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle Bike

The Diamondback Fitness bike is one of the best for the magnetic flywheel resistance system. The magnetic resistance makes for a quiet, smooth ride, and makes this bike very popular for home use. Another great feature is the built-in computer, offering 16 levels of resistance, 14 preset cardio exercise programs, and another 12 programs pre programmed. You can track your heart rate with the adjustable handlebars, and the computer will keep track of your speed, distance, calories burned, and your workout time. The seat is well padded and adjustable for comfort and for speed. A good, sturdy steel frame keeps it secure and balanced.


Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycling BikeBladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycling Bike

Another popular choice for home use, the Bladez Fitness Fusion has a sleek design with adjustable racing style handlebars, that move back and forth and up and down, for your comfort and longevity. The seat is also adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for everyone using the equipment. There are adjustable feet to stabilize the bike regardless of the surface. It has removable toe pockets for the petals, and the LCD console will keep track of your speed, distance, calories burned, and time. It has a braking system, in case you need to stop and get off the bike quickly. It is very easy to ride and maintain, and is one of the more affordable choices for home spin bikes.


FitDesk v3.0FitDesk v3.0

Wait, what? I can actually ride my desk? I can work and workout at the same time? Yes. You’ve heard the saying that sitting is the new smoking, so here is FitDesk to solve that for you. All you multitaskers should love this piece of equipment. This desk bike is very light weight and takes up almost no space at all. The workspace is slip-free and large enough for any laptop, plus it has desk extensions, for those days you need more elbow room. It has a slot for your tablet, if that’s how you prefer to work. The bike itself is not as heavy duty as most, but you don’t need that much of a workout while you’re working. It provides eight magnetic resistance levels, plus it comes with resistance bands to work your arms, back, and chest. The bike is quiet due to the twin belt velocity flywheel, and the seat is a beach cruiser, adjustable and padded with the extra comfort of a padded back rest. There is a console to track speed, time, calories burned, and distance traveled, but it’s not visible while working with something on the actual desktop. It’s the perfect solution for the person working from home who doesn’t find time for the workouts. The workouts have come to you.


Marcy Club Revolution Stationary Cycle TrainerMarcy Club Revolution Stationary Cycle Trainer

This sturdy steel-framed spin bike is well within most budgets and extremely durable, as well. It comes with adjustable padded handlebars for comfort and full upper body support. The heavily padded seat will adjust both up and down and back and forth, and tilt to reach the angle you need for maximum comfort. Toe baskets on the pedals are removable to suit your preference, and the braking system will stop the motion immediately if you need to get off the bike quickly. There is adjustable resistance for a better workout, and this bike is relatively light, with transportation wheels for easy moving.


 Fitleader FS1 Stationary Exercise BikeFitleader FS1 Stationary Exercise Bike

The Fitleader is a great little bike for beginners and advanced users alike. It’s sturdy but lightweight for easy moveablitly, with magnetic resistance for low maintenance and a quiet, smooth ride. It features eight resistance levels to challenge yourself or just have a slow relaxing workout. The seat and handlebars are both adjustable to fit your size and comfort, and it has a dual action brake system to allow you to stop the flywheel instantly if needed. It also comes with a digital meter so you can monitor your speed, distance, and heart rate. It comes in black or red. It’s definitely within a budgeted price range, so it’s the perfect home workout bike.



Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have talked about some of the bikes on the market, how do you choose the right one? There are a few things to consider before you rush out and buy a spin bike. Here are a few things to consider before purchase.

Cost  ~  This is a big concern for many people. Just because you can afford to buy the most expensive bike, doesn’t mean you should. Likewise, if you can’t afford the top of the line, just get the one that works for your needs. The best one isn’t always the one that costs the most. The fancy computer screen may look nice, but there is no point in buying the fancy bike that monitors all your statistics if you will only be on it for seven minutes. Better to buy the more affordable one, just in case you need to unload it in six months.

Fitness Level  ~  If  you are just beginning and want to purchase a bike, make sure you know what you are getting into. Take a few classes first to make sure it’s what you really want, and that you are comfortable with it, and if you actually like it. No point rushing out and spending $500 on a clothes rack. You may be impressed with all the gadgets and computers and all the fancy come-withs, but if you don’t need them, don’t buy the spin bike with all the extras. Start out slowly and build your way up. Equally, if you are well-versed in the spinning world, get the one that will benefit you and your workouts the best. If you will be using the bike a lot, comfort needs to be considered.

Weight  ~  Continuing with the fitness level and needs, your weight needs to be considered. Most spin bikes are sturdy enough to handle upward of 300 pounds, but always check with the limits imposed before you buy the bike. A flimsy bike frame won’t be of  much use if it bends or breaks right away. There is a weight limit on each bike, so be sure to check that it will handle yours. Most of them are secure enough, but if you are concerned, ask.

The weight of the bike is important, too. If you are alone, you need to be able to move it. If it has a place in your home, it won’t matter much, but if you need to move it to use it and then move it back again, this can cause problems and even injury. Even though most of the bikes have transport wheels, they can be over 100 pounds and awkward to move, or assemble.

