Gravity: The 10 Best Inversion Tables

Whether you are looking for an inversion table for therapy, to intensify your workout, or just to ease your tired back, inversion tables are capable of all of those requests. An inversion table allows the user to hang upside down, or at an angle from the feet, ankles, or legs to elongate the back and spine, to relieve pressure on the back and discs by opening up the spaces. People often use inversion tables with gravity boots to increase the resistance when doing inverted sit-ups, crunches, and inverted squats, as it takes the pressure off the back and intensifies the workout. Ideally, you could use the inversion table to relax by stretching more intensely or the stretching to increase the warm-up before exercising.


Pure Fitness Gravity Inversion Therapy Table Pure Fitness Gravity Inversion Therapy Table

If you need a low-cost inversion table for therapy, to relieve back pain, or exercise in a compact, lighter model, then the Pure fitness Inversion Therapy table is a good pick for you. It’s price is right and it does the job. The backrest provides stability and comfort with thick foam padding on a contoured backrest, it’s sturdy and compact, and is perfect to allow your spine to decompress.

With three inversion settings, and adjustable height settings, this smaller, lesser known unit delivers. Its main purpose in design is for back relief and it is great for relieving back pain and strain, compact and foldable, to allow for smaller spaces and priced to accommodate your budget.


Invertio Premium Folding InversionInvertio Premium Folding Inversion

Excellent construction with heavy duty tubular steel for security and stability, this inversion table is built to last a long time.  It is foldable for convenience and easy storage, and has non-skid feet to stop sliding around and won’t  mark up the floors.

It has easy to adjust height settings (from 4’10” to 6’6”) and this machine has a large, contoured foam padded backrest and headrest for excellent back and lumbar support. Padded foam roller ankle holders have 8 different settings, so it’s perfect for multiple users, and it has long, padded handlebars for comfort and assistance.

The adjustable inversion angle can be set to your comfort level, and you can adjust the speed of the inversion, as well. It can accommodate up to 300 pounds. The hinges are covered in nylon to avoid pinching, scratching, or other injury, and it falls in below the usual asking price of other units of this caliber.


Health Mark Pro Max Health Mark Pro Max

The Health Mark Pro Max will stimulate blood flow, help improve your  posture, and decompress the spine to reduce back pain. This hearty machine can handle up to 600 pounds, has a soft, well-padded back rest, and five levels of inversion adjustments. It has varying levels for height adjustments and due to its massage table design, it can be used in either a face down or face up position for more versatility. Even face down, the levels can be adjusted easily. It’s built for comfort, not for speed.


Innova Fitness ITX9600 Innova Fitness ITX9600

The Innova Fitness ITX9600  Heavy Duty has an extra wide, heavily padded backrest, and is long enough to fit some of the larger people. The backrest is fully padded for comfort and support and has an adjustable, padded headrest, as well. It can hold up to 300 pounds, with five inversion pin positions, and the true balance system makes it easy to find the level you need. It provides a smooth, sturdy, gradual inversion. It has secure ankle holders, and it’s priced well within most budgets, as well.


Merax UltraMerax Ultra

This inversion table gives off not only heat but a massage – a heated vibrating  massage. If you are looking for comfort and deep therapeutic comfort at that, this table will deliver. With a well-padded backrest, this table will relieve stress, pain, tension, and give extreme comfort. And it’s easy to use. Their unique pivot arm allows you to have control while relaxing and healing. Even all these features keep this table within budget.


Health Gear Advanced Health Gear Advanced

With another heated backrest, and complete with massage, this one is removable.  This table is very comfortable, easy to adjust, and easily folded away for storage. It is designed for comfort and pain relief. Rigorously tested for safety, this inversion table can hold up to 300 pounds and has a heavily padded backrest to ease your pain and stress away. Also, it’s reasonably priced to fit within most budgets.


IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion TableIRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

This heavy, secure durable machine is built to last and perform. It has a solid steel frame, with a powder coating to make it scratch resistant. It comes with its own easy reach ankle adjusting system, and the back rest is extra padded foam for maximum comfort. The covering on the table is waterproof, and double stitching to re-enforce makes it durable and last a long time.

There is a removable lumbar pillow for your comfort and needs – to help with back pain, adjust your posture, or just add comfort for longer sessions on the table. The frame is very wide and the bottom legs have rubber feet to secure the table in place. It is foldable to keep it safely in storage when not in use.

