The 12 Best CBD Gummies

Marijuana is now more legal than ever, and the many health benefits that hide beneath its different compounds are available in a handful of new, extra-convenient forms.

After all, medicine requires standardized dosages, packaged presentations, and minimal side effects. So, if you are one of the tens of thousands of Americans who are entrusting their mental health or pain relief to CBD oil, you may be looking for the easiest and most affordable to get your no-high fix. One of the most popular alternatives that have sprung up are CBD gummies. They’re discreet, can be mass-produced with little margin of error, and let us indulge our sweet tooth.

However, dealing with any new fast-developing industries requires separating the wheat from the chaff. A quick Google search may offer hundreds of different brands and dozens of smartly-designed logos. We’ve cut through the noise and headed straight to the top and most reliable options out there.

Sunday Scaries CBD GummiesSunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Created by a devoted chemist with a vested interest in anxiety relief, Sunday Scaries offers a carefully-regulated dose of CBD and superb quality control. The hemp they use is all grown legally in the U.S. and therefore, all their growing processes follow strict guidelines. All ingredients used are 100% vegan

Consistent symptom relief is not the only thing that you will gain from Sunday Scaries. Their gummies are also fortified with D3 complex and Vitamin B12, which can offer an extra boost to your mental health. In addition, they also include coconut oil and pure cane sugar, which grants them a pleasant taste and can provide an immediate yet natural boost to energy levels.

These gummies are meant to be taken on a daily basis – either just 1 in the morning before breakfast, every 12 hours, or with every main meal (up to three per day). Each one contains 10 MG of CBD oil, and depending on body weight, most people take 2 or 3 a day.


CB Distillery GummiesCB Distillery Gummies

CB Distillery is one of Colorado’s best established dispensaries; not only they were among the first companies to ride the wave of cannabis legalization, but they were also quick to refine their processes and upgrade their technology. As a result, they are now also known as one of the greenest companies around, thanks to their ethical sourcing practices and carbon-neutral extraction processes.

Their CBD gummies deserve special attention due to their flavor and medicinal quality. As they are made from natural fruit, they have a very mild and pleasant flavor that is completely free of any bitter aftertastes. Their dosage is carefully controlled and assessed by third-party testers, which helps ensure that any treatment course will be steady and predictable, which is exactly what you need if you are struggling with depression or chronic pain. Finally, they also test all their oils for traces of THC, which will protect you from any random workplace tests.



For just 25 mg of CBD a day, Fab CBD gummies promise to turn your mental health, pain levels, and wellness around. The fact that they actually accomplish this with pesticide-free hemp, a strong fruity flavor, and completely vegan ingredients would make them worthy of a mention on any “best of” list in their category.

However, Fab CBD also offers an extra advantage over its competitors: milligram per milligram of active ingredient, they are also one of the best-value therapeutic supplements around. Simultaneously, their fast-absorption formulation makes this product an ideal choice for short-term or immediate pain relief (such as post-workout muscle soreness).

In addition, extra points should be awarded for the boldness in their marketing, logo, and flavors. Who needs artificial banana-scented chemicals when you can have carrot, pumpkin, or black currant? If your concern is potency rather than comfort, then rest easy; a single gummy is enough for a person of over 130 pounds, thanks both to the dosage used and the fortifying vegetable terpenes added, which strengthen the anti-anxiety prowess offered.


Lord Jones Old Fashioned GummiesLord Jones Old Fashioned Gummies

If you are a lover of all things elegant and have the means to afford them, Lord Jones CBD gumdrops may be the company that is after your heart. Their name leaves little doubt regarding their intentions; these are the kind of gummies that the folk of Downton Abbey would have indulged in, if their time had not been into much wilder medicine.

This brand has opted for several brave choices when designing their product. The boxes are beautifully-designed and reminiscent of old-school pillboxes. The bright and colorful paper packs Colorado-grown high-quality hemp, free of pesticides and under the strictest fair-trade standards. On the other hand, their flavor profile has been carefully studied in order to complement the natural earthy notes of hemp itself, rather than fighting to mask them.

