Wellfleet Royale Oysters – Shore-to-Door Hors d’Oeuvres

Imagine being the first person to pluck an oyster out of the briny ocean. You hold it up in the Cape Cod sunlight, “Is this a rock or an animal?” you ponder. You pop it open with your trusty old buck knife, revealing what looks to be the least appetizing foodstuff imaginable. You slurp it down anyway because you’re actually starving. But wait, what is this magic? How can something so visibly repulsive taste so amazing? Wellfleet Shellfish Company, a Cape Cod-based farmer of iconic Wellfleet Royale oysters, knows that revelation too well.

Wellfleet Shellfish Company pulls oysters, clams, lobsters, and scallops out of the deep blue Atlantic (Wellfleet Harbor, specifically) and ships them straight to your doorstep.¹ But why would you order Wellfleet Royale oysters? wellfleet royale oysters

Briny Babies

There’s a long-held, erroneous claim about oysters that they’ll get your lovemaking fluids flowing. Sure, a well-crafted meal might elicit some pleasures beyond the table. Well, we aren’t qualified to sign off on said claim, sorry. But what we can tell you is that aside from their incredible flavor of the ocean deep, oysters pack a wallop of essential vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds.

Found inside these little bivalves, you’ll find a powerful punch of protein and fat. Beyond that, one medium-sized oyster serves up 80% of the daily recommended Vitamin D intake and a boatload of Vitamin B12. Additionally, each oyster packs a huge amount of Zinc, Copper, and Selenium. So, a few of these a day can really boost your immune system.wellfleet royale oysters

Binge ‘em

If bingeing on these briney boys is something you’re interested in, Wellfleet oysters has the deal for you. For $99 (plus shipping and tax where applicable), Wellfleet Shellfish will delivery 50 clean, Atlantic-sourced Royale oysters straight to your doorstep. Place an order before 1 pm EST during the week and you’ll have then in time for dinner the next night.² Now that’s service!

The hard part will be figuring out what to pair your Wellfleet Royale oysters with; we take ours with just a squeeze of lemon, just so you know.




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