Virtual Reality, No Goggles: Inside An ‘Illuminarium’

Right now, the word “experience” feels like a distant memory for many of us. But we’re about to get a whole new type of virtual experience thanks to Illuminarium. An entirely new concept in VR, Illumarium employs virtual reality to reimagine what is possible in our new world.

What is Illuminarium? First, picture yourself inside the vast expanse of an empty warehouse. Walls barren, the cavernous sound of silence you. Suddenly the light drops to pitch black, and a three-dimensional soundscape surrounds you. You’re clearly in the forest somewhere, and in a moment, state of the art projectors bring all of your senses into a new reality. You sense that you’re crunching across the Kalahari desert. But in reality, you’re in Burbank.

This is the Illuminarium, the future of embodied experiences. But how do they do it?

Leave Your Wearables At Home

An Illuminarium allows you to experience a virtual reality world unencumbered by equipment like virtual reality goggles. It accomplishes this with 46 state-of-the-art 4K laser projectors, which produce imagery to immerse you in a faraway world.

Holoplot supplies the sound, and its “beamforming” system creates what it claims to be an incredibly rich and dynamic audio experience.

Though your feet may appear to be crunching across the sand, you’re actually standing on a haptic flooring system that both senses your presence and feeds back vibrations into your tootsies, further immersing you in the experience.illuminarium experiences

Illuminarium As A Learning Environment

They say that empathy is the ultimate teacher. Well, with Illuminarium you potentially have the chance to learn about, walk amongst, and empathize with all the creatures of the world. This environment is ripe for teaching children and adults about the broader world, all without boarding a plane and traversing across the globe. Better yet, each Illuminarium Experience is paired with and donates a percentage of revenue to a like-minded social movement.

Dive Into a New Virtual Reality

Illuminarium’s first showing is coming to Atlanta in mid-2021. “WILD: The World’s First Virtual Safari” will plop people down into the beauty and splendor of some of the wildest places on earth.

No word on the pricing or exact dates yet. But the website allows you to register for more information, so if you’re ready to venture back out into the real (virtual) world, this would be a great place to start.

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