Rundown: The 7 Best EDC kits

We like to think when we leave the house every day that we’re prepared for anything the world could throw at us. With the bare minimum – typically our wallets and a smile – we tackle daily tasks without pause; but what happens when we’re thrown a curveball? It’s at those moments that we wish we were better prepared and that is where the Every day Carry kit comes into play.

It may not have something to help you in every scenario, but the best EDC kits out there will supply you with more-than-enough tools to tackle many situations. Typically, they’re too big to fit on a keychain but can be clipped onto a belt loop or pocketbook strap for easy access.

For the absolute top tier Every day Carry kits out there, consider any of these seven choices. Ultimately what’s included on each kit may vary, but most have the same bare-essentials to get you out of a minor bind.

EDC Kit 3.0 by huckberryEDC Kit 3.0

When it comes to ensuring you have some essentials you may need to get you through the day, Huckberry has you covered. This titanium kit provides simplicity without sacrificing efficiency. Sporting a titanium micro bottle opener, a titanium carabiner, a 15g Deejo knife, peanut lighter, and runt clip, Huckberry’s EDC Kit 3.0 is great for countryside and city travels.

The knife, while lightweight, is a 420-stainless-steel blade with a titanium finish and the peanut lighter can be removed so the casing can be used as a waterproof pill case. Keeping the whole kit together and also allowing for easy removal of each tool is the 3.6g runt clip, made from 300 series stainless steel.



Kaufman Mercantile EDC Kit 2Kaufman Mercantile EDC Kit 2

Kaufmann Mercantile may be asking a hefty price for this EDC kit, but the compact gear is a survivalist’s dream. The EDC Kit 2 isn’t your run-of-the-mill carry kit. This one was built for the rugged traveler, someone that likes to get down-and-dirty when the opportunity arises.

Six different tools combine to create the perfect selection for the outdoorsman, including a brass compass, a perforated folding knife, a keychain pen, a brass flashlight, magnesium fire starter, and a stainless-steel carabiner to keep it all together. Made from either brass or stainless-steel, these components are meant to last.

Though it may stand out among the other tools, the pen is pressurized, meaning it will work at high-altitudes. The flashlight illuminates at 235 lumens, which is brighter than standard camping headlamps. When a quick fire is needed, the magnesium fire starter can be shaved and ignited with the included steel blade.



All Black EDC KitAll Black EDC Kit

There is so much more to this EDC kit than its sleek color. While stylish, the draw to it should be the five tools that aim to help make your life a little bit easier. Should you find yourself in need of light, the 80-lumens, water-resistant INOVA XS flashlight, powered by one AAA battery, will light your way.

Need to cut rope, shave down kindling, or just need an easy way to open your latest Amazon order? The 4” knife, which is disguised as a house key, will work wonders. Anyone that has to take pills daily knows how important an air-tight container is, and the Nano Cache Short, at 1.7”, is the perfect place to store them. Beyond pills, though, the case is perfect for storing emergency items like folded money or even tinder to help start a fire.



All Black EDC KitStealth EDC Kit

Huckberry is at it again, this time providing an EDC kit that every technophile will love. While this kit is incredibly specific in its use, anyone big on technology can tell you how useful it is. Maybe most important is the Chargekey Lightning iPhone charger. All you need is a USB port for rapid charging of devices from iPhone 6 and beyond.

The Keysmart attachment reduces the need for pesky keyrings. Whether you have two keys or eight, the ring is designed to fit multiple standard keys to make your life easier. We’ve all needed a screwdriver at some point and didn’t have one on hand, but the Stealth EDC Kit cuts out that scenario with a Phillips head and flathead driver.



Stealth Angel Survival and EDC KitStealth Angel Survival and EDC Kit

You may not be able to fit it on your belt loop, but the Stealth Angel Survival and EDC Kit is a complete cache of equipment to help in many situations. If you’re out in the wilderness, this kit is going to be most handy with its 350-lumen Tactical flashlight, 10-lumen ultra-bright keychain LED flashlight, compass, and aluminum high-frequency whistle.

The survival tools don’t stop there, however, as the kit also comes with everything needed to start a fire. A steel striker, which triples as a ruler and a bottle opener, can be used with the ferrocerium rod to get the spark needed to ignite kindling and tinder.

The kit, which comes in a sturdy waterproof case, also includes an 11-in-1 pocket tool card, which provides another can opener, a serrated blade, butterfly screw wrench, directional auxiliary wrench, and much more.



CRL Commuter KitCRL Commuter Kit

Once again, Huckberry steps in with a versatile EDC kit to help in many types of situations. The Commuter Kit is designed to assist the frequent traveler and the Reductivist Multi-Tool, Prometheus Light – Stainless S-Biner, and Free Key System is ideal for anyone that may call the road “home.”

The Keysmart system is most useful, ridding the need for hefty keychains with a 5-key capacity. As the sun dips below the horizon or when items get lost between the seats and console, the Prometheus light’s 60-lumens will provide enough light.

For when minor nuisances call for a range of tools, the Reductivist Multi-Tool is a 10-in-one and includes a 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm Hexhead; flathead and Phillips drivers; Torxhead T25 driver; and a spoke wrench for 3.30mm and 3.45mm nipples.



Essential EDC Kit from huckberry survival tool setEssential EDC Kit

To compile the components of the Essential EDC Kit, Huckberry turned to customer comments and included the items that their shoppers mentioned most. The Phillips and flat head screw key set and Peanut Lighter are versatile objects seen on other Huckberry EDC kits, but it’s the Wazoo Survival Pod that amplifies the usability of this unique kit.

Though it may look like a solitary paracord, which has been rated at 550-pounds, but wrapped by the cord are the essentials needed to get a fire going. The firesteel and nameplate can be used together to create sparks, or the nameplate can be used on its own as a sinker or spinner for fishing. The wire saw is perfect for cutting down larger branches to create kindling for fire.


huckberry essential everyday carry kit