Short Edition Story Dispenser

Turning to our phones seems like the most common move among many of us when we’re waiting for anything; our turn at the bank or customer service desk, waiting for the bus to arrive, or waiting for a meeting with friends or business partners to arrive.

Switching between apps and scrolling through endless pictures and newsfeed updates could make it look like we’re killing lots of time.  However, all we’re killinng is our phone’s battery, and stimulating our brain with often meaningless and dull information.

Luckily, Short Edition has introduced the Story Dispenser; bringing literature to unexpected places. This dispenser is ideal for your business as it offers your customers the opportunity to reada short piece of literature like a poem or a story while they wait for absolutely no costs.

Not only is this an original and innovative way to improve the customer’s relationship with the business and customer experience as a whole, but it’s a great way to go back to the basics and encourage people to read more.

Upon pressing a button, customers are able to select 1, 3 or 5 minutes of literature pieces to read. The story is printed on a long strand of eco-friendly papyrus paper (FSC and BPA free) that resembles a reciept ticket. There is no need for ink or cartridges. On the paper, the logo of your business and a call of action are printed so that customers don’t forget where they experienced such a unique moment.

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Short Edition Story DispenserShort Edition Story Dispenser