As much as many of the films and TV shows we watch may be award winners and exceptional, an element about them that does not fail to stay in our memories, is food.

 Eat What You Watch by Andrew Rea contains 40 recipes from classic and iconic movie dishes. In fact, Rea’s kitchen in Harlem has been featuring these recipes for over one million subscribers on his YouTube channel Binging with Babish.

From the Boeuf de Bourguignon in Julie and Julia to the giant tempano from Big Night to even the Krabby Patty from children’s iconic cartoon Sponge Bob, Eat What You Watch contains the key to recreating these dishes in your own home.

Staying a night in watching one of these amazing cult films while relishing on of one of their delicious dishes you’ve always dreamed of tasting sounds like an amazing idea.

The fictitious image of the food and dishes that we’ve seen in these films for years and years can finally become true, be savoured and admired. Our efforts of imagining how these dishes taste and smell can be satisfied by purchasing this book.

This book is available on Amazon for $23, and is especially a great gift idea for either film lovers, foodies or a combination of both.


Eat What You WatchEat What You Watch