Sudden Coffee

Coffee culture has increasingly become embedded in our daily routines so far in, that it is absolutely essential for many of us to drink at least one cup per day. In fact, there is nothing worse than craving a caffeinated beverage but knowing that having one is out of your reach for several hours.

Luckily, World Barista Championship competitor Kalle Frees has developed a solution that will keep you from ever feeling like this again. Its name? Sudden Coffee.

Through several hand crafted processes, single-origin coffee beans are lightly roasted so different notes such as chocolate, citrus and toffee can be detected. The liquid coffee is then transformed into crystals and packed into convenient small metal tubes that each equate to an 8 ounce cup.

One of these tubes can provide you with a wide variety of coffee cups; from a traditional Americano cup, to an iced coffee and latte.

Whether you’re late for work , stuck in traffic, public transport, in a meeting or simply have a strong craving for a a caffeinated vice for breakfast, Sudden Coffee will be your best and most reliable companion.

Sudden Coffee works on a monthly subscription system basis. Orders can be as small as 8 cups, or as many as 32 cups; the choice is yours.


Sudden CoffeeSudden Coffee