Space  ~  Plan out where the bike will be used and stored. Many of the bikes are relatively the same size in use, but if you need to store it, be sure to find a bike that will fold up for easy storage. Some may not be small enough to slide under the bed or place in a closet, so if the bike is going to be a permanent fixture in the front room or the bedroom, you need to understand that before purchase. It’s also important to plan for where the bike will be used. If you will need to move your furniture around every time you want to use the bike, you may be discouraged from regularly using it. You need enough space to ride it without knocking things over and banging your knees, and enough room to get on and off comfortably.

Material  ~  The material that the bike is made of may make a difference in your purchase choices. How often you plan to use it is also important. Some of the lesser priced, lower quality bikes are designed to last a few years with regular use, but if you are a serious rider, and are planning to use it every day, you need to look at a better built model, steel frames, or other heavy metals to ensure the bike is reinforced to handle the weight and usage everyday. The materials used on the seats, handlebars, and other features will be important depending on use, price, and durability.

Resistance  ~  This is another area where the bikes can differ. The magnetic resistance system works with magnets against the steel of the flywheel. The closer they get, the more resistance there is. The beauty of these magnetic systems is there is not rubbing like with other systems, so there is not wear and tear on the equipment, and it’s far lower in maintenance for the bike, because there is no friction.  These systems are normally seen on the higher end models and are used in professional classes and by hardcore spinners.

The belt system uses belts or chains to connect the pedals and the crank. This makes the resistance, when adjusted, much less difficult, and this type of system is extremely reliable and the most recommended spin bikes around. These, too, require little maintenance and provide a very smooth and quiet ride, and these are the standard type of spin bikes, and more basic models. 

Computers  ~  Many of the spin bikes these days have computers in them, a monitor for heart rates, speed, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. These are nice features, but you may not really need them. They may also have Bluetooth capability for audio, as well.  They do add to the cost of the bike, but they are also motivational for working out, at least, to begin with. The novelty may wear off long before the monthly payment does. Some machines come with pre programmed exercise classes and videos to watch, or the capability to join a class, or conduct your own. Of course, if you need to know all of the output data from your daily workout, there are small, portable monitors that you can buy. The computers and console screens are a nice feature, but are they really necessary or just a pretty feature that you like? Be sure that you will use the computerized features before you buy, otherwise, you may be just as happy with a more basic model.

Comfort  ~  Yes, it matters. You need to ‘try on’ the bike before you buy it and bring it home. You need to feel comfortable on the bike, you need to be able to reach the pedals, the handlebars, and you need to be comfortable in the position while riding the bike. The seats and handlebars have padding, so find one that suits you. If the seat is too hard or the the handlebars are too far to comfortably reach, you will not use the bike. By testing it out, see if the seat, handlebars, or even the pedals are adjustable, and make sure they fit you so you are comfortable. This is very important to not only encourage you to continue with your workout, but also to avoid injuries, either while working out, or long term back or other muscular issues.

Adjustability  ~  To further our discussion of comfort, you will need to look at the usability features on the bike. Some have very limited adjustability, but this is why it’s important to sit on the bike and try it out. If the seat doesn’t fit you and never will, or the handlebars are too close, or too low, then that will be a problem. It isn’t a problem if it fits you properly and you are the only one that is going to be using it. It is a problem if you share the spin bike with family or other friends and they can’t fit and can’t make adjustments. It’s also a big factor on how much you plan to use the bike. A lot of use will require you to be very comfortable on the bike for longer periods of time.

Other Features  ~  Another thing that may matter to you is adjustable feet on the bike. This will matter if the surface the bike is on is uneven, or if you have to move it about a lot. If you are moving it, you will want to have a transportation wheel on the bike. This allows you to tilt the bike to move it about easily.

Is it collapsible? You may need to take it down after each use or frequently, depending on space available and usage times. Is it easy to collapse or does it take two people? Will it fit under the bed or hide away in a closet?  Is there a space for a water bottle or two, and is this important? Are the pedals slip-proof or do they have toe baskets? These are less important to most people, but always something to keep in mind if they matter to you. You never know until you don’t have it.



Hopefully this will help you get on track for the new year and sort out your spin bike choices. The spin bike is a good investment for your overall workout, as it cuts down on the need for other equipment. The spin bike can provide a complete workout for you and your family.

If you are new to the spinning world, do your research. Take a few classes, in different areas, to get a feel for the bike and the workout. Ask your friends, family, and co-workers about their spin bikes and the features they like and don’t like. Check online for products reviews and make your choices based on your own personal needs and preferences. Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you need, and unless you are proficient in spin bikes, avoid buying one from a friend for the lower cost. If it’s your first bike, you should find out the features you need, and you will want the warranty that the store or online place of purchase offers.

Take your time, and find out all the information you can about your new spin bike. Hopefully you find the perfect machine to keep you fit and take you spinning into the next year.