All Six Flags Parks in the USA Ranked

Out of all the amusement parks in the world, Six Flags is one of the most common. It has 11 different locations (and then some water parks), many fantastic rides, regular fun events, and more. Furthermore, it’s one of the older theme parks in the U.S., originating in Texas in the 1960s.

With its headquarters still in Texas and national attendance above most theme parks, Six Flags is a fantastic place to go for rides, fun, food, and memories. If you’re looking for one near you and you’re curious as to how it ranks among the other locations, here’s a ranking of all 11 Six Flags parks in the United States with their locations, highlights, and more.

Here’s some basic information to keep in mind for every one of the following parks:


These include access to lots of shows, attractions, entertainment, and over 50 rides.


Passes include admission to any Six Flags park, unlimited rides during pass duration, and all of the benefits of regular tickets, along with occasional free friend tickets.


A Six Flags membership includes ticket and pass benefits plus unlimited soft drinks, lots of discounts, skip-the-line passes, parking, holiday treats, and much more.

Park Hours

Subject to change, but generally parks are open 10:30-6 or 7pm (in their respective time zones).

#1. Six Flags Great Adventure: Jackson, New Jersey

This is hands down the top ranking Six Flags park in the U.S. Besides having 4.5 stars in Google reviews (with over 2,000 ratings), this one has been a hit since the 1970s. The rides here are epic, especially the ever-popular Kingda Ka, and this one is also right next door to the NJ Hurricane Harbor (Six Flags’ water park which we’ll rank here in a bit).

Popular Rides

  • Kingda Ka: The tallest roller coaster in the U.S. (it’s 45 stories high).
  • El Toro: Meaning “the bull”, this one is old-fashioned and exciting.
  • Nitro: 80 mph, twists, drops… you name it. One of the best.
  • Green Lantern: This unique roller coaster is actually ridden standing up.
  • Bizzaro: This one leaves your feet dangling and your adrenaline high.

Ranking #1

Multiple sources have names this the best Six Flags park, and it’s not hard to see why. Besides its convenient location next to a Hurricane Harbor, this park is well-maintained and run by a staff that’s dedicated to showcasing Six Flags’ enthusiasm and desire to make amusement park visits one of a kind.

Website: Six Flags Great Adventure

#2. Six Flags Magic Mountain: Los Angeles, California

This park covers 262 acres and is filled with rides, entertainment, and good old California sunshine. It’s conveniently close to many other LA attractions, and it actually got an award in 2013 for having the largest number of roller coasters in an amusement park at the time.

Popular Rides

  • X2: LA Times named this their vote for the best roller coaster in America.
  • Colossus: This one is wooden and has been a favorite since the 1970s.
  • Goliath: Goes 85 mph and includes drops over 200ft.
  • Tatsu: Includes some barrel rolls, crazy twists, and incredible sensation.
  • Scream: This one is a bottomless roller coaster built for blood pressure spikes.

Ranking #2

Over 23,000 Googles reviews have pegged this park as a must-go for families who are looking for a 4-5 star amusement part. It also has four stars on TripAdvisor with over 5,000 reviews… so it’s pretty popular, as far as non-Disney California theme parks go.

Website: Six Flags Magic Mountain

#3. Six Flags Over Texas: Arlington, Texas

This is the original Six Flags park that started it all, located in the northeast corner of Texas. This family fun amusement park has been open for over 50 years, providing great fun, good times, and a legacy of amusement parks.

With around 20 thrill rides based on old cartoons, DC superheroes, and more, adrenaline junkies will have enough rides for days. Children and family rides like Marvin the Martian Space Rockets, Cloud Bouncer, and El Aserradero will keep younger children, parents, and grandparents entertained and having a fantastic time making memories with their family.

Popular Rides

  • Texas Giant
  • Freeze: Reverse Blast
  • Titan
  • Shock Wave
  • La Vibora

Ranking #3

It seems to be impossible for this original location to grow out of favor with those who choose to name this their favorite park. Although it’s been around for a long time, it has unique rides and a lot of loyal fans… and by a lot, we can find at least 15,000 who’ve taken the time on Google and other rating sites to leave great reviews adding up to nearly five stars.