The science has not been left behind in the pursuit of premium packaging. Each gumdrop contains 20 mg of pure CBD but is completely THC free. Third-party testing accompanies this vital claim.


Charlotte’s Web GummiesCharlotte’s Web Gummies

Sometimes, the key to recovery does not lie on a steady dose of therapeutic agents, no matter how natural. Instead, you may get better results from being able to tweak your treatment on a day-by-day basis, depending on your stress levels, flare-ups, and other daily needs.

For such cases, Charlotte’s Web offers an entire new line of CBD gummies in smaller, more flexible dosages. With just 10 mg of CBD per gummy, this product will let you respond to your needs instantly in able to seek extra-efficient relief. If you are new to CBD-oil based treatments, these smaller dosages can also help you gain a better understanding of your own response to each dosage and intake schedule – both regarding its efficacy and the presence of any undesirable side effects.

The lower dosage is still firmly rooted on a foundation of high-quality and exacting manufacturing practices. All their hemp is grown in the U.S. and thoroughly tested before and after processing. In addition, their three different formulas are all enhanced by different herbal compounds, which can be used to preserve calmness, enhance sleep quality, or provide relief from pain flares.


Proleve Fruit ChewsProleve Fruit Chews

Sometimes, the first priority on the path to recovery has to be evidence-based, even when the symptoms being treated resist tidy definitions. This is why Proleve has built its brand and marketing on professionalism and medical accuracy, rather than simply on joining a new market trend.

Proleve strives to obtain perfect client satisfaction through three main strategies. First, all the hemp plants used in their manufacturing process are certified organic and grown without chemicals, enhancers, or pesticides. Second, the CBD is extracted using CO2 only, which ensures purity and enhances bio-availability. Finally, they stick around to help their customers even after closing a sale; their customer service line is known to operate 24 hours a day.

These gummies are available in 25mg and 50mg dosages. In addition, they come in two different versions, a traditional, CBD-only formula and a “PM” version that adds some melatonin to promote better sleep.


Highland PharmsHighland Pharms

Few things spell reliability as long experience does, and Highland Farms is now considered one of Texas’ oldest and most reputed names in the natural health industry. Their CBD gummies may be relatively new, but their manufacturing know-how did not appear overnight.

This All-American brand uses zealously guarded hemp strains grown in Colorado. The processing is done in-house, and thanks to their highly ranked laboratory facility, they are able to produce a rare form of gumdrop. Instead of a simple oil coating, these are infused with full-spectrum CBD. All coloring and flavoring agents are natural and vegetable-based. These gummies are available in 10mg ad 20mg formulations.

Finally, their commitment to reliability is well-rounded and thorough. Samples from each batch they produce are tested by a third party to confirm their dosage, concentration, and THC-free status.


cbdMD GummiescbdMD Gummies

A strong emphasis on high-tech growing practices and natural yet tightly controlled ingredients set cbdMD apart from the myriad new dispensaries that now advertise their products online. Their business venture started out with a round-the-world trip to find the best, most reliable strains of hemp. This was compounded with endless experimentation with soil blends and temperature to ensure all their products offer as much CBD per leaf as possible, while still remaining environmentally friendly and pesticide-free.

The result? Their CBD gummies offer standardized and reliable dosages (either 10mg or 25mg, depending on your choice) alongside a plethora of terpenes, antioxidants, and other beneficial plant-based compounds – but no THC. The gummies themselves are made from cane sugar and are 100% vegan. They also offer a range of pleasant flavors, completely free from any bitter aftertastes: tropical, orange, strawberry, and the refreshing Mixed Berry.

The cbdMD farm and manufacturing facility is located in Kentucky. They produce a wide range of products made from broad-spectrum CBD, and all batches are tested by third-party labs. This will ensure your treatment course stays consistent and predictable and will ensure no mistake happens on your next random drug test.