The construction alone of this table will ensure that it has a long life and plenty of use for many years. If the table is for therapy purposes, it has an anti-lock system with a long, easily reachable level so you don’t have to move around a lot. The lever itself is foam wrapped to avoid slipping and enhance your grip when moving from inverted to sitting up to adjust or release the ankle locks.

The ankle holders are also well padded for comfort, which is important when you are inverted, as all your weight is held by your ankles. This relieves a lot of the pressure, reduces chafing or other injury, and increases the comfort and time you are able to stay inverted, without undue strain.

This table has 180 degrees of rotation and three adjustable angles. These varying levels allow an easier transition for beginners, or those suffering from back problems who want their progress to be slower, or more intense one day and easier the next. There is a safety strap that keeps the maximum angle of inversion in place and allows you to be able to be comfortable and secure while at the most inverted angle.

You can also adjust the height for the table up to 6’6” and this particular model will withstand upwards to 350 pounds, so it’s well-suited for almost anyone. This is a sturdy, very effective piece of equipment.


Teeter EP-560 Inversion TableTeeter EP-560 Inversion Table

The Teeter name goes back for 30 years of comfort, safety, quality, and reassurance in products, and this one is no exception. This table serves all the purposes you need it to, and within the Teeter line, this table is priced lower than some models but still delivers the goods.

The precision balancing for this table is bar none. There are adjustable angles simply by putting in your height, and there are handlebars on the side  to allow you to adjust the angle slightly to your preferred tastes and needs. You can completely control the angle you want. There are padded, locking ankle locks and foot pads that move, which is great to reposition your feet.

The bed is made from their own ComforTrak and it is flexible and moves with you. This unit comes with a removable head pillow, and a flexible backrest all combined for the perfect comfort you need for therapy or your exercise. And it  has a lumbar bridge to make the decompression better, removable acupressure nodes, and a unique A-shaped frame. This machine also has an FDA clearance for Class 1 medical use, so you know you are getting quality.

The handlebars allow you to adjust the inversion most desirable for you and your back needs, and it is foldable to hide away when not in use or to move from room to room. It’s a bit more expensive than some models, but built to last and perform.


Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam BackrestExerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

This is another well-made machine. Built of very sturdy steel, the A-Frame is solid and helps with security and balance. The back rest is contoured to fit almost any back, and the heavily padded bed is covered with a strong foam vinyl to help with keeping you securely in place for safety and peace of mind, and makes it easy to keep clean. The padding is perfect for comfort and extra support.

The steel frame is sturdy enough to support weight up to 300 pounds.  Its long handlebars are also covered in the vinyl foam for a steady grip, comfort, and ease when you need to move your inverted position. You can also adjust the height here between 4’10” up to 6’ 6”. It’s a great unit for a variety of users within the same household.

This machine is a sturdy competitor and within most budgets. It’s adjustable, well made, and secure.


Gracelove Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy TableGracelove Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table

Just the very name of this one sounds great. Anything made with love must be good and this table certainly is. This table is made with a heavy duty steel frame for safety and durability. The backrest is made of padded nylon for comfort and easy cleaning, and the ankle holders are also padded to reduce pressure, chafing, and injury.

The overall design makes this table very comfortable, and the price will make you comfortable as well. Inversion has three levels, and it’s very easy to adjust to suit your needs. It has a wide height range (4’10” to 6’6”) and can accommodate up to 300 pounds, which speaks to its durability considering this unit is more compact than some.

Non-skid reinforcements are at the base for safety, and it is easy to fold up for storage or if you need to move it around. Removable lumbar pillow and secure safety strap make this machine desirable and well within many budgets.



Pros and Cons

Now that we have looked at the tables, let’s looks at some of the pros and cons of using these tables. First of all, no one can tell you better than yourself what makes you feel better, and that should always be your first consideration when looking at purchasing any kind of therapy or exercise equipment.

The purpose of the inversion table is to relieve the compression of stress and gravity on the back and spine by opening up the spaces between the discs.

However, it’s important to keep in mind certain risk factors when using an inversion table and hanging upside down for extended periods of time. As always, consult your medical professional before you start any type of exercise or therapy regime.

As you hang upside-down on an inversion table, your heart rate will slow down and your blood pressure will rise. It causes great pressure with your circulation, and if you have high blood pressure, you need to consider what that will do.