Website: Six Flags Over Texas

#4. Six Flags Fiesta Texas: San Antonio, Texas

This great amusement park was built in the 1990s and quickly became popular. Since it had the original Six Flags Over Texas not too far away, people living a little bit further who didn’t like the longer drive to Six Flags rejoiced in the new location’s closeness and have been flocking here ever since.

Popular Rides

  • Superman: Krypton Coaster
  • Goliath
  • Boomerang
  • Iron Rattler
  • The Gulley Washer

Ranking #4

Thousands of Six Flags fans have voted this one of their favorite Six Flags parks. This classically enjoyable amusement park has a dedicated mass of regular attendees from all over Texas and nearby areas. It deserves to be within at least the top 5 Six Flags parks.

Website: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

#5. Six Flags Great America: Gurnee, Illinois

This park actually opened as Marriott’s Great America and Six Flags acquired it in the 1980s. It holds regular events, has many regular attendees with passes and memberships, and it continues to fascinate newcomers with its fun rides and classic Six Flags feel.

Popular Rides

  • Maxx Force
  • Goliath (a classic)
  • X-Flight
  • Raging Bull
  • Demon

Ranking #5

This one is another nearly-five-star-rated park, and while it’s not perfect, it certainly provides seemingly unlimited fun for families, teens, and adults who live in Chicagoland and enjoy amusement parks.

Website: Six Flags Great America

#6. Six Flags Over Georgia: Atlanta, Georgia

This classic park has been pleasing crowds since the 80s. It covers around 290 acres. Like all other Six Flags parks, this one likes to showcase its Warner Bros partnership with its Looney Tunes rides, DC comic hero-themed rides, and more.

Popular Rides

  • Goliath
  • Mind-Bender
  • Twisted Cyclone
  • The Great American Scream Machine
  • Dare Devil Dive Coaster

Ranking #6

In true Six Flags fashion, this amusement park has gathered a lot of thumbs up over the years and finds itself around the four-star range on a good day when the lines are relatively short. Some reviewers have mentioned that this is actually in their #4-spot pick for Six Flags parks.

Website: Six Flags Over Georgia

#7. Six Flags New England: Agawam, Massachusetts

While it’s not the official first Six Flags park, the New England park is the oldest one in the chain. Although the land itself isn’t new to amusement parks and the many regular attendees and families they bring, it still continues to thrill newcomers every year as a large New England park.

Popular Rides

  • Batman: The Dark Knight
  • Goliath
  • Mind Eraser
  • Pandemonium
  • Thunderbolt

Ranking #7

We just couldn’t pass up the classic Over Georgia Six Flags as number 7 on this ranked list of the family fun amusement park. The New England park is a fantastic choice for families in the area, especially if they’re ready for a 4.2 out of 5 park with many exciting rides.

Website: Six Flags New England

#8. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Vallejo, California

This Six Flags park is unique due to the animal theme running throughout it. With animal friends and the other typically exciting Six Flags rides, this amusement park in the Sacramento/San Francisco area is fantastic for families with younger children.

Popular Rides

  • Medusa
  • The Joker
  • V2: Vertical Velocity
  • Superman: Ultimate Flight
  • Kong

Ranking #8

Some may think this deserves to be a little higher up in the rankings, but it’s hard to decide between the Six Flags in this caliber (they’re all family-friendly and great). However, this one is a solid 4-star park for those who like animals and Six Flags, and who would like them mixed.

Website: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

#9. Six Flags St. Louis: Eureka, Missouri

This St. Louis attraction was initially named Six Flags Over Mid-America, and it was the third Six Flags park to open up. It opened in the 1970s and its doors have welcomed in countless excited citizens who have found that their expectations were met and fun was had here.

Popular Rides

  • Batman: The Ride
  • Freeze
  • American Thunder
  • Screamin’ Eagle
  • SkyScreamer

Ranking #9

While it’s not SF Great Adventure, it’s still one pretty great theme park, and the best part is its location with proximity to lots of other St. Louis attractions. Reviews for this park generall fluctuate between 3.5-5 stars, but they’re affected by which day you go, how long you’re staying, whether or not you’re bringing a lot of children, and how busy it is.

Website: Six Flags St. Louis

#10. Six Flags America: Baltimore, Maryland

This Six Flags park falls in the Washington DC metro area and it’s a classic-style amusement park meant to entertain families, children, and adults of all ages. It was originally a drive-through safari called The Largo Wildlife Preserve and then was acquired by Six Flags in 1999. It has exchanged names and park owner’s hands a few times, but it will likely stay a popular Six Flags park for a long time.