CBDfx GummiesCBDfx Gummies

Transparency and potency are the name of the game for CBDfx. This is a CBD gummy created specifically for those who are interested in therapeutic potential over neat packaging or exotic flavors. They grow their hemp in California and use only certified vegan, non-GMO, and organic hemp throughout their manufacturing process. In order to offer the best possible dosage control, they offer 5 mg of CBD per gummy, allowing you to space them out as needed.

Their portfolio has not stopped there. They have further expanded their offerings to include a wide range of specialized products meant to tailor your anti-anxiety treatment to your needs. In addition to their standard, minty hemp gummies, they also now offer a melatonin-fortified version and a premium pain-relief option that is fortified with turmeric and spirulina (two natural ingredients with huge potential in the treatment of arthritis, joint pain, and fibromyalgia). As an additional bonus, they are one of the few companies that make single-flavor bottles available alongside their assorted flavor versions, so if you want your next treatment course to be solely comprised of mixed berry, lemon, or agave berry, just tick a box while ordering!


+CBD Oil Hemp Gummies+CBD Oil Hemp Gummies

Good value, flexible post-sale service options, and a pleasant flavor are great starting sales points, but they may not be enough if your dietary requirements go beyond simply “vegan.” On the other hand, if you are prone to allergies or are following a low-carb or gluten-free diet, then these may quickly become your top choice.

The +CBD Oil hemp gummies are completely devoid of THC, gluten, dairy, soy, and any animal ingredients. This makes them safe for anyone who may be struggling with chronic digestive problems, celiac disease, or who suffer from food intolerances. As for the hemp and CBD oil itself, it’s all grown and processed in the U.S. In addition, this is one of the few labs who have voluntarily submitted to certification by the US Hemp authority, which means that their THC-free assurance resides on a completely different level.

These gummies are available in two different flavors: cherry mango and citrus punch. Although they only come in a 5mg dosage, they are available in jars of 10, 30, or 60 units. You can sample them for a couple of days or stock up with one of their high-value packages.


Green Roads FroggiesGreen Roads Froggies

Cute and friendly shapes are a great start for any long-term relationship with therapeutic candy. That being said, they are far from the only thing that Green Roads Froggies has to offer to their clients. As usual, it all starts with high-quality hemp. Colorado-grown hemp, cultivated with generous labor practices but highly perfectionistic technology is then taken to their Florida processing facility. All CBD oils are extracted using clean CO2 methods and then blended with natural ingredients to produce a pleasantly scented gummy.

Their gummies are made from infused CBD rather than simply coated in the slightly bitter oil. This helps provide a better taste as well as a quicker absorption of the active ingredients. They also include anti-inflammatory terpenes and flavonoids, which further improves their therapeutic prowess. To ensure all their clients enjoy the amount and type of relief they need, they offer a wide range of concentrations and formulation, ranging between 10mg and 100mg of CBD oil per dosage. You can also choose between their classical version, their “Sleepy Z’s” formula (which includes melatonin), their “Relax Bears” presentation, and even a “Pharmacist Formulated” version.


Seabedee GummiesSeabedee Gummies

This solution-conscious brand does more than simply offer a top-quality product; they are committed to supporting research and new treatments for the conditions they were designed to alleviate. Specifically, they are now donating up to 3% of all their sales to the American Cancer Society. They also conduct thorough testing on all their products to ensure each version is specifically tailored for pain relief, anxiety, depression, or sleep problems.

In addition, they deserve extra accolades due to the attractive and fun look they have designed for their gummies. Their neon gummy bears offer a zesty, citrusy flavor, while their soft peach rings hit that spot that all sweets-lovers are constantly craving. They both provide 10 mg of infused CBD oil per gummy.

Seabedee offers a wide range of CBD products, all made from USA-harvested hemp. Their careful process and freely available third-party test results offer a great degree of reassurance for anyone who wants to deal with a transparent and honest company. As part of their social outreach program, they have special discounts for all veterans and active-duty military in the U.S.