If you are using an inversion table to ease some minor back injuries, you may actually make them worse. It can cause harm to joints and bones, old fractures may be aggravated, the upside down position can also cause pressure to the eyes, and should not be used if you are pregnant, using blood thinning medications, or are very overweight. Caution must be taken if you suffer with heart disease or other heart problems.

There is very little data to substantiate the long term benefits of using an inversion table for back therapy, but it will provide relief at the time of use and perhaps extended periods of time afterward. Again, only you can say what works and what doesn’t. It can also come with a hefty price tag, so you will need to decide if it is worth it, in particular if you are on a budget.


The benefits of using inversion tables are worth it all if it relieves your pain and discomfort. If using one of these devices has helped with your suffering and made it possible to avoid back surgery, then you have already gotten your money’s worth.

Another benefit is better circulation, and by shifting the blood out from the bottom of the body, it allows it to move about and refresh from pooling, in particular if you have a job where you are not active.

Think about the benefits of yoga – they can be applied here. Being inverted stretches out your back and legs and improves your posture. Sitting, slouching, bending over a desk or stove, or having to tuck yourself into small spaces – it all adds up, and a good healthy stretch can allow all those muscles to breathe and expand.

It allows all your lower joints, knees, ankles, and hips to get a good stretch, and it also allows them a relief they normally would not get, not even when you lie down. By hanging upside down, there is a rush of fluid to all the joints to keep them lubricated and healthy.

Pain relief, in particular chronic pain, can be very difficult to deal with on a day to day basis. It clouds everything you do and affects your home life, your partnerships, your work, and your social life. Being in pain all the time is like living in a dark cloud and if inverting can help you with that, then it’s something to look into.


Just a small list of the pain relief you can benefit from is:

  • Reduced headaches
  • Less sciatic nerve pain
  • Less back pain
  • Relief from back surgery
  • Relieved herniated discs
  • Less scoliosis pain

There are benefits to the respiratory system. It improves lung function by opening them up and shifting the blood around, allowing you to breathe more easily to increase the strength of your diaphragm. It also allows the oxygen to reach the bottom of your lungs while you are inverted, to help you breathe more easily afterwards.

It can help with your digestive system, renew organs, and boost your immune system. Because all things in your body start to move the other way, everything benefits in its own way.

Using it to exercise, by doing inverted sit-ups or crunches, will tighten your abdomen and stomach muscles, as well as your back muscles. It will be effective in strengthening the back muscles as well, and legs, arms, neck, torso, and the whole core.

There are also benefits to mental health as well, by releasing the hormones that make us feel good. Those are released during any type of exercise, and inverting is no exception. Plus, when the blood runs to your head, it feeds the brain and helps relieve the stress, helping you think more clearly. Having the blood run to your head may even help you with creativity. Maybe even just the relaxing feeling you get from the pain relief and calm feeling allow your mind to open up to new ideas.

The pain relief and relaxation you experience will allow you to sleep better; therefore, it will increase your mood throughout the day and make you more productive at work. The relaxation and pain relief go a long way in improving all aspects of your overall mental and physical health.

There are a few things to consider before you buy an inversion table. Make sure you check with your doctor or medical professional first. This is important due to the very nature of the procedure -, you want to make sure it’s right for you.

The cost needs to be considered, as the most expensive machine isn’t always the best. Likewise, the lowest in price doesn’t mean it isn’t more than capable to serve your needs. If you do suffer from back problems, look at a table that is easy to operate, easy to adjust, and doesn’t require you to do too much to keep yourself from using it.

Try one out. Health clubs, therapy centers, and medical centers will have them, or the gym will have some available. Check with your doctor or chiropractor to see if they have one or can recommend a place to try one. Make sure you are comfortable using it, or you may feel nauseous being upside down or it may seem very strange and uncomfortable. It’s important you feel safe and secure while using it.

The space you need to put the table in should be roomy enough for the table to invert without damaging things and space enough for you to get on and off comfortably.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – ask at the gym, at the spa, at the store, and ask your friends and co-workers or your doctor or physio specialist what the pros and cons are of using an inversion table. It’s most important to find out if this type of therapy is worth risking other aspects of your health.

There are many types of inversion tables on the market, so do a bit of research, try several out to see if it’s something you think you will enjoy, and make a decision based on all of these factors. Most of the tables are well built, safe, and reasonably priced, so look around, ask around, and find the table that is right for you.