Popular Rides

  • Superman: Ride of Steel
  • Batwing
  • The Joker’s Jinx
  • Wild One
  • Ragin’ Cajun

Ranking #10

This park has nearly 6,000 reviews on Google which pin it around the 4-star mark, although the reviews may differentiate quite a bit based on when visitors came, how long they stayed, what time of the year it was, and ultimately how busy the park was when they came for fun.

Website: Six Flags America

#11. The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom: Queensbury, New York

With a corporate office in Manhattan, New York, it’s no surprise that Six Flags also established one of their amusement parks nearby. This one is a little more incorporated with the nearby Splashwater Kingdom than their other parks are with Hurricane Harbors across the street.

It also has The Great Escape Lodge and indoor waterpark close to Lake George, which attracts just as many visitors as the amusement park next door.

Popular Rides

  • The Comet
  • Steamin’ Demon
  • Canyon Blaster
  • Frankie’s Mine Train
  • Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon

Ranking #11

As far as amusement parks in New York go, this one can hold its own and it is in a location perfect for Six Flags lovers who are living further on the east coast. It generally gets around 4-star reviews, and it’s not a shabby place for families to take a vacation to for a few days of fun and amusement.

Website: Six Flags The Great Escape

#12. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: Valencia, California

This colorful waterpark is one of the best Six Flags water parks out there. With many water slides, rides, and pools, you and your family will surely enjoy this exciting water fun park.

Popular Rides

  • Forgotten Sea Wave Pool
  • Lost Temple Rapids
  • Black Snake Summit
  • Lightning Falls
  • River Cruise

Ranking #12

While it is a little older and a little bit crowded during the summer months, this is one of the best Six Flags water parks in the United States and has many rides and attractions for those visiting. It also has plenty of almost-five-star reviews.

Website: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor LA

#13.  Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: Jackson, New Jersey

This water park is actually included in the most popular Six Flags park (ranking #1 on our list at Great Adventure), and it’s one of the reasons this location is so hugely popular. You can choose conveniently between the exciting, water-filled fun park or the other fun rides and events in the Great Adventure, New Jersey, location.

Popular Rides

  • Big Wave Racer
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom
  • Big Bambu and Reef Runner
  • Tornado

Ranking #13

This option definitely gets extra points for being included in the best Six Flags location, and it’s a pretty great water park outside of that. With the high reviews, convenient location, and all-over fun, it’s no surprise this makes it as the second water park on the list.

Website: Hurricane Harbor NJ

#14. Six Flags Darien Lake Theme Park: Buffalo, New York

This is one of the most recent additions to the Six Flags kingdom of amusement and water parks. It has a great location in New York and a lot of people are happy that Darien Lake will continue to be open under the supervision of Six Flags.

Popular Rides

  • Viper
  • Ride of Steel
  • Tantrum
  • Predator
  • Motorcoaster

Ranking #14

While this one lacks the general Six Flags original feel, it’s unique and a wonderful family atmosphere full of rides, games, entertainment, and memories. It continues to rank nearly five stars with thousands of pleased reviewers.

Website: Darien Lake Six Flags

#15. Hurricane Harbor Splashtown: Spring, Texas

Still widely known as Wet ‘n’ Wild, this water park was recently acquired by Six Flags and they are still working on branding it. It’s in the Houston area and seems to mainly attract those living in the area.

Popular Rides

  • Texas Freefall
  • RipQurl
  • Stingray Racer
  • Thunder Run
  • Bamboo Chutes

Ranking #15

This fun-for-all park is perfect for those who are in the Houston, Texas area and want to visit the classical water park with rides and fun for every age. It has plenty of fantastic reviews under the Wet ‘n’ Wild name, and it’s sure to continue building favor as a Six Flags park.

Website: Hurricane Harbor Splashtown Houston

#16. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: Arlington, Texas

This is the original Hurricane Harbor location in Texas, and it definitely shows. With many great reviews and exciting rides, this is the perfect summer amusement park location.

Popular Rides

  • Black Hole
  • Caribbean Chaos
  • Dive Bomber
  • Blue Raider
  • Der Stuka

Ranking #16

This water park is firmly by the four-star mark, according to many reviewers who have left many positive and a few less-excited comments on many forums and rating websites. While it’s not as great as the Los Angeles location, this one certainly deserves its place in the water park list.

