The Governor Olive Oil – Premium Polyphenol

The healthiest olive oil in the world hails from Corfu, Greece, and it’s not that easy to import, actually. Luckily for us, North American importer Kyoord is now currying The Governor Olive Oil stateside.

The Governor Olive Oil

The average culinary weekend warrior probably does not pay much attention to their olive oil. The massive wall of products at a typical grocer makes it hard to delineate one bottle from the next. Like wine shopping, the label probably plays a big role, and if you’re somewhat sophisticated, you know that there’s an important distinction between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. You did know that, right?

The Governor Olive Oil line is here to do you one better with their high polyphenol Cold Pressed and Early Harvest bottles, promising incredible health benefits along with big flavor. Let’s see what the fuss is all about.

kyoord governor olive oil

Know Thy EVOO

There are few benefits to buying olive oil (sans the “extra virgin” moniker) aside from the fact that it smokes at a slightly higher temperature than its more delicate, virgin cousin. However, olive oil shouldn’t be your first choice for searing, frying, or cooking with excessive heat. Leave that to the canola, avocado, peanut, and other oils that can handle the heat.

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest designation for your store-bought bottle of squeezed olives. This designation is the appropriate moniker for oil for salad dressings, dipping sauces, and things where not a ton of heat is being applied. You’ll generally want to look for a bottle in dark glass or metal, as olive oil goes bad with exposure to light and heat. Additionally, you really want to find something from a single source, meaning made from one farmer’s olives. If that’s not possible, look for olives pressed all from the same country.

Take the pursuit for premium oil one step further, and you start to find bottles that contain high Oleocanthal and other polyphenols, which are the health-giving properties in olive oil. That’s where The Governor comes in. Harvested in Corfu, Greece, The Governor is considered one of the world’s healthiest olive oils because of its high polyphenol concentration.

kyoord governor olive oil

Have Thy EVOO

Dr. Limor Goren founded Kyoord, the exclusive North American distributor of The Governor. Dr. Goren is a cancer researcher and molecular biologist, and her research centers on one of the most important anti-cancer molecules in olive oil, Oleocanthal. Realizing that the high polyphenol olive oil was not readily available in the US, Dr. Goren set out to remedy that when founding Kyoord.

Available in two distinct and different versions, The Governor is available as a cold-pressed or limited edition early harvest bottle. Both retail for $69.00 and come in a cool, almost collectors-like bottle that you won’t be ashamed to store on your countertop. Just think of it as a cool conversation starter for your guests that ensures you can tell them everything you’ve learned about olive oil. Enjoy!


kyoord governor olive oilkyoord governor olive oil