Website: Hurricane Harbor Arlington

#17. Frontier City Theme Park: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Another newer addition to the chain of amusement parks, this Six Flags location is actually a theme park centered around the good old-style frontier feel and has plenty of rides based off of this. It’s a fun experience for any little rascals wishing they were cowboys or cowgirls.

Popular Rides

  • Diamondback
  • Gunslinger
  • Silver Bullet
  • Wildcat
  • Steel Lasso

Ranking #17

As far as theme parks go, this one is plenty of fun but it doesn’t have quite as many rides and attractions as some other Six Flags locations. It’s filled with a lot of old-time entertainment, which might not appeal to everyone, but it is definitely going to live up to Six Flags’ standard.

Website: Six Flags Frontier City

#18. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: Phoenix, Arizona

This water park was previously known as WaterWorld Safari and Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix before it was acquired by our ever-growing amusement park king.

Popular Rides

  • Mammoth Falls
  • Constrictor
  • Maximum Velocity
  • Desert Racers
  • Boogie Board Beach

Ranking #18

This older park has some areas that are a little more run-down, and it’s not the regular Six Flags Hurricane Harbor that many water park enthusiasts are used to. However, it’s a great location for family and friends to visit for unique rides and a good time.

Website: Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

#19. Six Flags White Water: Marietta, Georgia

This Six Flags water park was bought in 1999 from White Water Atlanta, which opened in 1984. It still has colorful characteristics and a classic feel from that time period, and it’s a favorite for many locals in the Atlanta area.

Popular Rides

  • Black River Falls
  • Dragon’s Tail
  • Tornado
  • Bahama Bob Slide
  • The Cliffhanger

Ranking #19

While this isn’t one of the best Six Flags water parks, it is well-loved by hundreds and has become a traditional summer vacation for many families. It has thousands of nearly 4-star reviews and the potential to reach better ones in the future.

Website: Six Flags White Water Atlanta

#20. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: Concord, California

Another California amusement park, this water attraction has plenty of rides and excitement for anyone in the neighborhood. It was originally owned by another amusement park company and Six Flags is now operating this favorite.

Popular Rides

  • Break Point Plunge
  • Honolulu Halfpipe
  • Hurricane Slide Complex
  • Cliffhanger
  • Tornado

Ranking #20

This waterpark might pale in comparison to the multitude of water and amusement parks in the California region, but it holds its own in the regular water park ring and it can be a lot of fun for groups of teens or school trips for a water adventure.

Website: Hurricane Harbor Concord

#21. Magic Waters Waterpark: Cherry Valley, Illinois

Located near the interstate, this waterpark has also been added pretty recently to Six Flags’ ever-growing list of amusement and water attractions across the U.S. It began being operated by our popular amusement park owners in April of 2019 and will continue to please crowds.

Popular Rides

  • Screaming Lizard
  • Tsunami Bay
  • Tropical Twisters
  • Tiki Island
  • Abyss

Ranking #21

While we have yet to see what Six Flags will do while operating Magic Waters, it can be expected that improvements and overall changes will be made. Currently, it’s a respectably popular waterpark location for locals.

Website: Six Flags Magic Waters

#22. White Water Bay: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This one’s name has been changed from White Water originally to White Water Bay by Premiere Parks when they acquired it, and now it has joined the ranks of Six Flags parks in the United States. It will be interesting to see what Six Flags does with this typically fun water park in the future.

Popular Rides

  • Pirate’s Plunge
  • The Big Kahuna
  • Cannonball Falls
  • Keelhaul Falls
  • The Mega Wedgie

Ranking #22

Although it’s last on our list, this water park has been a crowd-pleaser to hundreds in the Oklahoma City area and is perfectly sufficient for a day of water fun for any family. However, Six Flags will be making some changes in their operation here.

Website: Six Flags White Water Bay


Six Flags has reached a franchise-level of amusement park unlike any other. From the many ticket and pass options to their events and activities, Six Flags has put effort and organization into fun family bonding time at all of their locations, both in and outside of the U.S.

With multiple partnerships in Hollywood and a clear sense of what makes an amusement park fun, it will be exciting to see how the future Six Flag parks measure up on the rating lists, and each one is sure to host a large degree of fun, entertainment, family time, and rides.